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March 30, 2007



That's nice; I like dedications to our veterans.

Larry Stevens

ov. Deval Patrick announced a new state-funded energy efficiency program designed to help Massachusetts cities duplicate a model unveiled Thursday by Cambridge officials.
Cambridge is hoping to become the first city in the nation to adopt energy efficiency measures across the entire community.

When is Somerville going to become a leader. First we ignored Global warming and did not make the cartel cab company buy hybrids. Now we have Peak Oil breaking down our back door and you all still don't what I am talking about! Come on people!

Born Here

Larry, maybe you should get an apartment in Cambridge.

Cambriville News

Friday, March 30, 2007

McCARTHY GETS STONED..............

The City honored one of the city's last Spanish-American War veterans with the unvailing of a massive granite memorial in front of the Hall of Smoke and Mirrors on the Joseph A. Curtatone Concourse.

The 7x4 gunnite gray granite block was unveiled this week and dedicated to Dr. Mrs. Mary McCarthy of the Little Sisters of the Poor residence. The dedication, conducted by former First Lady Barbara Bush, with benediction by Cardinal Sean O'Malley, will be broadcast on the "E" Television Network this weekend, every hour on the hour and on SCAT next Tuesday at 3:00AM. The international broadcast will be carried on BBC and Al Jezeera.

To see a rendering of the memorial, readers should pick up a copy of this week's SOMERVILLE NEWS.

McCarthy's comments were cut short by the Cardinal when she let fly with obscenities after Veterans Director Frank Senesi(we thought they got rid of him?)presented McCarthy with a $3,496.88 bill to cover the costs of the monument.

The entire ceremony was abruptly ended when a Pat's Towing truck was seen leaving the scene with Barabara Bush's limo dragging behind.

McCarthy refused comment for this article.

In other news..................

Residents began receiving campaign literature this week from the canneddates and figs for Alderman at Large. Confusion reigned at the Daut campaign when it was discovered that half of the brochures, entitled "Vote for Bob", began to fade and the words "Vote for Bob Trane" became visible. No comment from the Daut campaign at press time.

This weekend in Cambriville.........

Get off your asses and start sprucing up the yard and in front of your house. The city looks like crap after this miserable winter.


wtf walter? your ordanance to name squares after people ONLY after they have died passed the board last year.why in gods name would you submit an order to dedicate a square? r u an idiot or are u just dumb? do ward four a favor an retire. you're finished and you have been for years.....i for one want my old alderman back, run vito run. at least he knows whats up.the first thing he said was i thought they only did this for dead people. Vito i hope you get your square you deserve it.but if you do the ordanance should be changed for all not just one.

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