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March 31, 2007



do these people get paid? how much? how many are on the board? how long is an appointment for? how come that genious macaloser doesn't know about this law? how do we get him out? how often do they meet? for how long? do they get heath benefits? what are the qualification to do this?


thenoseknows nothing apparently

Dwight Schrute

Are these people criminals or just morons? First they hire the Veterans Affairs Commish illegally, then they jam a 40% pay increase down our throats, while the public safety unions haven't had a contract for 3 years, now they screw this up. All they say is we didn't know! It's your job to know. Who the hell do they have working up there? Isn't this the same solicitor who screwed that guy out of a police job because he was in the armed services? What was the excuse then? These guys are going to end up costing us a lot of money.


They already have, Dwight. But they hide it very well I'm afraid.

Ward 3 Voter

Nice work Mary. You had a great job and you blow it

Ward 3 Voter


What did William Shakespeare say if you trust a lawyer then you are a fool. You asked for him, you voted for him and you got him, so don't cry for him,just suffer along with him! One day they might just put him in a sty with the HOG, but I forget don't they just eat their young?

What goes around comes around

1. They do get paid a few thousand a year.
2. Joey Cakes should have known the rules.....he beat Capuano over the head with them when Cappy appointed Marie Brady as the tenant rep in the 90's. Some of the aldermen didn't like that .... including Joey C....who at that time didn't like ANYTHING Capuano did.

This was no accident......this is another case of rules being for other people....not for Joe.


He should be be behind the Bar not passing the Bar. I wonder if they have Italian stripes?

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