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April 10, 2007


Cambriville News

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Low turnout is expected in today's special election to fill the vacant Progressive's Alderman at Large postion on the Board of Alderman.

The three candidates, former Alderman Jack "Permits" Connelly, tri-try candidate Marty Martinez, and newcomer and drinking buddy of Alderman Bob Trane, Bob Daut, all hit the pols early this morning, vying for the $25,000.00 annual windfall.

Our Cambriville reporters will be covering today's election event and will bring you all the latest happenings as they occur.

But just in case they don't get out of bed until tomorrow, here are the results.

Martinez - 54% of ballots cast

Connelly - 42% of ballots cast

Daut - 4% of ballots cast

We could be wrong. We have been in the past. Once.

Stay tuned.....................

Born Here

I guess Connolly wasnt happy just with his "made up" title that came with health care benefits at a cost to the taxpayers !


I know WHERE I'm supposed to vote, but I don't know WHO to vote for. I was out of town on debate night. Marty stopped at my house a few weeks back and personally asked for my vote. Goes a long way, but clearly I have no idea what the differences between these guys are.

Ron Newman

Will today set a record low for turnout in a contested election? Dilboy Post had 105 voters by 11:15 this morning.

Mike Hunt

Marty by 100+. Why to go Marty

Cambriville News

Tuesday, April 10 2007

Preliminary Election Results.........

Martinez - 53%

Connolly - 40%

Daut - 7%

Earlier today, Cambriville News erroneously reported the following:

Martinez - 54%

Connolly - 42%

Daut - 4%

Cambriville News regrets the reporting error.

Tomorrow in Cambriville Short Takes..............

Bob Daut goes house hunting, Jack Connolly gets progressively angrier and Marty Martinez goes new suit shopping.



Due to the light turnout today, the percentage values posted in our earlier edition were indeed, the actual vote totals: Martinez 53, Connolly 40, and Daut 7.

The Scoop

As usual, the Cambriville News scoops the Somerville News!


Hat's off to the Cambridgeville News. How do you do it?

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