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April 16, 2007



Where can I find a map that shows the Wards of Somerville? I know I live in Ward 2, but I have no idea where the other Wards are.


There are maps on google.

There have been a TON of break ins on Chandler street, and we live on Park Avenue behind the Store 24 in Davis Square. One of the people in our building had their front window smashed in and an iPod stolen a week or so ago, and recently there was a car at the intersection of Park & Chandler (Mini Cooper) that someone came in the middle of the night, jacked the car up and ripped all 4 tires off, leaving the jack and 5 red bricks with the car off the ground.

They need to have more visibility, and have a few more patrols in the area, as it's getting worse by the week here, and I've been here for 5 years.

Ron Newman

Google maps do not show wards and precincts, but this map does, on the city website.

Somerville wards go generally east to west, with ward 1 next to Charlestown and ward 7 next to Arlington.


Just a note concerning Ward lines;

When looking at the Ward boundary map, pay close attention to streets that are borders of Wards. In equalling out voters it is not uncommon to see small "jogs" made where a Ward boundary crosses a street, then recrosses it. Atherton Street has one such instance.


Patterson Frank

"The thefts are being driven by car-owners who leave expensive electronic items in plain sight inside their vehicles, he said. Just leaving a GPS system mounting device on the window can invite trouble from a thief passing by, he said."

Way to take responsibility!

"shortly after leaving they were stopped by police for a motor vehicle infraction "

Are you telling us that they just happened to get lucky or are you trying to get the crooks off the hook because of an illegal search?

Ron Newman

I'm going to hazard a guess that this crime of opportunity happens in Ward 2 because of the large number of students who live there, near the Cambridge line. College students are often careless about making sure that their vehicles are locked and don't have expensive stuff in plain sight.


Thanks, Ron.



Don't you think it'd be relatively easy to follow a car in the city and find some sort of traffic violation? Maybe a busted tail light? Illegal right or left turn? Tailgating? Rolling stop? Cruising through a yellow? Once they have the perp stopped, is it unreasonable to assume that either the bag was open and it's contents visible to the naked eye, or that the perp, not knowing any better, consented to a search?



I'm sorry. My reply was in response to the question about ward boundries in the City. It didn't have anything to do with traffic violations. I'm no expert on probable cause. That, in my opinion, is up to the officer present, but I would agree that it would be easy to follow a car in the city and pull it over for any of a number of violations. Indeed, if a car is idling for more than 5 minutes, it is in violation of MGL Chapter 90 Sec. 16A (I believe).



Appologies, Jar - I mis-attributed Patterson Frank's comments as yours.

Paterson Frank

There is a lot of people that go to restaruants in Ward 2. Could any of these be people park in town to visit nearby restaraunts?

I am glad the crooks are busted, but was it a lucky catch? Or did the cops watch them until they broke another rule to search them? Is that ok, I am wondering why that detail was mentioned.

Just wondering.

Just Wondering

George, shouldn't it be 'police respond'?

what about.....

Perhaps it would help if the Somerville Police and the Administration would consider addressing the huge drug problem in the city right now. Most of these smaller thefts are drug related.

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