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April 30, 2007


Ron Newman

A local theatre serving local beer -- a great combination. Thanks for doing this, Ian.


"Judge went on to say that many acts chose not to perform at the Theatre specifically because they did not serve alcohol. Comedy acts in particular expressed this sentiment, he said."

That's funny - maybe the comedians don't get many laughs, unless the audience is drinking.

I hope this is successful; I love our Somerville Theatre.

Kiss of Death

Doesnt anyone think Somerville might have a few too many places to drink?


Dear Kiss of Death,



Somerville Reader

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Somerville Reader,

I'll drink to that!

A Dinasaur Surviving the Crunch,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


I love the Somerville Theater, so if this helps them stay alive it's good news. However, I'm slightly worried about potential problems. Also, it is FUNNY that comedians worry about the audience NOT being somewhat drunk during the show.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

I agree with the comedians. That's why I have a couple before I watch the Board of Alderman meetings on cable.

Trane and Gewirtz are much funnier after I've had a few.

To the Ladies,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Ron Newman

The theatre has a very strict policy of selling only one drink per visit to the concession stand. They also will card everyone. This should make it difficult for any patron to get drunk and cause problems for the theatre (or the neighborhood).

Born Here

Jimmy Tingle is much funnier with a couple under mt belt !
The good news is Good Times is closing.


OK why not Mcdonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, the mayors movie nights Vodka slush at the corner store and any bath tug that is thrown out for the trash the DPW yard could solve out tax problem in a heart beat.


I have no idea what that even means, let alone what it has to do with beer and wine at the Somerville Theatre.


Who cares? It's May 1st. The start of the boating season!
Party on.

Mole Fan


I love the skipper and naugty girls

I love the skipper and naughty girls.....
I can't wait for my first cruise around the harbor. I hope I get a invite on the vessel's first outing.

Skip, I'll take care of the gas, food, and beer. We all know that America's guest is not gonna go in his pocket....

Buenos Noches, Capitan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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