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May 27, 2007



wow is all i have to say to denise. i think i'm speechless. anyway, i would like to tell Walid's family that i continue to pray as i have known several people that have proved doctors a "miracle", my father being one of them. he was pronounced to be brain dead and all the doctors had to say was that they "never saw something like that." i sincerely pray with all of my heart that this same thing can happen to you and your family. sometimes prayer and strength is what can get a family through something like this and i pray that he feels your strentgh right now. katelyn is still hanging in there as well and we believe as her family she will come out of it. the most important thing we have to remember is that they are both still here. please keep me posted.

Born Here

Mr White, thats cold.


To the Editor,

In the May 31st edition of the Herald, Margery Eagan put forth the laughable notion that the public would somehow be safer if the police were to not engage in vehicle pursuits under any circumstances.

As "evidence", she cites University of South Carolina Professor Geoffery Alpert, who stated "75 to 80 percent of police pursuits occur after moving violations".

Well, no kidding. Did Professor Alpert expect most vehicle pursuits to occur after walking violations?

What Professor Alpert fails to mention is that pursuits very often involve a lot more than the initial traffic violation. Look no further than the tragedy in Somerville; what started as a traffic offense was in fact a felony in progress, a stolen motor vehicle. Professor Alpert would know this, if he had ever left the ivory tower of academia and looked at anything but sanitized statistics.

In addition, Ms. Eagan seems to imply that we somehow enjoy chasing vehicles. I can assure both her and Professor Alpert, neither of whom have ever been involved in a police pursuit, at least from the police end, there is nothing enjoyable about a police pursuit. Trying to maintain control of a vehicle at high-speeds, while talking into a microphone and staying aware of road & traffic conditions is not any police officer's idea of fun.

If the defense-lawyer laden Massachusetts Legislature really wants to get serious about police pursuits, they should change the punishment for refusing to stop for the police from the current $100 civil infraction, to a felony with a mandatory, judge-proof prison term.

I won't hold my breath, because it's far more likely they'll side with Eagan and ban all police pursuits. Want to rob a bank? Just be sure drive a stolen car really fast during your getaway. I'll be more than happy to wave and drive the other way, because I'm growing tired of risking my life for a public that seems to becoming increasingly ungrateful.

When criminals can flee the police with impunity, tell the public to call Margery Eagan or Professor Alpert for help.


mr white aka mr cop shows his true colors blame the whole crime on the fellow in the suv.. the cop can wash his hands he was just doing his job and he's innocent in this.. sure pal only a member of the police force would be the only one to buy that one! here out west there are wide roads and the police use technology and helicopters if neccessary not chasing big vehicles down small boston side streets putting lives in danger like this cop who should be blamed for this needless tragedy, the fact is his pursuit over a violation because the cop was bored and needed to feed his adrenaline with the power they abuse so often 3 innoncent lives would be here today


mr white aka mr cop shows his true colors blame the whole crime on the fellow in the suv.. the cop can wash his hands he was just doing his job and he's innocent in this.. sure pal only a member of the police force would be the only one to buy that one! here out west there are wide roads and the police use technology and helicopters if neccessary not chasing big vehicles down small boston side streets putting lives in danger like this cop who should be blamed for this needless tragedy, the fact is his pursuit over a violation because the cop was bored and needed to feed his adrenaline with the power they abuse so often 3 innoncent lives would be here today

rachelfromtheville're an idiot. you dont even present a compelling arguement so go back to your rocks.

f YOUR i

Just so you know, the car was stolen from the father of the girl inside...AND was reported missing about 10 min. after the chase ended. This was not a felony, this was a traffic stop, plain and simple. No real intellegent person is "blaming" the cop here, but simply asking the question "is it worth it". In this case, it was not.
I don't think it's right for the cop to assume that the person running was actually a dangerous criminal, because as is obvious in this case, that's not always true. It's not a question of "blaming" the cop, but asking if they did the right thing. I think in this case it there are a lot of things that this particular officer did wrong (especially after reading the MA state trooper pusuit guidlines).

I do agree with you in one respect. Running from the police should be a felony, although I don't support mandatory minimum sentances.

Uncle Ron

The family of Paul Farris has only one thing on it's mind at this time, and that is the the well being of Katie and the Cab driver.
The chatter is great and there are some serious issues that need be addressed.
If you Loved Paul and Katie, or the horrible situation in general motivates you, then the best thing each of you could do would be contributing to the Farris-Hoyt Care Fund, TD Bank North, 95 Highland Ave., Needham, MA 02494. I thank you all for caring.
Uncle Ron

Uncle Ron

Mayor "Joe", Thank you for being there. The people of Somerville Rock!


Mr.White, I know Kate Hoyt and have met Paul many times. I find your language offensive on a blog dedicated to a tradgedy such as this. Can everyone have some respect and stop the name calling????!!!! Everyone has a right to their opinion. Personally, i am finding some comfort in talking about this through this blog until i read comments like that!


Thanks Uncle Ron for putting it in perspective- also, Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics (Kate is Alumni) is matching donations to that fund if sent to the school. Alumni take notice!


what is the address for the EG donations? i will be sending to both funds but just don't have that one yet.


Here is the address for the matching fund @ EG:

Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics
attention: Farris-Hoyt Care Fund
222 Boston Avenue
Medford, MA 02155

Yeah EG and John Walsh!!!!!!

Vince Santarpio

You're an imbecile. Not only that, your a bad person with an evil heart. Who else would say "this cop who should be blamed for this needless tragedy" like you did?

You say you're out west? Stay there and stop trying to cause trouble here in MA with comments like "the cop was bored and needed to feed his adrenaline with the power they abuse so often."

The great majority of people that posted here and that I have talked to know whose fault this tradgedy was... Javier Morales, the criminal. Try as you may, that's not going to change. You want to put the blame on good people like the cop rather than on the responsible people like Morales. Maybe its because you're a criminal yourself.

I'm not a cop, but I know here in Somerville they have their hands full. They don't have the resources to call in helicopters on every chase. How about we let our cops take care of the streets in MA and you stay out west with your amythst stone and green malachite stone. Hopefully they'll drive some sense into you.

Ron Newman

If you want to "stop talking about it", posting 7 times in 20 minutes isn't the way to do so.


Javier Morales is a waste of a human being. He killed TWO PEOPLE (Paul Farris and the cab driver).. The cab driver, Walid, was my uncle. He passed away last nite after being in critical condition for the past week. He had a stroke, broke most of his bones, had a few brain operations... It is no one's fault but Javier's. All we can do now is suffer. My little cousin was is 4 years old, keeps picking up the phone and pretending to yell at his dad for not coming home yet. Is that fair??! This guy needs to be put away. He is and HAS BEEN a danger to society. Our prayers go out to all the families. Also, our prayers go out to Kate in hopes that she makes it and has a safe recovery.

Uncle Ron

Dear Rachelle, I just found out about the death of your Uncle Walid.
My heart goes out to you and your family. I have just spent a week grieving for my nephew Paul and praying for both Walid and Katie. Words can not discribe the sorrow I am feeling for all those touched by this senselss tragedy. Remain strong. Pray for Katie now. Help is in the works.
Uncle Ron


family of Walid .. all sympathy to you! sad story,very sad

sorry for the spewing but there are marshmellow brains like vince

that need some serious help and the internet isn't enough for this birdbrain

Vince your guttermouth attitude is precisely why your state is full of all the killings, it's people like you who have no moral ground,name calling like a ten year old, if you hate free speech why the hell are you in america? go back to don corlione land where you can practice your fascist mussolini lifestyle.. I have every right to post my opinion even if you must tear it apart out of your right to hate

Dear Denise

Vince is right. It's not hate, Denise really is an imbecile. Maybe its different out west, but we still blame the criminals here, not the cops.

Two things Denise:
1. Based killings per 100,000 people, our state has one of the lowest murder rates in the country

2. What's with all the anti-Italian rhetoric? Talk about hate! What a way to win people over in a city with a large Italian population!


Viva l'Italia! I did not read all the posts up there, but what do Italians have to do with this terrible event?...


A question regarding the fund mentioned earlier. What is this fund for, exactly? Where can I get this information? For their health costs? Did Kate have health insurance? Did Walid? What does the school have to do with anything? Sorry, I'd need to see something in writing specifying how the money would be spent and what would happen if the money is not needed for the original purpose, before I send money to some "fund". I'm sure that others feel the same, especially when we are all bombarded by requests for money.

Uncle Ron

Jeff and all others concerned,
The Farris-Hoyt Care Fund, TD Bank North, 95 Highland Ave., Needham, MA 02494 was quickly established by the Farris Family primarly to assure that Walid and Katie's medical expenses are covered. It is unknown whether or not Walid has any type of coverage and I understand that the Cab Company is trying to deny any Worker's Compensation Claim!
Katie has ("O") Zero resources or insurance! Her parents are from NY and we need resources to keep her Mother with her here in Boston. Please understand that all funds generously received will go to all expenses incurred, and these expenses are going to be HUGE. Katie's mother has had to take a leave of absence from her nursing job and is not receiving any pay! As far as the School involvement, Katie attended this school and they have very generously agreed to match any funds received as long as those funds are directed through the school. TD Bank North is in charge of the fund collection and we have an Attorney in charge of all dispersments.
This is NOT A SCAM. This is a Plea for HELP!
Thank you all, in advance, for your individually generosity.
Uncle Ron


rachelle, i am so sorry to hear the news. i hope he is at peace and that Morales spends his life in jail for all that he has done. i hope all families involved will see justice and i continue to pray for all of you.

as for jeff, why are you concerned at all about this being a scam? TWO families now have lost loved ones and you think all that anyone wants is money for themselves? i don't even know why i'm getting so frustrated with your comment but i'm close with the hoyt family and take offense to that statement. everything uncle ron has stated is true and the farris family has been extremely thoughtful and selfless throughout this whole situation. i was just out visting katelyn and i know for a fact that it is difficult financially for her mom to take off of work but she NEEDS to be with her daughter. and last i checked no one was "bombarding" you for money, rather simply stating where to send any donations.

Uncle Ron

Thank you Jackie. I had to bite my tongue with Jeff's crude comments.
Uncle Ron


Jackie, you are under the strange assumption that my entire life revolves around this thread, since somehow you "checked" (what exactly you checked is unclear). I don't know about you, but I'm bombarded by requests from money: from environmental organizations, from Democrats, from Republicans, from animal protection groups, from ACLU-related folks, Amnesty International, from freaking churches, you name it. That you are offended by what is a simple and rational request of proof and accountability is not my problem! It's not that I think it's a scam, but I want the facts. When I see the medical bills and I see proof that the families involved would have serious problems meeting them (e.g., if a reputable newspaper checks the facts and runs a story saying so), THEN I'll think about it. There is no doubt this is a terrible tragedy and I feel sorry about everybody directly involved, but I don't know these people personally and I don't know about their financial situation (only what users here write, which is only wise to take with a grain of salt). I hope this clarifies.

Somerville resident

Sad news...

"Walid Chahine, an immigrant from Lebanon who had earned an engineering degree in Cleveland, had spent the day of May 26 playing with his 4-year-old son, running erands and mowing the lawn of his recently purchased home in Methuen. Later, he pulled a late night shift driving a cab to earn extra cash.

Hours later, Chahine was prone in an intensive-care unit, after a man fleeing State Police in a stolen sport utility vehicle crashed into his parked cab.

Sunday, Chahine died at Massachusetts General Hospital, making the 45-year-old the second victim of the crash, prosecutors said."


no one directly asks you for money. bills, you pay because you have to. you don't HAVE to send money to anyone else who asks. i frequently receive donation requests for some of the groups you mentioned yourself and if i choose not to send anything, then i simply don't. so, do you question those groups everyday, no, you probably throw the letters away, so guess don't have to send a donation to this fund, no one will think less of you.


I realize that people's emotions are running high right now, but please don't jump down someone's throat for asking questions about a charitable fund. Jeff didn't suggest he had no intention of contributing, or that people would think less of him if he didn't, he asked a few simple, important questions. Too many organizations set up funds without explaining exactly what the money will go toward. Even reputable charitable organizations often give large chunks of your donation to the telemarketing firm who is soliciting the money, or to pay salaries of board members. I never donate to any organization without first asking where the funds will go, and the percentage of donations which will actually go into the fund, and not to pay 'expenses' of the organization. Noone is questioning your veracity here, just confirming, not that the expenses are legitimate, but that that is where their money will go. Please try to understand the thought process here. Your second post included more information about the fund, and perhaps answered some of the questions - which I'm sure others besides Jeff had.

Ron Newman

This morning's Globe has an article about the death of Walid Chahine. It's on page B1.

Somerville resident

I had the following thought: Paul was ejected from the cab, which means that probably he was not wearing a seat belt. I wonder if the cab had a working seat belt. I take cabs frequently and on 15% of them the seat belt in the passenger seat is not operational (e.g., buckle doesn't lock, belt is stuck...).


thats a very good point somerville resident. that happens all the time. also, if this cab company didnt want to pay workers comp, i hope an investigation takes place. im praying for walids family and for poor katie who is struggling for her life and health.

thoughts to family

this story just seems to get worse by the day, unit we know the fact, We can only go on what We know. And as far as I see, Morales made a BAD CHOICE put 5 people at risk ( including girlfriend,and baby) because he was selfish, and didn't want to spend a night in jail. He and He alone should be to blame. The police go out every night to do there job, I feel that even if they hadn't chased Morales something was bound to happen, I thaought I read that Police arrived at the seem 5 to 10 minutes after the crash, that tells me that the chase may have not been going on. think about it he shut off his lights. if not the cab, it may have been someone else croosing the street, a block down. not excuses for PLEASE. as for the officer he puts his life on the line every time he puts on his uniform ( i don't know him nor do i have any cops in my family.)so this is just my view. i may be off , But how can you blame the cop. Now the Cab driver is gone. that is just awful. i send my sincer regrets and sympathy to, the family. and to that poor 4 year old. god help that poor family god bless you all. be strong for that child. MR MORALES WILL SPEND THE REST OF HIS DAYS ALONE IN JAIL. THAT WILL NOT BRING THE 2 VICTUMS BACK, BUT KNOWING THAT HE WILL LIVE WITH THAT, REGRET FOR THE REST OF HIS SORRY LIFE AND CAN NOT HURT ANY OTHER FAMILIES. IF ANY OF YOU GET THE CHANCE TO APPEAR IN FRONT OF MORALES. TAKE THAT OPPERTUNITY AND LET HIM KNOW WHAT HE'S DONE AND ALSO SHOW HIM A PICTURE OF THE VICTUIMS AND THERE LOVED ONES, SHOW HIM A PICTURE OF THAT 4 YEAR OLD CHILD. AND LET HIM KNOW THAT HE IS STILL WAITING FOR DADDY TO COME HOME. " THIS IS A GOOD EXAMPLE TO TELL YOUR CHILDREN AT HOME, ALL IT TAKES IS ONE BAD CHOICE, AND YOU CAN REUIN LIVES FOREVER." MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU ALL.

I don't follow the road laws here in mass because I am above the law here in mass

typical example on how bad the driving in boston is and how unlawful the drivers are not all but the most of them, and there isn't a day that goes by where there isn't a major crash in mass. no one uses signals, cabs drop off people anywhere, people in mass just don't care to follow the road laws. so before you start your defense rhetoric on my statement you should all go out and get a dmv booklet and study it instead of making up your own laws like you own the road

Mr. White

Denise (I don't follow the road laws here in mass because I am above the law here in mass), you obviously have a sick and twisted mind along with some disturbed anti-society agenda. The problem is that your earlier post put blame on the people who uphold and not on the one who BROKE THE LAW and killed innocent people. Got it?

I'll explain it to one last time: Morales - while fleeing police - drove his SUV (with his pregnant GF in the car) into a cab killing innocent people. MY sympathies to all the friends and families of the innocent people killed by this animal. He needs to be sent to jail for life and/or executed (if possible). A piece of garbage that would do what he did does not belong in society.


Prayers lifted for all involved in this terrible accident.

To Katelyn and the Hoyt family: We are so very sorry for your loss of Paul. Please know we are praying for Katie's full recovery.

Jackie: you don't know me, but I knew the Hoyt family from some time ago, and would so appreciate any updates on Katie's condition. Also ,do you know if they are getting help back in NY? I could post my email address. Thanks so much. I cannot imagine how difficult all this must be.

Uncle Ron

An Update on Katie.
A couple of quick notes. Kate had a good night and day. She is moving some and briefly opened her eyes. They'll be able to do the MRI brainscan in the next day and she'll have pelvic surgery on Thursday. Keep her in your prayers.
I thought you all would be interested in her status. Katie is in for a very intense and long recovery period. Funds are desperately needed in her behalf. Any amount you could contribute to the Fund is needed. No amount is too small in this case.
Thank you all for your concerns.
Uncle Ron


Thank you for posting an update on Katie. That sounds like some encouraging news. We will continue to pray.

"Uncle Ron", I am so sorry for your loss.


NYer, you can leave your e-mail and i will send updates. As Uncle Ron stated, that is her most recent progress, there are a few other details her sister has provided me just from the past couple of days. it is definitely a day by day thing and from what i hear, she is doing better than probably expected. she's truly a fighter and i know she will get through this. it'll be a long road but she has all the support and her own strength to pull through.


To the Hoyt, Farris and Chahine families – I am praying for all of you. What a horrible and senseless tragedy these families have been forced to deal with.

My heart breaks for Walid’s wife and 4-year old child. I can only imagine how difficult it will be for Mrs. Chahine to tell her 4-year old little boy that he is never going to see or play with his daddy again. However, it sounds like Walid was a hard working ambitious individual who loved and cared for his family and they can be so proud of him. This little boy can aspire to be just like his dad.

I am so sorry for the Farris family and their loss. My children mean the world to me so I can imagine the pain and grief you are dealing with. It sounds like Paul was a wonderful young man and touched many lives. I have listened to some of his music online and he was definitely a talented man. It is evident by many of these postings that he will be greatly missed. What a blessing he was and continues to be.

As for Katelyn, I pray for a speedy recovery and know that the months ahead will be a trial for her both emotionally and physically. Grieving for the love of her love will be a difficult process compounded with the physical challenges she will face in the days and months ahead. I am so happy to hear that she is making some progress and the doctors might be able to perform surgery soon. My family and I will continue to pray for Kate. I know what a blessing she is to her family.

Katelyn and my daughter went to school together until eight years ago when we moved from NY to Minnesota. Katelyn spent time at our house and my daughter spent time at her house. I remember Katelyn as a bubbly, outgoing, artistic young lady. She was a pleasure to be around and always very polite. One year for Christmas she received a book that gave instructions for painting rocks to look like animals and bugs. Katie and my daughter spent one Saturday painting and I still have that rock/lady bug sitting on the window sill in my kitchen. Katie we are praying that your surgeries are a success and that you make a complete recovery. We are also praying for your family that they will have the strength to withstand this situation and rise above it.


Jackie, thank you for responding so kindly. I hope the Hoyt family is holding up as well as can be expected. My email is:

"PrayinginMinnesota", I probably know you.My family also had a local/school connection with Katie.
~Lifting all in prayer~

Sharon Mucci

Can anyone give an update on Kate's condition?

Uncle Ron

Update on Katie's Condition - From her sister

Katie Update #14

Although not a perfect day, yesterday was a good day overall. Katie seems to do better and better, and for that, we are so thankful!!

Unfortunately, Katie's pneumonia -- her infection, the fluid in her lungs -- has worsened. The doctors have thus increased the dosage of her antibiotics, and if this does not prove effective, they will change the antibiotics altogether. As of this morning, however, her WBC count was down to 18, so perhaps the change is working.

Another medication note -- they have changed Katie's pain medication from Deloted to Percoset. She is only medicated as needed, however.

Katie's temperature remained pretty steady all day. While it rose to the 101-102 level, it came back down to 99 by the end of the day. As of this morning, it was still 99. This is an improvement over the previous fluctuations, and we pray that it will continue to decrease.

However, the rest of Katie's day was pretty good. She is still responding to commands. In fact, she was able to take a washcloth in her right hand and dab at her cheek and mouth -- an answer to a request by her occupational therapist to wash her face. She was first shown how to do it, and her movements were not smooth and precise (think of this as more "gross motor skills," meaning more broad, less complex movements, rather than "fine motor skills," which involve more precise movements such as writing), but she did what she was asked. She also appears to "recognize" my mom. When asked, "Katie, do you know your mom?" she looked at my mom. This is so great (especially for Mom)!!

Katie's occupational therapist also shared the scale by which they measure Katie's progress. It is called the "Rancho Los Amigos Cognitive Recovery Scale." This is a ten-point scale that is used to assess progress in cognitive functioning during recovery. When a patient is at Level I (No Response), they are unresponsive to any stimuli. Katie is currently at Level III (Response), with elements of Level IV (Confused/Agitated). Because I know that room will not allow me to fully describe these stages, I will include the link to allow you all to see what these different levels mean. I will also update you as Katie moves through the levels, so that you may follow her progress. The scale can be found at:

The doctors did proceed with the trachostomy, just to ensure that Katie is receiving enough oxygen. With her infection, they did not want to take any chances. The up-side to this procedure, however, is that the tubes are out of Katie's throat. The doctors even removed the feeding tube from Katie's throat and inserted a nasogastric tube through her nose. While this is still somewhat uncomfortable for Katie, it at least frees up her throat for the most part (the tube follows the nasal passages into the esophagus, as opposed to the throat). For now, the doctors are going to wait to perform the gastrostomy. They do not want to insert yet another foreign device into her body and risk another infection at this point.

And blessedly, Katie is finally getting some rest. Since she "woke up" a few days ago, she has been alert, with eyes wide open, pretty much around the clock. It appears the old girl has finally tired herself out. This is good, too, because Katie really needs her rest. Hopefully, the rest she received overnight will prepare her for another day of good progress.
We contiune to pray.
Uncle Ron


UncleRon, thank you for the excellent update.
I did not know that Katie was awake!
We will continue to pray for her to feel better and for a full recovery.

I am so happy she knows her Mom--that is great for both of them!
Thanks again for taking the time to post.

Uncle Ron

Katie Update,
For those who may be following this story, here is today's update.
As you will see, KATIE IS PROGRESSING, but still has a long way to go.
She still DOES NOT KNOW WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO HER LIFE! It has now been 2 &1/2 weeks in ICU. I would remind all who care again of the fund that has been established. you can find the mailing address further back in this blog. Katie has NO INSURANCE. Any amount you all can spare will make a big difference to her family. Heck, let me save you a search: Farris-Hoyt Care Fund, TD North Bank, 95 Highland Ave., Needham, MA 02494.
Thank you all so much for your consideration.
Uncle Ron

38 June 13, 2007 at 07:46 AM EDT


I want to thank all of you again for the many prayers, words of encouragement, warm thoughts, and precious minutes of your time that you have given in support of Katie. My mom says that Katie has received many, many cards, and I know that Katie is going to be overwhelmed when she realizes how much you all care for her. Thank you all so very much!

I also want to thank the Farris family once again, for their continued support of Katie and my family as we all travel this road together. Each day, they make the journey a little bit easier, whether by a phone call, a note of encouragement, or a selfless action. Thank you again.

37 June 13, 2007 at 07:46 AM EDT

Katie Update #15

With an attitude of gratitude in mind, I will move into a rundown of Katie's day yesterday. Katie's temperature remained fairly steady all day and even overnight last night, staying between 99 and 100. We can be thankful that her temperature is at least not "spiking" as it was just two days ago. Her pulse is also somewhat stable, staying between 100 - 15 bpm. However, her pulse does tend to increase when she is in pain or is noticeably uncomfortable, usually into the 120 - 130 bpm range.

The doctors removed Katie's breathing tubes, and she is now only receiving oxygen via an oxygen mask. This is good, and Katie is doing really well without the trach.

The doctors also removed the arterial line (which is a thin catheter used to measure Katie's blood pressure minute-by-minute and to draw blood) from Katie's right arm. Probably the biggest advantage of this, at least where Katie is concerned, is that she is now free to move that arm any way that she wishes. Previously, her right arm had to lay flat, but as my mom has reported, Katie has been quite active since she awoke. Having her right arm restrained did not help matters, especially where Katie's comfort was concerned.

With the help of her nurses, Katie was also able to actually sit up in a chair for a little while yesterday. She had to wear a neck brace, as she has some trouble holding her head up straight. However, as seemingly minor as they may be, these little "baby steps" are incredible little nuggets of progress and movement toward recovery, and Katie seems to be taking them well.

Even though Katie has been moving her arms and legs actively and regularly, her left side tends to be a little calmer -- she does not move her left leg or arm nearly as much as she moves her right side. Thinking that her left knee may be unstable, the doctors did an X-Ray yesterday, but found that her left knee was fine. Thus, any physical damage may actually be to the ligaments in the knee (which would not show up on an X-Ray), as opposed to the bones. It is also possible that neural (brain-related) damage may be contributing to the lack of movement on Katie's left side, but that has not been voiced by her physicians.

Katie's doctors are hoping to move her out of ICU very shortly, even perhaps as early as today or tomorrow. However, Katie's WBC count went up from 18 to 19 overnight. Time will tell, but the doctors may want to keep her in ICU until her WBC count goes down and stays down. It may also be time to actually change her antibiotics, as her increased dosage does not seem to be working as effectively as all had hoped.

Katie is also becoming quite the little star of medical research, as she has been entered as a research subject in two separate medical studies. The first study is examining ventilator-induced pneumonia, and the second study is researching the effects that intensive care may have on the later development of adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Not to worry, however...Katie does NOT have ARDS. She will merely be one of many anonymous research participants in this study. For those of you who may be worried about Katie's stamina to endure the queries of curious doctors and medical students, rest assured that her participation will not involve any "poking" or "prodding" -- merely the reading of her chart and the examination of her lab work.

On a final note, Katie was able to rest last night. She was given Percoset for her pain and was actually able to sleep. As of this morning, the ONLY worrisome piece of information was the increase in her WBC count. When my mom spoke to Katie's overnight nurse, she was informed that Katie was awake and ready to start a brand-new day.

36 June 13, 2007 at 07:45 AM EDT


The Farris family is trying to compile a collection of pictures of Paul, and they would like to collect as many as possible. If any of you have any pictures -- either of Paul, of Paul with friends, and/or of Paul with Katie -- and would like to contribute them to the collection, you can email them to me at I will happily forward them on to Paul's family. Those of you who already have the Farris' email information can obviously email the pictures to them directly.

Thanks for your help!!
Uncle Ron


Thank you so much for the updates regarding Katie's progress. We are definitely praying for her continued progress. We are also praying for her family and the other families whose lives have been devastated by this tragedy. Katie is a fighter that's for sure. This is awesome news.

Praying in Minnesota


My name is Brianne, and I am Katelyn Hoyt's sister. After receiving SEVERAL EMAILS addressing me as "Uncle Ron," I came here to investigate (on a tip as to where this new name had originated). "Uncle Ron," I appreciate your posting Katie's progress on this site, as so many people are interested in how she is doing. However, these are MY words, from the blogs I type every morning, and it would be easier if people were merely directed to the blogs themselves. Also, I don't know who you are, and it's slightly disconcerting to get emails addressing me as someone that I am not...and it's even worse to find out that someone who is NOT part of our family is acting as if he/she were. I cannot imagine that anyone who is close to us would use a pseudonym to post updates about Katie, pretending to be a part of the family.

If people could access Katie's CarePage directly, this would allow them to leave messages for my family and for Katie, to see pictures of Katie and the family, etc. All of you who are interested are welcome view the CarePage that my family and I have created to post Katie's daily progress. I update it each morning, with the same information that you see above...considering, those are the postings that I typed up last week. In fact, there is information on the page right now that is even more current.

To access the CarePage, go to: You will have to sign up, register, and create a log-in ID, which you will use every time. Also, the CarePage title is KatelynHoyt (no space). I believe you will also receive emails that tell you when I have updated the page.

Again, I do want to thank "Uncle Ron" for getting the word out about Katie and for posting information that is accurate (since he got it from me, who gets it directly from my mom). However, I do not have an "Uncle Ron"...and neither does Katie. Thus, all of you may find it easier to access the true source of the information, and you may like to leave messages for my family and for Katie. And "Uncle Ron," if you are indeed a part of my family, please use your real name and indicate that you are posting information that you received from me, Katelyn's actual sister.


I just wanted to underline one more thing...

I really do appreciate that "Uncle Ron" has been posting accurate information about Katie, as I know so many are interested in how she is doing. I don't know who he is, but bless his heart for not deciding to add to the gossip mill. Also, it was wrong for me to assume that he may not have suffered a loss in this, as we all have -- whether or not you know/knew Katie, Paul, or Walid, the whole world has lost two amazing people. I want to make it clear that my only issue with this whole thing is that I was slightly "freaked out" to get emails asking if I was the elusive "Uncle Ron." My family appreciates any goodwill for Katie, no matter from where it comes.


I just wanted to underline one more thing...

I really do appreciate that "Uncle Ron" has been posting accurate information about Katie, as I know so many are interested in how she is doing. I don't know who he is, but bless his heart for not deciding to add to the gossip mill. Also, it was wrong for me to assume that he may not have suffered a loss in this, as we all have -- whether or not you know/knew Katie, Paul, or Walid, the whole world has lost two amazing people. I want to make it clear that my only issue with this whole thing is that I was slightly "freaked out" to get emails asking if I was the elusive "Uncle Ron." My family appreciates any goodwill for Katie, no matter from where it comes.

Uncle Ron

Hi Brianne,
Let me clarify the mystery of "Uncle Ron"
I am sorry we don't know each other (I feel I do), but I was just trying to help and inform those who had an interest, and I wanted to keep the Somerville Blog alive.
I am Jon's older brother and Paul's Uncle in California.
Jon sends me your update daily and I sometimes share your words.
This was my way of trying to help.
Your updates have been incredible, but others who care might not have known of your continuing blog.
Praying daily for Katie's full recovery.
Uncle Ron


I am Kate's client at EG and I moved away from Boston a few weeks ago. I called today to ask Kate a question and was told of the accident. I am so shocked and so so desperately sad for Kate and for Paul, for everyone involved really. She loved Paul so much and I remember when she met him she was just over the moon in love. Kate is such a loving and kind person, I just can't believe this. I moved just a few weeks ago and was considering driving 2 hours back to Cambridge so that I could see my Kate! She is the best esthetician I've ever seen and she always took such care with my sensitive skin and gave me extra care so that i would not break out from waxing. I cannot express here how special Kate is. She is a deep soul, an immensely caring and loving person. I have put out the word to my friends and family to pray for her and her family and for Paul's family.

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