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April 11, 2007


Dominic Santos

This will be a close election. If you add Daut's votes to Jack, then you have a very competitive race. Daut should come out and endorse Jack for the general election.

City Hall Nose

I know we live in a democratic society but if you break down the actual votes cast, it cost the City for this preliminary election $8/vote cast. This is just for one open seat.

The DPW building shop $8,000, Election dept $12,000, T & P $2,000 and SPD $14,000.

And we get to do it all over again in a few weeks.

Born Here

Hey Connolly, do you FINALLY get the message?


Santos..just an FYI. Small turnouts favor those with high name recognition and usually the more established/long lasting person, i.e. Connolly. The higher turnout coming in May will only widen Martinez's win. Connolly needed to do much better yesterday to make it a real race. I mean he lost Ward 6. This truly is his swan song.

City Hall Nose

For Marty to win 6 out of 7 wards, even in Jack's home ward, goes to show, you're all done Jack.

Kiss of Death

I agree that the race is over. It was from the day that Pat Jehlen decided who her candidate was. Since Joe Curtatone does not have the political muscle to do anything but hang on- he cannot and will not help Jack. If Joe were a strong Mayor he could probably make this close or even pull it out for Jack. But given his weak political standing- Martinez/ Jehlen win this with oveer 60% of the vote.

Jack, its not like we hardly knew ye. Twenty two years on the BOA is a lot longer than anyone should be there. But best wishes in your other pursuits

Old Gent

I might be peeking through rose colored glasses but I cant see
Connolly giving up 80% of a $25,000 pension. Notice how "Ditto Dot" enters the frey to force a three man race. Jack saves his coins for May while Marty has to beg for more. Of course I might be wrong. Pat, Denise and the "Curry" eaters from the square may dig deep again to help out.


rose colored glasses it is - if you look at what was raised in the finance reports I think you will see that Martinez has several thousands of dollars left and more will pour in now that the establishment sees who the winner is going to be. Its all over for Jack!


Excuse me? What is meant by "Curry" eaters? I'm interested in following this politcal race but not interested in racist remarks. Thanks.


Excuse me? What is meant by "Curry" eaters? I'm interested in following this politcal race but not interested in racist remarks. Thanks.

Old Gent

Hi there Curry Eater. I'm not being racist. I was peeking through my clear eye glasses at the Davis Square blog site. I giggled to myself as I read 18 plus posters spending their time trying to find good curry in the square area. I had the real stuff a few years ago, but forget that, I'm sorry if I offended you or Marty.....The Gent


It seems a bit redundant to have a run-off or second round when the top candidate won over 50% of the vote.

Democratic Process

It's called 'Democracy'


That's right. It's democracy when you win an election with over half of the votes.


No - this was designed to be a primary - it doesn't matter if one candidate received 95% - there was going to be a runoff no matter what. You should all look at the "Davis Square site" some people might say that Marty's campaign workers think they're better than you.


So this is the final result? I've been out of town and come back to this crap? Where is Joe? Is he with us and Jack or what?

The rumors of his deal making with team Marty might have some validity afterall.

say it ain't so Joe?


Sorry Steve. It is so.

Only the dealmakers survive.

What Was the Deal

You're usually right on targe... What was the deal Joe cut?

Ward 3 Voter

Damn it. I richard mckim can't believe it only 4,517 voters came out to vote. Damn thats all that came out and voted. Oh my i should've have ran myself. all i have to say this sucks.

Dennis Fischman

They could try an instant runoff vote. Each voter ranks all the candidates. If no one gets a majority, you toss out the lowest vote getter and look at his voters' #2 choices, adding them to the remaining candidates. That way, every voter gets a say in the result, and you don't have to have two elections.

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