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March 02, 2007


The Mole

The only books that are being cooked are the hot potatoes inside 93 Highland Ave.

The Mole

Which is it?

Your headline says he would not work there. Your quote in the article says he would not WANT TO work there. These are two significantly different statements. Which is it?

Born Here

lets face it, bringing the green line and building hotels are more important to this administration, than building a new "PUBLIC SAFETY" building. Another disturbing lack of setting priorities.


There is no money in a public safety building is there? But then again who is watching the hen house. OUR FINEST ARE THEY NOT. MABE THE PLANS ARE IN THE DESK.


Mayor Curtatone set his # 1 priority a few years ago just after he took office. He said his number 1 priority would be to get Engine 4 back in service full time. What a great job he has done with his priorities. He hasn't even gotten the first one on the list accomplished yet. Hey Mole, can you dig up what the City has been paying to lease the trailers that the firefighters have been living in for the past nine years or so down in Union Square?

Born Here

you firemen are all the same. all you do is complain, what do you want anyway, a clean,safe builing to work in? How about newer equiptment? Maybe even fair contract ? This admin coulldnt care less about your working conditions. The funny thing is that they hate the Police more than you !! So, stay safe, and don't slip on any oil bubbling up from the basement floor drains......OH, sorry Tom Champion..."ALLEDGED oil"

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

The title of this article is erroneous. It should say "Trane: I COULDN'T Work in Public Safety Building."

I doubt he could pass the physical for either the Police of Fire Departments.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Johnny Protester

now THAT was funny !! The good Dr. Mrs. Mc. must have had a nice eye-opener at the Little Sisters today


Could I make a request to this site's 'web master'? The neon green font on top of the gray is next to impossible to read. Is it just me, or do others have problems with this also?


Does he work anywhere at all?

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