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March 27, 2007


Kiss of Death

Did Marty accept? I would think the last thing anyone running for office in Somerville wants to today is a Republican (turned Democrat to save his seat) politician endorsement.
Sounds more like Billy boy is trying to do the Curtatone shuffle to the left. I take his words as shallow and meaningless as his signing up to be a Democrat.

So Sad

I just think it's sad to think that Bill White, with all his intelligence, doesn't see through Marinez. He should stay out of it.
It's also sad that despite his record in Somerville, people continue to denigrade him as a 'former Republican'. I prefer to think more independently, and look at the person, not the party.

Ron Newman

If I were running for office in Somerville, I'd certainly want Bill White's endorsement. He is consistently one of the top vote-getters in citywide elections. I couldn't care less about his formerly being a Republican.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

My Fellow Professional Anarchists,

Now before anyone starts bashing Chairman Bill, think for a minute about why White said he would endorse Martinez.(Note to Kiss of Death: the candidate usually asks for the endorsement, elected officials don't give them out freely, Bonehead)

If Mr. White is thinking about gaining favor with the Progressives,(for say a possible run for Mayor) this is his opportunity. And I'm sure White has not forgotten Connolly's snub when White ran for state senate. If my old brain cells serve me correctly, only four of White's colleagues on the BoA had the spine to publicly back him. See my fellow anarchists, the power elite have got to be very selective and strategic when aligning themselves with other political bedfellows.

My opinion? Very smart move on White's part. What else would you expect from the smartest kid in class?

Cambriville's Anarchist of the Year for 1938,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Kiss of Death

gosh, I must be the dumbest kid in the class then. because to me this is all transparent and weak on Billy Boy's end.

he is done politically in Somerville save a 3rd or 4th place finish on the board of rubber stampers (aka the boa). he will never ever get the progressive votes- you can run from your past in politics- but there aint not hiding.

bill boy, like joey the boy mayah both think the progressives forgive and forget. but the truth is neither will happen. jehlen elects whoever she wants to the key seats in the city- she is the power. bow down and kiss her brass ring boys and girls just like billy and joey are attempting to each day.

Ron Newman

Most progressives I know have voted for Bill White in every election except the one where he ran against Pat Jehlen.

Newmie oops

Well if that's true Newmie then the Progressives are the hypocritical, lying backstabbers that people say they are. They went after Roache, Sullivan & Heuston for supporting "a republican" when White ran against Jehlen. You are telling us that they have voted for White in "EVERY ELECTION" hmmm... White's endorsement means nothing. He will finish fourth this year if not fifth. His popularity is waning and the truth about him is out

Ron Newman

Municipal elections are non-partisan. Elections for state legislative seats are not.


Has Marty answered the following question?

"Marty...Are you for or against a repeal of Somerville's
Illegal Alien Sanctuary ordinance which puts liability and lawsuits
on city taxpayers for crimes attributed to illegal aliens released
after committing their first crime in Somerville and subsequently commit additional crimes?"

Somervillans want to know...


I love when people like Grog29 try to use some idiotic question to show people that Marty is not-White. Yes Grog we know he is not an old school townie that trash talks anyone that is different or less fortunate. If you even understood what the Sanctuary City ordinance meant you might be able to have an intelligent conversation about it but its clear you are clueless and of course racist, dont forget that one as well. Hey BT, we know you are out there.


I think this is an interesting endorsement. I have to say I did not expect this from White. I was going to vote for Martinez anyway but I know lots of folks who will take notice to this. White is very popular among a lot of folks and pretty respected universally so this is a little bit of a coup in my book. I mean I think Marty was going to win with or without this but it is sure interesting.

Fool on the Hill

I believe that Bill White is the smartest and most honest of the aldermen. He does his homework while the rest do what they are told.

I was pleased to welcome him when he changed parties. I believe that his decision to do so was a matter of conscience. He actually has a conscience, while his peers have calculations. Marty Martinez is already a better alderman than the majority on the Board, and he hasn't even been elected yet.

As usual, Mrs. McCarthy nailed the real politic analysis. Now if White would just announce for mayor, we could all start feeling more hopeful about Somerville's future.

Marty, once you are elected, please don't embarass us the way that Ms. Gerwitz has.

Truth Fan


Although I support the sanctuary ordinance, I think that your response to Grog29 was over the top. You've concluded that he or she is many disagreeable things--stupid, racist, contemptuous of those less fortunate--based on one thing that you know about him or her. Is that not exactly what racism does?

Cambriville News

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


City Hall, Cambriville - Authorities continue to investigate a sound eminating in the vicinity of City Hall. Since approximately 10:43AM this morning, the sound, described by witnesses as a "Tic, tic, tic, tic" has been heard mainly by members of the Curtatone Administration.

"Sounds almost like the ticking of a clock. I wish they could find it and make it stop. It's starting to drive us fu*&ing crazy." stated one employee of City Hall who wished to remain anonymous.


Don't miss tomorrow's interview with Alderman Bob Trane in which he discusses his wind energy plan. Can't wait for that!

City Hall Nose

Wind Energy Plan? The only wind that will be generated is that from the butt holes of this Adminsitration.

Blow Baby BLOW

Kiss of Death

Lets put things in perspective- the BOA has become the JV team- since they take no leadership on anything. Curtatone who is probably the worst Mayor in 25 years (no names need to be mentioned) runs unopposed because he has either bought the board, or they dont have the political backing to do anything.

The only person with real political muscle is Pat Jehlen- She could name the next Mayor if she had the appetite to do so. I suspect that she will do so at some point- but as long as Joey panders she has no real motivation to create what would be a costly battle. Though one never knows.

Ron, there may have been a time when progressives voted for Bill White. But after his disgraceful attacks on Pat Jehlen, and his shameless party switch I dont think he has the respect of many people let alone progressives. Here is a prediction- Billy will be lucky to hold onto at large this year- and can only hope that the field does not have a few credible non elected officials.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Kiss of Death,

Let's see. Your postings are a clear indication that you are not a big fan of Tickets Curtatone, you want Bill White out of politics all together(I assume bacause he was once part of the Evil Empire of Republicans) and because he had the Audacity to state Jehlen's voting record in a campaign piece(the nerve of the man!). Couple that with the fact that you have blatently kissed Jehlen's derriere twice publicly, I can only assume you are trying anything you can to get her troops on your candidates bandwagon.

Can I take a giant leap here and assume you are a member of the LaFuente Cheerleaders Squad? If not, who do you want to see in the corner office?

Be thruthful. I'm watching.

Kiss of the Spider Woman,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Ron Newman

What "disgraceful attacks on Pat Jehlen"? White put out a (rather ineffective) piece of campaign literature pointing out some minor issues where he would have voted differently than Pat did. That's about as negative as White ever got. In my opinion, Bill knew that he could not win the race, and therefore wisely avoided burning bridges to his progressive supporters.

I still say Bill White has the alderman-at-large seat as long as he wants it.

Kiss of Death

Sorry Dr. M lifelong yellow democrat who has no respect for Tony LaFuente.

I call em as I sem em ... Billy White is desperate pol who will dance to whatever tune he needs to keep his lowly post on the board of rubber stamps. You and I both know Billy only switched parties because it became public he was a Republican in his foolhearty run against Pat J.

BTW PJ is not my type of Democrat too extreme. That said she owns Somerville politics toda- the same way Lester Ralph did in his hey day. I like a more moderate approach like Mike Capuano- who by the way says what he means and sticks with it.

Why dont you be honest and tell me 3 things Billy has done of any note in his tenure on the BOA that would merit consideration for another term.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Would you like the public things he's done? Or some of the more discreet things that he never talks about?

How about HIS efforts to hike the residential tax exemptions in the city to assist all residents(and most especially the seniors) so they can afford the ever rising property taxes in Cambriville?

Or how about HIS efforts to thwart Tickets and his gang of theives to rush through the first round of Curtatone permits for Assembly Square?

Or how about HIS work as chair of the Finance Committee to keep the foxes out of the hen house of public monies?

Sweetie, it's coming up on lunch time. If I don't get to the Dining Room at least fifteen minutes early, those bitches from the second floor hog all the good seats with their walkers and damn scooters. I've got to go. Look, no politician will ever be perfect. Bill has some shit he's gonna have to answer for. But I and many others see him as an honest, bright, and hardworking slug who will put the interest of the city before his own ego or pocketbook. And unless someone on the staff of Cambriville News produces evidence that he was once a card carrying member of the Communist Party, old Nose Hairs has my vote.

BTW, Curtatone, LaFuente and White were all once a member of the Rupublican Party. It just takes some people a little longer to see the light.

Hungry as a Donkey,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


To Kiss of Death who asked "Why dont you be honest and tell me 3 things Billy has done of any note in his tenure on the BOA that would merit consideration for another term."

1.)Opened the budget process with public meetings at the High School Auditorium

2.)Got the residential exemption of 30% on property taxes, the highest exemption or one of the highest in the state.

3.)Told former Ward 2 Alderman (and Jehlen disciple) Kevin Tarpley that he "Wouldn't know ethics if it him in the face!"

There's three things.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Wooooohooooooo! Come on up to the LSOP by noon and I'll buy you some gruel and lemonade.

Kiss, Kiss,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Hey Dr. Mrs. Mccarthy. I'm sorry. We posted at almost the same time, but you have the advantage of speed and good looks over whatever I have. The DT's stopped me from getting to the send button fast enough. I guess great minds DO think alike!


I've been on a bender ever since hearing about Contessa's closing next month. I don't see the mayor or Gerwitz down here rallying to keep the place open. Ever since, I just ask for straight rum on the "rum cake" and then chase it with a glass of Gran Marnier.

I'll join you for lemonade anytime, you vixen you.

Kiss of Death

THe 30% exemption is significant but I dont think Billy deserves most of the credit. I'm sure he voted for it- might of even had the idea- but no republican could get a substantial bill through the house.

The other issues make me yawn- Mrs. M - do you think the foxes are out of the hen house?
And does having a meeting at the auditorium rise to a level of significant accomplishment?

If those are your standards then I think you have said more than I ever could.

thank you for your contributions in making my point ... that Billy like the rest of the BOA basically sh0w up for the tv and collect a check without contributing much to the city.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


I swear to God Almighty, if you make me late for lunch, I'll fu&^ing hang you in the middle of Civil Union Square.

Look, you leave me no choice. You don't want Tickets Curtatone, you don't want Lingusia LaFuente, you don't want Nose Hairs White.

You worship at the feet of Nana Jehlen. Ok. How about endorsing me for Mayor in 2007?

That way me and Pat, just two whitehaired, polyester pant suit wearing old broads, can rule the roost here in Cambriville until we drop. Would you like that SweetCheeks?

And Davis, lay off the sauce in the middle of the day will ya? When I win in November I'm gonna need a Minister of the Internet up at the Palace of Justice?


BTW, will any of the other Alderman have the balls or foresight to endorse Martinez? Will any of the other Alderman endorse their former colleague, Connolly? Or will they show their true colors and hide behind Curtatone's apron and leave Jack hangin on the clothesline on a windy day without clothespins?

McCarthy Wants to Know,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Ron Newman

If anyone wants to campaign to save La Contessa, I'll gladly join in, but my impression is that the current owners basically want to quit the business.

Fool on the Hill

The homeowners property tax exemption was a measure adopted by the Board of Aldermen rather than by the House of Representatives. Bill White wrote it and invited Bill Roche and Jim Halloran to cosponsor it. Then Aldermen Joe Curtatone recognized a political winner when he saw it. He asked Bill if his name could be added as a sponsor. In his 2003 campaign literature, Tickets said that he "sponsored" it, without acknowledging that Bill White had any role.

Bill White's role in maintaining fiscal sanity has extended far beyond conducting budget hearings in the h.s. auditorium. For ten years, he's been virtually the only alderman who reads the budget and questions the B.S. That's probably why he was removed from the Finance Committee this year.

Well before Mystic View went public, Bill White challenged the fiscal impact of the looney Assembly Square plans that would have created so much cost and harm to the city. Anyone looking at the facts has to conclude that he was right, and that it was a very big deal.

If Kevin Tarpley was a Jehlen Disciple, that's probably news to Pat Jehlen. But then, what Tarpley was changed regularly, based on who he was talking to at the time.


Fool on the Hill, thank you for adding the Assembly Square business and for going farther with Bill White's roll in the financial area. I went to the meeting he held up at the High School and found him to be very believeable and I always gave Bill my vote and probably always will. K.O.D. sluffed off the part about the Tarpley thing but that told me more about what Bill White is all about than all the other aldermen's resolutions and grandstanding put together. To KOD, I would ask politely, can you name a current alderman with more guts than Bill White? Billy Roche is pretty good, but he still carries the mayor's water too much. Dennis Sullivan is good, and he is a staunch supporter of White's. Denise had guts and always seemed not afraid to speak her mind, but she's not there any more. So who's left?

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy, when you get elected mayor you just tell me what you want me to do and I'll be at your service. I'm going to switch back to Mocha slices until they close the doors at laContessa, no more rum cake, How's that?

Newman, God bless you, at least you know what an important part of the Square we're losing with laContessa closing. At least we still have Sessa's. I wonder where Nunz is going to get his pastry from now?

Ron Newman

Some more discussion of La Contessa here.

Kiss of Death

When this discussion spins back in to the realm of intelligence I may join. I'll just ask each of you- when you think of the BOA do you think of courage, wisdom, and leadership?

Oh forget it, lets talk about a pastry shop in Davis Square that has relevance.


When I think of the BOA do I think of courage, wisdom and leadership? No.
But I think of those qualities when I think of Bill White. He just happens to be on the BOA.

And a pastry shop in Davis Square in 2007 and its imminent loss has more relevance than you can imagine. And I like Lyndell's too by the way but it's a pain to get to unless you have a car or live in Ball Square.


C'mon, Lyndell's is what, a 10 minute walk?

Still, Lyndell's doesn't do cannoli. They're great at what they do do (honeycomb bread, eclairs, decorated birthday cakes etc.), but suffice it to say if McDonald's ever sold Irish Stew, it would be comparable to the cannolis at Lyndell's - a pale comparison.

Maybe Annette can sell the secret filling recipe to Dave's Fresh Pasta? And maybe Norton could pen an article on this, so we could get out of Bill White's (nose) hair.


Hysterical (usually with an agennda) people with no intellectual capability respond with cries of "racism" when confronted with legitimate questions on a legitimate issue. Illegal aliens come in all races last time I looked. Educate yourself on the issue of illegal alien sanctuary ordinances and their dangers to the public and city finances. The liability for the city is HUGE. It's more than the silly notion that criminals who break one law (immigration) will be afraid to contact police about others who break other laws. Just ask New York City.


Seriously, man, look at your own agenda before machine-gunning stones all over the place.

There is NOTHING called "Somerville's
Illegal Alien Sanctuary ordinance", as you refer to it in your original post here.

Also, why aren't you posing the same question to Connolly and Doot? I'm assuming Connolly was a supporter of the "Somerville Sanctuary City Resolution" when it passed in when, 1990? Why no heat for Jack?

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Kiss, Grog et al............

I'm back. Lunch, as usual, sucked and I had some trouble dropping the kids off at the pool so I'm a little cranky right now.

Here's the truth of the matter. Bill White, Marty Martinez and Jack Connolly should be applauded for stripping naked in front of us(I should rethink that) by running in the past for elective office and by currently/thinking of running for elective office. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I vote for candidates based on what they can do for the entire community, not just for me. I vote for candidates based on their character. I tend to vote against candidates that keep company with characters.(you all know what I mean). And I try, God knows I try, to treat all candidates with the same amount of ridicule, taunting and character assassination that I can muster.

I don't quite know why Kiss has a bee in their bonnet about White. Honestly, I could care less. I've watched Chairman Bill play ball with two administrations now, and for a short, nose haired endowded, follically challenged "Republican", he has held his own on the court of elected officials. He has done the job we elected him to do, not without some fouls, but who among them has not.

This endorsement, in the long run, won't mean spit if White runs for Mayor or decides to remain an Alderman-at-Large.

In my opinion, White is an Alderman for Life in Cambriville. If he wants it.

Now, all of you should just go about your business today and try and save some bakeries, coffee shoppes, the whales and Linday Lohan from self destruction.

Or get back to work and earn that salary that your employer is paying you.

McCarthy- Stratavaruis of Sex
Mayor in 2007

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

PS: Tricky, Any chance you can help with Sunday's Cambriville News edition? At the rate the tortoises move up here, I won't get done handing out Palms this Sunday until midnight.

Just the Facts Please

Mrs. McCarthy, good comments as always. After hitting Contessa's for a pastry, I picked up the News and read the full article on the endorsement. Bascially, White said that he thought Martinez was the best candidate to fill Provost's slot on the Board as she would ask questions and critize the Mayor. With her gone, White has little support on the Board whenever he raises any questions. And who do you think is more likely to give him support if he raises any questions. I don't think this is about White trying to win over the Progressives. If you remember, he was reelected to the Board after his run against Pat Jehlen when everyone knew he was a Republican. White came in second to Provost.

If you think about it, independence is the real issue in this race. I liked Jack and remember when he was a young reformer. But everyone knows, if elected he will probably be as sure a vote for Joe as he was before.

I think everyone in the coffee shops, barber shops, beauty salons, grocery stores and bars in Somerville should look at the election that way. This isn't about us versus them, progressives against regulars, the new versus the old. All of that confuses the issue. This is about who should fill Denise Provost's seat on the Board of Aldermen and whether you want to give the Mayor another sure vote. A vote for Marty would keep up the Provost tradition that's all. It isn't even a pickup of a vote for the Progressives--they stay even.


I am just curious, I moved from Somerville last year after my nana was priced out of her home of 40 years. I remember over the past two years seeing an army of young kids from Tufts canvassing for Jehlen and Gewirtz. Does Marty have the same support. I guess I can't talk since when I was in college at Marist I went door to door canvassing for local candidates even though I wasn't from there. On a few occasions I remember people telling me that I had no right doing what I was doing since I had no roots or stake in the state besides the fact that I wanted Hillary to win. After moving back to my native Mass I guess I saw why they got the way they did. In the past five years I saw my grandmother forced out of her home to make way for wealthy yuppies moving into town. I became ill when some old friends on the block said they would lecture the neighborhood about proggressive ideals and the need for corporate housing and smart growth. To be honest when I saw the people who more or less forced my nana out of her home for 40 years I decided it was time to leave. I couldn't sit there and watch this happen. Why do these people support proggresive ideas when they seldomly live by them. Look at Deval, most of these people don't have to worry about the issues the working and middle class deal with. We can't afford higher taxes and protecting our communities from outsiders is what made our streets safe and our neighborhoods strong. Looking back at myself in college, the only reason I did it was because it was trendy to be liberal. We eneded up getting a green party candidate into power who spent more time trying to get himself on TV then he did doing his job. I feel like Somerville Politics is turning into this.

To confused

"We can't afford higher taxes and protecting our communities from outsiders is what made our streets safe and our neighborhoods strong."

I think that sentence says a lot. The history of Somerville is full of new groups moving in and facing an already established community that wanted nothing to change. It is about time we end this trend.

Neighborhoods change over time. Somerville has changed more than the average neighborhood for a number of reasons, but blaming "outsiders" is not the way to move forward. I guess I am "outsider", but I love this city as much if not more than some others that have lived for their whole life.

I am sorry to hear about people loosing their houses where they have lived most of their life. the "outsiders" are an easy target to blame, but I think that this has been the fault of numerous administrations with no vision for the future and not enough dissenting voices on the BOA. This is why this special election and every other municipal election are so important.


Please support Aldermen Gewitz and Maty Martinez and Bill White to stop the anitimmigrant proposed employer act.

Estimados amigos de la comunidad inmigrante,

Lea por favor el diario de Somerville hoy, bajo “ley justa del salario buscada”, ven por favor que la carta recordativa “era la ley seguida?” Mi unión me he dicho que ésta ponga todos nosotros Latino detrás en los trabajos del trabajo de día del parque de Foss que esperan para.

Mire quién apoyó la ley; Estoy sorprendido que no propusieron esto en el club americano italiano o el partido del día del St Patrick. Los concejales honestos saben que esto no sólo fue propuesta ilegal, pero que lastimaría a comunidad inmigrante. Los concejales Gewirtz y el blanco no firmaron encendido porque saben que nos lastimaría. Le impulso apoyar a Marty Martinez y derrotar esta ley ilegal propuesta.

Debemos reunirnos en la reunión de los concejales siguientes y déjelos saber esto sería otro obstáculo para que los inmigrantes superen. Es difícilmente bastante conseguir un trabajo decente, pero si los contratistas locales necesitan ser toda la unión o tener aprendices que sean otra palmada en nuestra comunidad.

Componga por favor las muestras y cerque con piquete el tablero siguiente de la reunión de los concejales contra contra la regla del “patrón responsable” del inmigrante como regla contra inmigrante. Llame por favor a todos los concejales y déjelos conocerle están contra esta oferta.

Just the Facts Please

Jose, what are you talking about? The Board of Aldermen has nothing to do with any employer act about immigrants. I suggest you urge people to contact Congressman Capuano, since the federal government controls employment and immigration.


They have proposed an employer act that limits bidders to large union contractors. I work for a small contractor that is a union shop. He hired me dispite my bad english but I learned. My family and friends need to get into the trades and the large union shops will not let them in. This law will stop the small compnies from getting city work. Page one of the Somerville paper.

El Imigrants debe actuar para proteger nuestra posibilidad de empleo. El siguiente bordo de la reunión de aldermens está el 17 de abril en 7PM. Por favor revélese y ser fuerte, no queremos este acto de patrón.


I have to agree with "To Confused". Staging some kind of blame campaign against newer residents is pretty futile. Cities and towns change over time. Those that don't change stagnate and die. Somerville happens to be a city that is rapidly gentrifying due to its close proximity to Boston and Cambridge, decent bus and MBTA access and walkable retail districts. Thank god. Gentrification certainly can lead to higher property taxes, but it also leads to higher resale values for homes. I'm sure the poster whose Nana moved got a significant amount of money for the sale of their property after 40 years worth of appreciation. The alternative to gentrification would have been no ability for the poster's Nana build wealth through her home. Rising property values have meant that the actual percentage of property tax that residents pay has stayed comparatively low. I have relatives in New Jersey who pay 4x what we do on a comparably priced home.

I'm also sure that many of those who are complaining about the "old" Somerville going away are also benefiting from the improved schools and public services that the higher property taxes bring. Many of the posters to this forum seem obsessed with inside politics and dislike of the mayor. To a citizen looking in from outside their little clique, it looks absolutely ridiculous.

In the eyes of many Somerville citizens, our mayor is doing a fine job. People like 311, they like the email and phone notifications of snow emergencies, and they like the ability to transact alot of business with the town online. Sure, we'd like to see even more police officers, the green line and even more improvement in our schools, but we realize we need a revenue base to build that on. That will come with time.

Maybe it's just because I'm still a "new" resident after living here for 8 years, but I love the direction that things are changing in. I want more public transportation. I want to see the bike path extended. I want more shops, restaurants, and bars. I like 2 AM liquor licenses in Davis and Union Squares. I like the fact that gentrification is occuring in our neighborhoods. I like that our schools are improving and our city government is becoming less onerous to deal with.

We have things going on. Change is in the air. Do you know how many towns wish they could say that? Be thankful.

To Somerville Reader

I'm a 77 year old alcoholic who cant ride a bike, nor do I have anyone in the Somerville School System. I do love this city and pay attention to all it's laws.
But, if i'm found dead on rubbish day putting out my trash in a plastic bag inside a rubber container; please put me inside a bag, inside a container. I'm on limited income and would like to save on undertaker costs.
I know DPW will fine you cause i'm a little over 50 pounds but sell my shack in ward one.
Old Gent

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Somerville Reader,

You make some very good points. But the truth as I see it, the services you point out(311, reverse notification, street sweeping, median strips greening)are services we deserve and should demand. I'll give some credit to the current city workers who make that all work.(including the Mayor).

But here comes the big butt. If it seems I slam the Curtatone administration more than I need to, I have good cause. This city should be putting a full frontal assault towards hiring only the best personnel to plan, strategize and execute policies and development for our city's future. Instead, it's the same old shit. Hiring politically connected, less that qualified people to fill vital roles is a recipe for disaster. Look around you dear. Ask questions about how certain people get certain jobs, how they get appointed to commissions and boards, who washes one hand and expects the same. And just as important, look at the costly mistakes this administration is making and how much it costs the city in punitive costs and lost revenue.

My concern is that the damage being done now will not be evident to you or me for a few more years to come. And by that time it will be too late.

Just my thoughts.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Born Here

BRAVO Madam McCarthy, good thing the "Sisters" have dumpster service !


Dear Jose-
Large unions don't hire people with accents or broken english?

I think what you might be worried about is that many small contractors hire illegal aliens at lower wages and no benefits
and no taxwitholdings. This oridinance may interfer with that illegal practice. Is that what you mean?


No small contractors hired me when no large ones would. All my family and friends that are very capable and have become legal can not get into the large union shops becasue they are told we don't want you, go back where you came from. Theses are the same people when told a wage freeze will stop layoffs say no to keep them getting paid more and the new guys like me go by by. They do not want us to get ahead, please help stop this law it is bad for the immigrants.


Sorry...I think the law will pass very quickly. Democrats need union backing. Prevailing wage
is going to do what the INS and ICE haven't been able to do in decades.


based on your comments I think you are neither latino nor a construction worker. it sound suspiciously like you are trying to incite people against particular politicians and worse, immigrants. cut the crap.
If you do have some legitimate concern about this proposed ordinance being discriminatory, try contacting humanrights at

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