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April 27, 2007


Smoky The Bear

more "smoke" and mirrors, more empty promises. Its nice to see the Aldermen pose for the cameras, see you all in a few years for your next station tour....things will be the same.


The really sad thing is that if these buildings were businesses, the City would condemn them. Instead, they are perfectly fine with letting the firefighters live in them while the buildings are in terrible condition. Hopefully the City will make the repairs that need to be made.


I expect this type of thing in a third world country, but not here in Somerville. What a disgrace. If these were the conditions at City Hall, they would have been repaired years ago.

it *is* funny

Notice how the Fire Chief said "if it turns out to be fruitful...." If these Aldermen were aware of the problems for 8 years, I'd say don't hold your breath man.

Smoky The Bear

The Fire Chief???? Now there is a topic that would start some chatter !!

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