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April 23, 2007



More and more B.S. Talk is so cheap, action that really does something just never happens does it Mayor? You spend so much and nobody but the hacks and unqualified are still with you they just keep leaving maybe the green house gases are getting to hot, just like the brown grass of Broadway and the potted tulips. I wonder who got to buy them? But then not really do WE!

Mike Hunt

Is that the Skipper in the background? Yup, just look at him. Guess he just got his fix before he came to the park. He must have taken one of those cold ones from the Building shop refrigerator. He keeps it well stocked during the week as well as on weekends.

Bryce Nesbitt

Take a small step by fixing the Mystic River pathways, so there are good walking routes in this developing area!

A public information meeting will be held by the Department of
Conservation and Recreation (DCR) to discuss the feasibility of
providing a pedestrian crossing over the Mystic River in the
Vicinity of the Amelia Earhart Dam located in Somerville and
Everett, Massachusetts. The meeting will also discuss the
feasibility of extending the Draw 7 Park bike path through the
MBTA's Charlestown Bus Maintenance Facility to Route 9.

Where: Winter Hill Yacht Club
85 Foley St.
Somerville, MA 02145

When: Tuesday April 24, 2007 7:00 P.M.

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