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March 29, 2007


brickbottom on the Chief's job description

I know, I know, the powers that be don't like it if you put up a link to a web site. But I think the below link is something that is very important for all the citizens of Somerville to read, a full description for the new Police Chief's position from Waters Consulting Group.

If you have the time please read it through as it will affect every citizen in this city. And after reading this job description can someone please honestly tell me that the Acting Chief is qualified to even submit his resume. Please don't tell me that there isn't a candidate throughout this great country of ours that would make the current Acting Chief look like Barney Fife.

btw: Why do you think he is now in the process of implementing the advisory group’s recommendations after they were suggested how long ago?


He has all the qualities needed to keep Joey's Cakes wiped and Clean Genie's polished that's all we need don't you know?


Joey Cakes is of again, is he condoling his deposed counterpart or looking for a new source?

the watch full EYE

Im not to sure whats wrong with the police department, but i know whats wrong with the the parking department. They are very quick to give you a ticket while your parked in a bus stop for not even a min to put sumthing in a mailbox but i wittnesed a parking employee parked in a bus stop for over 8 min while she was getting an ice cream at JP LICKS in davis square she was driving a black toyota camery ma tag 636*** what just because she had her uniform on she can park illegaly I DONT THINK SO MISSY Dont be so quick to issue the tickets if you cant follow the rules and dont forget i do have the rest of her plate number if anyone is interested

it *is* funny

Brick -- thanks for posting the job description. Very interesting qualifications sought for the new Chief. From what I understand of his credentials, Bradley wouldn't qualify. Full disclosure: I contributed to the survey conducted by the recuiting firm and identified a commitment to open and positive communication with the community as a key competency of the ideal candidate. I wonder how fixed the process really is? Anyone know?


I have known and worked with Chief Bradley
since 1976 and you're lucky to have him!!!

stay in framingham

hey wkelley- you should worry about what goes on in framingham instead of defending the corrupt little midget. if we are so lucky to have him why dont you get him a job with FRC campus cops -wait i think he is getting his resume together anyway since he knows he is on the way out. dont be surprised when you get a call from him begging for a job after JC alienates him


To "it is funny":

I especially love the part that reads:

That the candidate should have "an understanding and appreciation for the political process without personal involvment in politics"

I almost fell of my chair after reading that with laughter!!!!!

There is so much to say about that quote it is unbelievable, I'll just bring up one where the Acting broke the law.

What about his little "infomercial" against selling beer and wine in supermarkets? Wouldn't you say that was getting involved in the political process? Nevermind that he used city property and dressed in his Acting Chiefs uniform to film it.

it *is* funny

Brick -- I laughed at that quote, too. Although from the extensive job description, I wonder who *would* qualify for the job... they did leave out the ability to walk on water though.

There will be some 'splaining to do if Bradley gets the job after we've all seen the requirements.

To it "is" funny

Does the acting chief have enough years in service on the force to retire at 80% ?
Has he been recieving "chief's Pay" while the search goes on ?
That would be a "Bulger type Pension."
Could he become a security chief at a local firm ?
Let me see, hmmm. There's Market Basket,
Jimmy Tingle's, Little Sisters of the Poor.

Old Gent

Sorry about that, it "is' funny.
I meant to sign that, Old Gent'

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

From the Desk of Dr. Mrs. McCarthy
Little Sisters of the Poor
Joseph A. Curtatone Avenue for the Performing Arts
Cambriville, Massachusetts

Dear Old Gent,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding employment for your friend Acting Chief Bradley. I regret to inform you that the position of Security Director is not available at this time. Sister Arthur Frederick has, for the last 76 years, been performing that job at our facility and we are quite satisfied with her performance.

At 6'3", 256lbs, a right hook like nobody elses, and a high kick that has dislodged many a gonad into the throat area of male intruders, we also doubt that Acting Chief Bradley could fill her shoes.(size 12EEE).

Thank you for inquiry. We wish you and Acting Chief Bradley the very best. Our prayers are with you during this Blessed Easter/Passover season.


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


It would be interesting to know if the "Acting" has any of his underlings applying for the Chiefs job.

Does anyone know if any of Somerville's finest have applied for the Chief's job?


Also, don't you think whoever get's picked for this job should actually live in the city. Not on some horse farm in the burbs away from the great nightlife that Somerville now has to offer.


I wonder how this farce is coming along? Will the Mayor actually hire someone who actually meets the job requirements or will he choose his little pony boy?

it *is* funny

I looked at the police chief job description again and there's no way they could justify the acting wee person getting the job. Stranger things have happened, but there are too many people watching this one to be able to talk themselves out of it. If they *do* appoint Bradley, there will be hell to pay.

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