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April 05, 2007



Way to go Joe, now that one does not have Civil Service protection and the other is just a disaster waiting to happen I hope that you win big, when he pushed so hard for his cousin to be reinstated with all that back pay! Your dad is looking down saying go Joe go he always believed in the underdog


Hey Joe. I hope you beat them down.. never cared for the Mayor of the Chief..Their both power hungry and money grabbing whores..I hope you take them for all you can, even if it raises my taxes..somebody has to stand up to these people, they thing they can step on people like were little bugs.

Un-Civil Servant

unfortunatly the Courts will side with Joey Cakes and Civil Service. This type case is not unusual, and not that winnable. Good Luck anyways.

Ron Newman

On what grounds does he claim a right to a promotion (and a federally protected right, at that)?

Civil Service

Have you ever heard of Civil Service before? Come out from under the rock!


Actually, Ron's question is very valid. This article in no way provides enough information for us to evaluate the merits of Sgt. McCain's claim. He could be an excellent officer who was highly deserving of a promotion and denied one or an average performer whose current rank is appropriate. A quick rush to judgment either way here is probably not warranted.

Truth Fan

I can see one basis on which Joe M. could win. If he could prove that he was denied promotion as punishment for speaking out against the police reoganization, then this would be a violation of his 1st Amendment rights. It would take some serious evidence to make the case, though.

On the other hand, if the mayor and Bradley think that Joe might go public with everything he knows, then he might want to settle pronto.


Was not Joe McCain a Dot Gay fan? Also was not his father. Maybe its just lets get even,
You aint his cousin Joe.


I'm pretty sure he didn't push for his cousin. I beleive he recused himself from it and let Civil Service decide his cousin's fate.


Sometimes I think that we are all stupid, he did not push for his cousin then how do you think that it got to go so far and his witnesses got kept and promoted.

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