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March 08, 2007



I hear that Ward 7 has popped up once again on the screen for the lefties as a target. Seems Trane has ruffeled some feathers and has been trying to play both sides and its catching up to him. Dont know who the person is specifically but I hear she will have all the support she needs to make it a tough race in Ward 7.

Ward 3 Voter

Hey Somerville News where are all the photos that was taken monday night at the alderman at large debate. i was sitting at the bar and saw this photograph taking all kinds of pictures but there are none out here so what gives??

Ward 3 voter

Ron Newman

The printed paper has two photos, on pages 1 and 6.


Hey the Somerviile News here's a little bit of news for you and all out there the Commiss had his young one looked after all last week at the office (maybe he will take the fifth, and I don't mean a bottle of Gin) While he performed his job? so does that mean you only get ripped if you are Jane Swift or a dime dropped but I forget it now costs a quarter.

The Mole

The Mayor my need that 2X2 room for his next fund raiser coming up. A $500/pp is coming up within the next two weeks. Instead of being in Boston as the last one was two weeks ago, this will be held at Montvale Plaza.

Plenty of room for Firefighters and Patrolman to stand outside an show support after their contract meetings last week went BUST.

The Mole

Johnny Protester

way ahead of you. The troops are bringing in the heavy hitters. Look for a massive union protest.


Maybe at the D.P.W. cheap child care facility? Boss Hog gets it cheap so I am told.


Maybe Howie Carr could use this tip? as it seems that you and the farm team need the advertisements I guess money talks

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