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March 16, 2007


Joey Cakes

Please oh please let it snow over four inches please please Boss HOG needs the money

Linda S

Something needs to be done about the plowing of Somerville's side streets.

They expect residents to shovel their walks or be fined, but whenever there has been a heavy snowfall, the plows have constantly shoved of the snow all the way up onto the sidewalks, creating an entire wall of packed snow that is virtually impossible to get through because it covers over 80-90% of the sidewalk and is several feet high once they are finally done.

Every driveway on the even side of the street is blocked because of this as well, so there is no way to even get through into the street one way or the other.

I live with my parents, who are in their 70s, and last year after a major snowstorm we were literally barricaded in our house for nearly 3 days!! With plows coming through almost every hour, the snow had been piled so high (at least 4-5 feet) it walled up the sidewalk in front of both our front and side exits, and it was only after repeated calls to the DPW that someone came and finally bulldozed us free.

Last Feb. 14, my father made several calls to the DPW when we were again snowed in, and they never responded. It was only through the kindness of a neighbor across the street that we were able to clear our driveway and make a path to the street.

How can they possibly expect residents to keep up with cleaning their walks when the plows carelessly shove the snow all the way onto the sidewalk? I realize the streets need to be cleared, but creating an obstacle hazard and sealing people in is unacceptable. What if there was a medical emergency? Many people are not equipped to clear snow that has been repeatedly packed in such a way that it is impossible to remove. If an ambulance had to get in, they would never make it over such a huge bank of packed snow.

Not everyone has a snowblower, or can depend on a neighbor to help them. Even if we were to pay someone to have the snow removed, it would be a waste of money if the plows only come by an hour later and pack it over again.

We have lived on Princeton Street for over 17 years, and these last 2 years have been the worst we have ever seen with regard to snow clearance.

I'd like to know if anyone else has had problems with their streets in Somerville, and where we can make a complaint.

Joey Cakes

Well call Joey Cakes he prayed for it he got it and Boss Hog just loves to stick back in your face

The Mole

I guess it pays to be Mayor. A quick trip out of town before the storm to 33120 zip code is the way to go. The Skipper takes a trip to Foxwoods before the storm leaving Boss Hog and MB to deal with the aftermath.

Where can I get a job like that?

The Mole


If it starts to get cold tonight, I'd like too see some salting trucks around the city. I haven't seen one all day in my area.

Cambriville News

March 18, 2007
Sunday Special Edition

Today's Weather........Sun Hung Over Cambriville

Dublin, Ireland - Today's edition of the Cambriville News will be broadcast live from Bewley's Pub on O'Connell Street in the fair city of Dublin. Our very own Editor in Chief, Dr. Mrs. McCarthy, has been in Dublin for the past two weeks preparing for her stint as Grand Marshall of the annual St. Patrick's Day parade.

All went well with yesterday's parade until McCarthy went ass over tea-kettle off her perch on the Guiness float entry in the parade. Para medics were able to assist McCarthy in the temporary triage unit they had set up inside the General Post Office.

McCarthy was resting comfortably in the Presidents Mansion at Phoenix Park this morning. There is no telling when the old girl will get up and begin the much anticipated live broadcast.

Until then, Happy St. Patrick's Day from Dublin.

Tonight in the Cambriville News Real Estate section...........

"How to Become Rich in Cambriville: Alderman Sean O'Donovan's Simple and Easy Real Estate Guide".




Is Dr. Mrs. McCarthy expecting Tom Brady's love child? Our tipsters report that McCarthy did not fall off of the Guinness float as previously reported, but was knocked off of her perch by the one-two combination of actress Bridget Moynihan and supermodel Giselle Bundchen, both reportedly carrying little quarterbacks of their own.

Moynihan and Bundchen then pounced upon McCarthy as she fell to the street as Mayhem broke out. McCarthy managed to level Bundchen with a roundhouse left, but managed to badly wrench her back while swinging her voluminous pocketbook at Moynihan.

The chaos only subsided with the arrival of the Smithwick's float,
featuring a scantily clad Lindsey Lohan flinging free scally caps into the crowd.

More on this developing "story" as tidbits float in...

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Damn snitch.

Erin's Olde Bra,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Joey Cakes

How many tickets? Any on Prospect hill I think not, How many towed? Any on Prospect Hill I think not, just where Joey Cakes and Boss Hog could get even Eh.


I know one house on Prospect Hill that got ticketed for not clearing their sidewalks properly after the February ice storm.


I left somerville a week before the snow storm and my flights got cancelled, so i could not return back home. My car was parked on the even side of the road and i got $100 parking ticket. How do they expect me to move the car ??. This is outrageous. I am the only authorized driver for that car. I have a proof that i was out of town, apparently that was not enough. I still had to pay the fine.

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