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April 14, 2007


Singing Canary

In these days of increased attention to public safety and emergency preparedness, the image of an elderly woman trapped in a dangerously malfunctioning elevator- in a public building- raises disturbing questions.

How might the family of this woman, presuming she has family, insure that the same or a similar event won't happen again? Should they appeal to the elevator company???

Those of us with children in school whose safety in a crisis depends on how prepared everyone is to follow emergency procedures know how important this is. When is the last time our residences for elderly and/or disabled people were provided information on emergency procedures that should be followed? Evacuations? Power outages? Emergencies like the one with the elevator?

Perhaps we assume that if someone doesn't know to see or feel their way over a control panel for an emergency alarm switch, they should take the stairs.

If we are appaulled at this suggestion, what are we doing to develop safe alternatives?

Ward 3 Voter

What goes up but doesn't come down?? your AGE

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