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April 21, 2007


Ron Newman

Does Natick know what they have to look forward to?

Mike Hunt

Who give a damn. They will be out of Somerville soon.

Old Gent

It appears as this story was being posted a young man was murdered in Somerville at the intersection of Lombardi Way & Mystic Ave. The victom was from Somerville and the accused killer from Randolph.
Ch 4 stops here but Ch 5 claims they were coming from Good Times.


Has the rumor of Good Times moving to Natick been confirmed? I ride my bike all over this city. For all of the bad wrap that outsiders give "Slummerville" there's only one area I won't go at night (on my bike, or in my car) - Good Time Emporium.

Police Detail

It seems awful funny that this particular officer has this detail night in and night out. I thought details went on a rotating basis. Why does he seem to have it all the time?
Something is not right here.

Yorktown Street

Hosting "times" for politicians and giving donations to community groups can't buy Good Times a good name. The sooner they leave, the better!


"I thought details went on a rotating basis."

I thought so too. Could it be that he's the only officer willing to take this particular detail?



I highly doubt that. I believe this officer is in "tight" with the owners.


Ahhhh, so someone needing a detail can request a specific officer? What do you think about that? Might that be a good thing at a nightclub, restaurant, etc. - the officer will get to know the 'usual suspects'.


It might be a bad thing. When the same cop serves a different master night after night, the cop may become one of the usual suspects.


I was referring to the same officer having a detail at the same place -- whether it be a nightclub or restaurant or other business.


Sorry Kate,

I meant the same thing. When a cop has a second boss (other than the police department) he may be tempted to look the other way on things.


Lobo - Wow, I never thought of that. Good point; I can see how that might happen. Thanks.


Gawd what a shiite-hole you ppl live in: needles, cop attacks, and liberal in power. Why the heil do y'all stay?

About Time

This would'nt have happened to any one else but him. He has a way about him.


Hey, I've dealt with this cop in the past. He's an ass!! Very arrogant. Doesn't mean he deserved what happened, cuz he doesn't. But he's still arrogant!

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