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April 15, 2007


question this news, or a huge campaign ad?
Also, not to sound like Newman or the other nit-pickers, but spell check doesn't pick up 'occurring' when it's spelled correctly, but the usage is wrong. It's one of those things that you just need to know!

Water Fall

Does anyone know why the City does not charge the Fire Dept, School Dept., or any other agency a water bill? Some of the City’s within the MWRA field charge their own departments for water and sewage usage. Yes, Fire, Police, Schools and even the DPW are charge for what they use, not passed onto the residence of their City. They don’t do this is Somerville, their usage from within the City buildings is charge back to us through “Let’em Pay for It”. This wasn’t created by this Mayor by no means, but has been “Status Quo” from the beginning. I think something should be done and someone should take a look at this practice.

What this does is takes the City's proportion out of the use of MRWA bills leaving a true customer bill. And, the City is responsible for paying their own way instead of a City such a Somerville, spreading around their portion of the bill to us the consumer. Why shouldn’t each entity of the City be charged for their usage? Water conservation might then improve across the board since I am a skeptical, which if it isn’t my house, “Let it Run”. The Mayor has taken these kinds of steps in the past with other City wastes, why not here?

Request bills from the Schools and I would venture a guess there are none because there are no meter. If there are meters, they are not producing bills. With the Pool facility at the Kennedy school, do you expect that to be tacked onto your bill? Well it is. With the five fire stations around the City, when the good weather comes, they clean the apparatus once a week, by hose. Where do you expect that water usage and sewage usage is being spread around too? With each flush of the Mayor’s private restroom, each time he flushes, which is probably a considerable amount, where do you expect that usage to be spread out too? Each and every instance it is we the citizens of this City.

I think we have been flushed down the drain on this one.

No Barneys

good idea, and when there is a fire, the city can charge the homeowner for the use of hydrant water too. Hey, how about coin machines at school water fountains...."OK Billy, one sip for a dime". I say every time a street sweeper fills up, we charge the DPW a fee. This all sounds stupid, yes it does just like Water Falls post. You want the City to charge its own departments a water fee, then they turn the bill over to the City who pays it anyway.


I guess, Water Fall, I don't quite understand what the problem is. If the city bills each of its agencies for their water usage, that money is eventually going to get paid out of money that comes from taxes. I would guess that the vast majority of city residents who pay water bills also pay taxes. One way or another, we're going to pay for our government's water usage. I don't actually mind paying for my fair share of water for use in our schools, fire departments, etc.

But, maybe I'm missing something here. Were you hoping to make a point about how this billing situation is unfair? If so, perhaps more clarification is needed.

Did I say that out loud??

I think that although the tax payers will ultimately pay for all city property water bills, it would be nice if there were a record somewhere of the actual water usage as there is for our homes. This way we could see if there was waste, or even a broken or dripping pipe causing higher-than normal usage. It would also assure the taxpayers, of course, that there is no fraud involved and that we are paying only for CITY PROPERTY. Just a thought (was that too cynical???)

Ward 3 Voter


So the water bills are going up that doesn't surprise me. Someone tell me. Is this like the old days when Dukakis was governor (in the 80s) when someone flushed or should i say pull the chain when they go the bathroom someone at the MWRA got a raise. If the city of Somerville didn't get paid these high salaries they would fell the pinch also. again ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

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Water Fall

To: "Did I say that out loud: Yes you have kind of hit the head of the nail as to what I was trying to explain. But to put it in better perspective, all other utilities are metered and the water one is not.

Yes, each department would then have to watch their use of water but it would be a good indicator as to who is using or abusing water. The gas, and electrical bills are paid by the DPW by facility why not the water bill?

If there is an Energy Czar, which there should be with all the hoop-la that was generated about a year ago, then he/she should be watching all utilities for conservation and savings.

The City is the ones that generate the water and sewage bills and Comm. Koty and Sup. Anntonelli are the ones that control it. This alone should be a concern to us residence.. So what is there to hide? Accountability is what we are talking about

alot of ???'s and uknown answers.... just waiting for a call back...

Im having a hard time understanding why the water department is getting all types of credit for the work that is being done around the city. The actual water department itself does not even do the work, all the work is done by a private contractor. which seems a little funny cause Mr S.K himself is known to not like private contractors. but its funny how the guys the he is suppose to not like do all the work around the city and make his water and sewer guys look like heroes. between the two depts there is close to 10 guys, each guys has there own title and position they are required to fill. but if you look and see how well they do there jobs you will soon notice its not to well. all those guys do is watch over the private contractor do all the work while the clean a catch basing or two. when was the last time that the water dept actually dug there own hole?? its been a long time, and in this case the city pays there regular guys their salary and also pays large amounts of money to the contractor. so the city and basically paying more then double what they should just to get a few simple water jobs done. so not only is it costing them a ton of money which im sure is a big hit to there so called "high priced bills" but it makes the water and sewer dept look like heroes when really they are a bunch of guys that do nothing all day and get paid for it. then they have the nerve to cry about overtime when they dont even work the regular time that they should. it just seems a little funny or rather weird how that works... i dont see private contractors doing work for any other departments in the DPW to make them look good like the water and sewer guys are right now...


The city of Somerville has a 311 calling system...

Where is the accountability for the water department when a private contractor does all the work for them????

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