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April 06, 2007



"Crme" is down, eh? You guys got a spell check on that computer?

Born Here

Christopher Aurilio....hmmm the name rings a bell. Any Somerville roots ?

I want my GPS back!

Chris Aurilio is the son of Jim Aurilio of the Somerville DPW.

F-ing A! My GPS was stolen in October. Can I have it back, Chris????

perp walk

any images of these perps anywhere? are these the same three guys in hoodies working the streets around davis square?


Good work, Somerville Police!

Blogger X

How come these News channel watchdogs are better at catching thieves? I saw an episode where they put a GPS or other tracking device on bikes, the bikes were easily stolen and then the news guys tracked the crooks down to interview them. How about putting some GPS's or similar lowjacks in GPS's and then letting them get stolen.

Sounds like an easy catch to me!


Kevin is a homo.. glad he was finally arrested that four digit freak.

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