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April 17, 2007


Pre-Schooler's Mom

My son attends the Capuano and we have enjoyed the books that come home each week. One week it appeared that a book was missing, so I informed the teacher so as not to be blamed for losing the book. Turns out the book was pulled from the reading list because it was "inappropriate". It was The Three Little Pigs!!!!!
Can someone tell me what is inappropriate about the three little pigs? I wanted to stay in Somerville to avoid the control freak parents in Suburbia, but it looks like they're here too.

Old Gent

Wikipedia on the Net has an interesting history of the tale. In England it has been renamed 'Three Little Puppies' as to not to offend England's Muslim population.
Do you know the original tale had the pigs boiling and eating the wolf. This could be the reason our city has pulled the book. We never bought the new one. We spent the money at the DPW.


Did Senator Barrios have lunch with the kids too? Hope it wasn't Fluff!


This article is very troubling. First of all, how is this program funded? City/School funds or grant funds? It is purported to be geared toward 'middle to low-income students', and yet Barrios is reading to a Pre-K class at the Capuano School. This is the only location in the city offering Pre-K, which means that a large percentage of the families are certainly not middle or low income. The city is already spending millions in federal grant dollars to educate these 4-year-olds when there are kids in other schools who need the support so much more!
I won't even address the PC's like banging your head against the wall!

Yorktown Street

The Head Start program also gets books donated by Raising a Reader.


Capuano attracts kids from all over the city and they serve an incredibly diverse population. It's in East Somerville, so there are a lot of lower income families in the immediate neighborhood.

Somerville spends almost as much per child as most of the top suburban school districts and they are spending tons of $$ to rebuild Lincoln Park. So, I'm not sure what your problem is with this program?

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