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April 16, 2007


Ward 3 Voter

Dear Mr. Terrell Walton,
Just a question why did you come to Somerville? do you still live in Dorchester.
Ward 3 Voter


Perhaps he plays football?


Terrell - I admire your getting out and trying to make a life for yourself, after such a tragic life-altering incident. It's admirable, also, that you are making your story public. Let us hope that hearing about your personal experiences will discourage teens at risk from choosing a path that leads to violence -- and encourage them to choose the path that will lead them to productive lives. I wish you well.


Great story, we all have a part to play in helping deter gangs and gang violence in our communities.

kid gloves

I decided that after my accident

what accident

you got shot by someone.


hey terrell walton. i am currently a somerville high school student & i have seen you around but wondered why you were in a wheelchair. i am sorry to actually hear what have happened to you & now i know & i feel so bad for you. i hope that you succeed in life and just go on, but i know its hard. just stay safe. keep head up. byee.


As Kate said," discourage teens from choosing a path that leads to violence."
I grew up in Dorchester, before the influx of minorities swarmed the area. The good, wholesome few of the minority groups, such as yourself, need to ban together, and with the full cooperation of all law enforcement agencies, need to initiate plans to eradicate the constant complacency of others who seem to wallow in an ocean of delight in perpetrating the "Silence Code" and are at infinite peace with themselves living off food stamps, welfare, and other numerous federal programs, which only increases the groups' lack of self-respect, self-dignity, and respect for others, which is the major cause of all the groups' tendency toward violence.
You are to be commended for returning to school, despite your personal problems and hardships. Education is the one avenue that will lead you to your goal of success.

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