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March 23, 2007


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

My Dear Jack,

As the Who would say, "We won't be fooled again".

It's an election year Jack. He needs you more than you need him. Just one suggestion as you move forward.

Thumb tac his nuts to the chair(trust me the tacs will hold)and get everything you are asking for.

Your union deserves it.

A thankful resident of Cambriville,
(and candidate for Mayor in 2007)

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Old Gent

Re: "health care costs are a budget buster." The city under this adminstation have put on more employees than ever before. There are Capuano appointees still working, there are still Gay people on the dole. I wonder if the Russel employees are under city health care.

Fire Fighters

I heard that the Mayor was none too pleased by the Somerville Fire Fighters team beating out his team at the Brian Higgins Trivia Night! Do you think that will help their negotiations?


I heard Joey Cakes is going to be on that show "I'm Dumber than a Third Grader".

City Hall Nose

Look around you Union Brothers. How many new faces do you see? Eighteen new Boss Hog and Joey cakes are at the DPW alone. Then add the 13 new T&P drones making no qualms about health cost increases. Try and digest all of that.

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