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April 25, 2007


And by the way....

It's unfortunate that the store at Medford and Central has been robbed several times. Besides the kids hanging out there, I do know that convenience stores are notorious for plastering their windows with all sorts of notices, signs, etc. The effect is that noone can see inside the store making it that much easier to rob. The SPD used to have a program of trying to encourage owners to clean off their windows, but it didn't work. Maybe we should be encouraging 'transparency' again.
Oh, and while they're at it, could the SPD please do something about the large groups of adults hanging out at Foss Park? That close to a tot lot could give them a good reason for not allowing this un-permitted gathering!

Born Here

too bad Ald. Pero didnt make the proposal BEFORE we started naming new schools after a Superintendant that left for another job....

Check your date.

Too bad the writers of the Somerville News Talk Column don't know that the election is on May 15, not May 8.

somerville citezen

To Mr. Touro I think a neighbourhood crime watch here in Somerville is not only a good idea but also a great idea to keep businesses and residents here in the city. Recently I've spoken to many neighbours who have sold their homes because they felt it was no longer safe to raise a family in Somerville. Businesses have even left rather than face repeated robberies and intimidation. I hope this proposal will go through the local beauracracy because we all know this is a different Somerville than we all grew up in. I remember when families and neighbours used to hang out on their front porches and every one knew each other. Sadly that's very much a thing of the past. We need to get a grip on this crime before we become the nest highest crime area behind the city of Boston!


Whatever happened to the auxillary police force this city once had. I believe at one time there were at least 100 volunteers. Some carried guns and most did not.

I know the "real" cops hated them because they thought that they were taking away overtime and such. Maybe this force should be brought back as they had a cruiser, uniforms, radio contact with the station and at least their presence patrolling the streets had a bit of a deterrent as the average citizen didn't know the differnce between the two.


Wow, 'brickbottom', I never heard about the auxillary force; makes sense to me.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Greetings My Fellow Anarchists, Cambrivillians and Assorted Tropical Fruits,

I know it's been some time since my gnarly digits hit the keyboard, but I've been quite busy. Just finished taping a "Daily Show" segment with Jon Stewart, negotiating a peace settlement with some moonbats in Sardinia over an olive grove border dispute and attended the funeral of my good friend (and sometime drinking bud) Boris Yeltzin. So let's see what I've missed in the Mother Country................

The municipal buildings are still a mess and falling apart. Nothing new there.

Good Times continues to attract some of the worst elements of society.(including some of our own elected officials) Nope, old news.

Progressive Patty's Protege, Rebba Geewiz is at it again. Can't get a sidewalk repaired but has delusions of being the next Susan B. Anthony. Rebba, I knew Susan B. Anthony, you'r no Susan B. Anthony!

Tickets Curtatone lost another key staff member. At last count, there were two secretaries, Assessor Brescia, and three maintenance guys left at City Hall. Yikes!

No memorials for the living??????? Bullshit. Touch my recently installed (and well deserved) monument on the Curtatone Concourse and I'll have some f&#$ing kneecaps broken!

Happy Birthday Dot! You don't look a day over one Administration.

Bob Trane playing stick ball with his cane? JMJ. Hey Bob, just don't let Rebba catch you playing in the Brown School yard. There'll be hell to pay!

Well, if that's all I missed, I'm glad. Could have been worse. Some of our elected officials could have been indicted, sanctioned or arrested. Well, the weekend is young. There's always tomorrow.

Among the Mayan Ruins,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy



There are still some around, but you only see them during parades or dedications for traffic control. I know this force has been depleted to a few hardcore members who don't care what the "real" police think of them. It got so bad that the "real" Police made sure that their uniforms were a different shade than theirs. Like I said before the cops didn't like them for the simple fact that they believed they stole overtime away from them.

Auxiliary Chief

The Somerville Auxiliary Police is alive and well. Please visit our Web site for additional info and feel free to contact us, :PS we are no longer thought of as a threat but instead as asset and stepping stone to a carrier in law enforcement. We have a nightly patrol every night of the week and yes, we are the officers you see at all the parades, road races, and non paid detail. Kate, Thank for you comments.

Ron Newman

There was a posting here earlier about Neighborhood Watch, but I can't find it now. I got this e-mail today from Thalia Tringo of Davis Area Resident-Business Initiative (DARBI) which is worth spreading the word about:
Over the last month, there have been several incidents of theft (most car break-ins to steal Ipods, GPS systems, and other items of value), and more recently, several sexual assaults in the Davis Sq. area. Many of us are tired of
waiting for the next wave of thefts or assaults. Let's take charge and meet to form a neighborhood crime watch group. Alderman Rebekah Gewirtz has set up an official meeting for us with a Police Dept. representative on
Wed., May 2nd, at 6:30 PM at the home of Paul Bockelman and Cathy Barber, 64 Wallace St. Please join us if you can.

Forming a neighborhood watch group involves monthly meetings and some commitment on the residents' part. Please help make our neighborhood safer.

If any similar meetings are happening in your neighborhood, please post them here.

They're Free

Nice job, Ron! Exactly the type of GREAT info you're capable of bringing to this site. Thanks!



Was your copy of "I am Better Than You and I Won the Spelling Bee When I Was 21" stolen again? I may just attend this meeting to see if the image I have of you is in fact a reality.

And your comment " Let's take charge and meet to form a neighborhood crime watch group." What exactly did you have in mind? Standing behind your lace curtains with cell phone in hand just in case something happens in front of your home?

Please inform us what your meaning of a neighborhood crime watch group is.

it *is* funny

brick -- I agree with many of your opinions on this site, but why can't you let Ron alone? He's posting info on behalf of another group. It's not what *he* has in mind for the group, but what the group will make of itself. Why don't you show up at the meeting and see for yourself?


it is funny,

When your friend Ron starts to leave people/posters alone and stops correcting their mispelled words in their posts like a pompous jackass, then I will ignore him post haste.

Born Here

Auxiliary Chief,
" stepping stone to a carrier in law enforcement". Good thing the civil service test isn't a spelling bee !! We assume a "career" would fit better in the quote.

it *is* funny

Careful or brick will tell you to stuff it ... correcting a post like that. Shame.


it is funny,

So I guess you agree with Ron that it is ok to make others look bad to make yourself look superior?

it *is* funny

Yes -- you pegged me. It was a joke. Lighten up.


It is funny,

I am not talking about your last post regarding BH......just answer my question truthfully, if you can.

Lighten up? I don't take too much in here seriously, except for people who think they are intellectual bullies.

What do you think?

Instead of (or maybe along with) talking about creating crime watch groups which would serve no purpose other than moving the crime to other neighborhoods. Why is noone in this administration addressing the extrememly serious drug use problem among the young people in this city? Many, many thefts are to support a drug habit. Let's have some real action on that front and change things the right way!

it *is* funny

It was you being the bully when you jumped all over Ron for pointing out a spelling/syntax error. I'm no intellectual, just saying you can dish it out but you can't take it. Really, relax.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

What do I think?????????

I think the foxes are in the henhouse.


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

They're Free

Dear Funny,
It was me that jumped over Ron for pointing out the spelling error. Is that the real reason for the existence of this site, to show everyone that you have a college degree? Everyone makes mistakes. I understand that. Making people gunshy about posting here because they may not be as smart as some other posters doesn't help anyone.

What I said (and I think brickbottom agreed with) is don't attack people because they make a mistake or, worse yet, they're not quite up to par with you intellectually.


closing Good Times is a good start. The 2 am liquor licenses are causing more problems for the city. Dr. Mrs...have you popped in the old Sligo Pub lately, the yuppies are coming, the yuppies are coming !!

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Can't say I have visited the pseudo Irish establishment lately. The owners of every watering hole in this great city could care less if it's yuppies, guppies, or puppies money that's being spent. As long as it's green and it pays their bills, they seem to be fine with it. It's the other patrons that seem to have some discomfort with certain groups.

As for me, as long as the patrons are respectfull, don't fart too much and keep their hands off my tits, I could care less.

A Stout Hearted Woman,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Ron Newman

I did not write the sentence "Let's take charge and meet to form a neighborhood crime watch group." Thalia Tringo of DARBI wrote that. I only reposted her message here.

Nothing like a bunch of glory grabbers!

Wow!!! Nothing like jumping in Bill Tauro's Grave!!!
"Let's take charge and meet to form a neighborhood crime watch group. Alderman Rebekah Gewirtz has set up an official meeting for us with a Police Dept. representative on
Wed., May 2nd, at 6:30 PM at the home of Paul Bockelman and Cathy Barber, 64 Wallace St. Please join us if you can."
I read about this some time ago and correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Bill Tauro the co-publisher of the paper already organize this program and presented the same proposal involving local businesses and concerned residents that he had also made arrangements for the program to be self funded by private donations, but his proposal got shot down somewhere along the line??? Give the guy some credit wont ya! Nothing like a bunch of glory grabbers!

Bottom Feeders!

I heard the same earlier this week in a detailed email that I received from Billy Tauro describing the Crime Watch Program as it was first proposed by Billy Tauro himself and proposed to be accomplished in conjunction with the Somerville Police Department and the Mayor's office to begin in late May. As I recall Tauro even had The Boston Chinatown Crime Watch Unit already in place and on his band wagon to assist him in setting the program. But it don't surprise me one bit that the progressives are already feeding off it and trying to take credit with control of the Crime Watch band wagon of their own! All Botton Feeders!

Ron Newman

Yes, I remember seeing Billy Tauro's post here earlier, but when I came back to post this as a followup, it was already gone. (What happened to it?)

City Hall nose

Noticeably absent from the Little League Opening Day ceremonies was the guest speaker, His Dis-Honor.

Anyone know what's up with that?

Mike Hunt

So what is up with the Mayor skipping out on the youth of the City last weeekend for Opening Day at Little League? All previous Mayors attended and did what they had to do. Why not this Mayor?

Another quick remidy that we are used to!

Just put a wall around somerville and give everyone 3 to 5!

Ron Newman

Channel 5 news tonight had a story about the robbery at Central Variety, where the 8-year-old girl was robbed. It said that one suspect has been arrested based on the security tape (which had been circulated to neighbors), but they're still looking for the second suspect.


In fairness to the Mayor and others who were not there Sunday, the Little League Opening Day Parade and ceremonies were postponed due to rain from the previous Saturday. The rain make-up date was initially set for Saturday, April 28th. However, that interfered with the City's Spring Clean-Up Day, so it was decided to go with Sunday the 29th. Thus, there were two postponments in the parade's schedule. It's reasonable to understand why the Mayor, or anyone else, would not be able to make it.

Logistically speaking, everything went off perfectly. The Fire, Police and DPW were there and all did a great job in my opinion. Also, Jerry Carvalho and the Police Auxiliary helped out as they usually do--again, on relatively short notice.

Alderman-At-Large Bruce Desmond was MC for the event at Conway Park, where the League honored long-time coaches Lou Cordeiro, Mark Wallace and Dan Scrima. Also in attendance from the BOA were Bob Trane, Bill Roche and Sean O'Donovan.

By the way; the postponment of Opening Day led also to the moving back by one week of the opening of Tee-Ball, which will commence this Saturday, May 5th, at 9:00AM at Conway Park.


it *is* funny

Any late-breaking updates on the Central Variety robbery? I drove past there early last night and noticed all the kids hanging around on the stoop. Then I saw the little girl on the news last night. Must have been so scared -- poor thing. Did they locate the other thug? The video posted on channel 5's site showed the two suspects casing the joint earlier in the day. Very clear pictures of their faces. I hope the Somerville Police can get the job done. Anyone know why the one kid was deposed in Cambrige?

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