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March 24, 2007



Maybe Howe street sidewalks where shovelled this storm?

Call for help

I just wanted to comment that I am a Bob Trane fan. I tried calling the city after the recent storm storm. A city plow had totally buried the front of my driveway with a pile of snow taller than me. I could not get anyone to answer the city phone and a neighbor told me to call Bob Trane. I used the city web site and I found Bob Trane's phone number.

It was about 8AM Saturday morning and he answered the phone, asked where I lived and was at my front door ten minutes later. He took out a cell phone and made a call. He waited with me for the plow to respond and we talked for a bit about the city. Bob apoligized and explained that a young man was driving the plow in his first big storm. A short time later a plow arrived and pushed the pile away and I was able to get to work. The driver of the plow even told me was sorry for the problem.

I hope he see's this. Thanks to Bob and the plow driver.


That is such a wonderful human interest story, Doctor. I do hope you realize that Bob Trane will be standing in your driveway with cell phone in hand every day from now on until you fork over a hefty campaign contribution to him.

It's good to see the Alderman at work.


I just wanted to comment on what a good job the DPW did in dealing with the storm. It is great to see the city clean and easy to navigate even though the weather is terrible. The mayor should commend the highway department workers and the people in charge of the highway department for doing a fantastic job. It's a pleasure to see your hard earned tax dollars going to something useful besides the obscene salaries of upper management, the likes of Stan Koty and his appointed pals which we all know are grossly overpaid.

Max Warwick

If Joe Lynch decides to run for alderman, we'll have one hell of a fundraiser for him in this neighborhood. Count on it.

Ward 5

I want to know why there are so many side street that do not get plowed? Ward 5 had a lot of side streets that were never touched during the past two snow storms, yet friends of certain Aldermen get their driveways plowed by DPW trucks.

It pays to know the right people!

Ward 3 Voter

Hi readers and blogers
Did any catch the news last friday on the house of representatives (the ones in washington dc) there was our fearless congressman Mike Capuano player speaker of the house during the debate on Iraq. If i was the congressman i would have helped president bush and say no earlier troops withdrawal. Looks like this could be the start of WW3. Everyone sit tight and brace yourself. Also i will say this IRAN free those English Military Hostages NOW. Today is Thursday 29 March 2007 and it makes day 6, Wow congressman you came along ways. so should we call you mr speaker?

Ron Newman

Why should our troops play the role of Redcoats in Iraq for one day longer?

The sooner they all come home, the better.



I learned just now that City Historian Isobel Cheney passed this past Wednesday. She was 99 years of age.

There is a brief story about her life at the Journal's web page.

I am grateful to have known and learned from her, and just wanted to pass this along to anyone who had not heard.

Rest in Peace, Isobel.


Sad in Ward 3

I wonder if I called Tom Taylor about the big pile of snow left in front of my house (every store) if he'd be there on his cell phone. Maybe now that it's spring I'll call about our missing street signs instead and see how responsive he is.

Charlie on the MTA

good news from the courts, Now the MBTA can place HUGE GIGANTIC billboards and signs all over Union Sq... Thanks for welcoming the "T" with open arms.

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