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March 13, 2007


Not a Martinez Fan

1. There's something scary about someone who will quit their job to run for a part-time (although with full-time pay/benefits!) position as an Alderman.
2. How will new development alloting units as affordable help people who currently own their home keep up with the property taxes? He raised that as the issue but his solution doesn't address the problem.
3. Does anyone really believe that a life-long resident of any city has no idea how to get someone to plow their street? Have they been sitting around buried in snow all their lives waiting for Martinez to come and save them?\
4. Martinez destroyed the Youth Program of this city and it has never recovered. Look at the fall-out - more drug use and suicides by young people than ever before.

Marty Should Dial 311

“I think too often that city services are doled out based on whom you know or who you are connected to.”

My god, Marty, of all the issues to run on, you're actually going to argue that snow removal, trash disposal and other basic services are doled out based on political favoritism?

Please, please take the city to task on its development plans or its capital borrowing or something that has heft, but don't invent an issue where none exists.

It's never been more clear than right now how to communicate with city hall and demand accountability. Just call 311.

And it's ironic that you, as a former member of the DKG admin., would raise this issue: she didn't pave a single street for the last two years she was in office. Talk about "doling out" your city services. But I guess you could argue that doing nothing is a great way to avoid playing favorites.

What's next on your issue agenda: are you going to announce that the city isn't doing enough to regulate trash, or that the schools aren't improving, or that the new IT Director is a politically connected insider?

If you're going to run for office, Marty, maybe you should start reading the papers. They're not always right, but you can still learn something.


I read mostly negative things about Marty here but they all seem to be around his character and people's frustration with Somerville politics in general. I care a lot about Somerville and want to vote intelligently so it would be great to hear your comments on why or why not to Vote for Marty. On the pro-side he seems to care a lot about the city and seems to want ensure residences that have roots here can afford to stay here while still making Somerville an attractive place for new residents and businesses. On the con-side it seems that people hate his affiliation with Dorothy Kelly Gay, the Progressive Dems, and Leftist and gay groups. I’m trying to assess the value he would bring to the city and if he’s the wrong person for the job then who is right for the job. What are the metrics we should use to fairly judge his candidacy?

What are the metrics?

How's this for metrics, If the mayor is against him, I'm for him. If the mayor's for him, I'm against him. Simple as that! I'm tired of rubber stamps on the Aldermans.

Born Here

heres a reason to vote FOR Marty...A-B-C (Anybody But Connolly)

Good, but.....

.......not good enough for me!!

Marty wins easily

Joe and his rubber stamp BOA know Marty will win by a large margin- pick a number- it doesnt matter.

Jack - who is a nice guy- had his turn- In fact some may say he overstayed his welcome.

That said, Jack does not work for his elections- and it appears Marty does. PLUS Jehlen is the main political power in Somerville and its clear she will support Marty.

Curtatone hopes to hold on for another term- and he may if no one runs. If a serious progressive runs however- I believe Joe will lose badly. Interesting no one has stepped up yet. But there is still time.

As for the the delay- why bring on someone who has an honest opinion when you have 8 to 9 rubber stamps.

too bad

Marty wins easily,

I hope your assessment is wrong. I would be upset to see Marty win. Does he want to be a Ward Alderman or an At-Large Alderman (same for Jack). I feel as though Marty is after the power. He will run in every election until he gets elected. I believe the people have spoken. I hate candidates who run for every election. If they want Marty...he would have been voted in already (same for Jack). I know that current Alderman already serve as a rubber stamp but ask this question...How long can Joe last? It is clear that progressives are starting to take over Somerville government. When Joe leaves or gets beat, Marty will just be a rubber stamp for the progressives (Tony L. or a better candidate). I wish Marty all the luck. I believe that is the direction the city is going in. Who would have thought that Pat Jehlen would be the main political figure in the city? It is pathetic but thats what the people want. She carries as much wait as a feather in state government. I no longer participate in Somerville politics. I loath the direction the city is going in, and the times are changing. I will always keep Somerville close to my heart but things are out of control. The city left me behind and adopted a different approach of thinking. Some feel it is good, others bad. I miss the days where everyone knew their neighbor and the families that made Somerville what it is. Everything is impersonal and fly-by-nighters assist in changing the political climate. In my experience, Somerville has become a place in which I would never raise a family. Our values have changed...and in my opinion...for the worst.


"Curtatone hopes to hold on for another term- and he may if no one runs. If a serious progressive runs however- I believe Joe will lose badly. Interesting no one has stepped up yet. But there is still time."

So Joey is a BIG supporter of gay marriage, a tree-hugger who signs Somerville up for the Kyoto Accords, an early and loud backer of the Divine Deval, the author of all sorts of "customer service" bells and whistles for Somerville city government, but he's not a "progressive"?

It should be real clear by now that people like Provost, Jehlen and Martinez aren't interested in policy positions, ideology and accomplishments. They're "PINOs": Progressives in Name Only.

They're just another Somerville political faction, with no special claim to virtue and truth.

Anybody who really knows Tony L. and his political history knows he's about as "progressive" as Kerry Healey. But our PINOs backed him in 2003 because they wanted somebody (ANYBODY) to beat Joey after DKG got shocked in the primary.

As usual, this campaign isn't about issues or results. It's about personal rivalries and ambitions. The fact that Marty is so deeply in the tank with the PINOs doesn't make him more progressive. It just gives him a base to run ... and run ... and run.


If AntiPino thinks Joe Curtatone is a progressive, then they probably think Dr. Mrs. McCarthy is HOT.

Give me a freaking break. This wanna-be, home boy was and is the leader of the anti-progressive movement in this city. He and his former campaign managers O'Donovan and Koty ran on the "our city, not theirs" slogan and spread some of the most vicious lies and rumors about anyone that dared cross them. They are one of the most nasty group of neanderthal thugs to hit this city in decades.

And as for all the "progressive" things he's done since being elected? Backing Patrick was done purely to get ahead. He was not an early backer but saw the handwriting on the wall and used every photo op he could to spread the word. He defends his endorsement of Patrick to his home boys by saying something like, "Hey, if I wanna go places, I had to do it."

The Kyoto Accords? He couldn't find Japan on a map never mind Kyoto. He actually thought they were some type hybrid car when someone suggested he back them.

A supporter of gay marriage? Please, he and his pea-brain alchoholic friends still use the word "fa**ot when talking about certain elected officials.

Joe Curtatone a Progressive? That's rich.


Joe Curtatone is as much a progressive as Jack "I love developers" Connolly is!

Ron Newman

Progressive Democrats of Somerville did not endorse in the 2003 mayor's race because no candidate received the necessary super-majority. If the 2007 race is once again between Curtatone and Lafuente, I expect the same thing to happen again.

In 2003, Assembly Square development was a major issue dividing the candidates for mayor (and their supporters). The recent agreement between Mystic View, Federal Realty, IKEA and the city may take this issue largely off the table.


Very cheap rates at DPW yard as BOSS HOG can vouch for.

newmie Question

Ron - explain to me why you expect the same "no endorsement" from the progressives? Curtatone has proven that he is extremely progressive... more so than many that preach that they are progressive. Lafuente is not progressive at all. He is a former republican. You like to do your research so look it up. He ran as a republican twice in Cambridge. He is selling a load of BS to the PDS and you obviously are buying it. If he was so progressive then why does he run a NON-UNION shop?

Uareall Missingit

"If he was so progressive then why does he run a NON-UNION shop?"

Before any of these guys are anything, they're mostly all politicians first. They get caught up in the local multi-party, switch-hitting political machine and don't really serve us in the end. Lets hear somebody talk about restoring the balance of power from the local political machine back to the home owners. (I would say voters, but we all know who votes) That is exactly what we need and others share this concern. Every other candidate is buying houses next to developments and riding on the real estate get rich quick bus. This very same bus is fueled by risky loans that are given to people who should not have them and then sold back to pension plans so that the middle man can profit at no risk. And then we are all left oweing the company store and working like slaves. We are not slaves becuase we are not smart. We are slaves becasue we don't cheat and we get cheated.

When is anyone going to have the guts to talk about that?

let's put everything on the table

As far as research goes, check out the fact that Curtatone was also a Republican. And anyone who's been here awhile will remember when he had to commute to Somerville while serving as an elected official.
And as far as the PDS group goes. They've shown time and time again that they don't care if your policies or views are progressive, they care if you are part of their clique. That's all it comes down to.
And while we're on the subject, can we come up with a new name for 'PDS' since the state Democratic Party has asked them REPEATEDLY not to refer to themselves as the progressive democrats of somerville as they are not a group sanctioned by the Democratic Party (which this name infers they are), and they have no right to use this term. How about All4us?

Truth Fan

I really don't care much about someone's label—progressive, conservative, etc. I'm not sure that it matters much at the city level. What matters to me is what "too bad" said: "I miss the days where everyone knew their neighbor and the families that made Somerville what it is. Everything is impersonal...." I wasn't born here, but I've lived here more than long enough to watch the change and feel the loss. It's breaking my heart. And I don't think that it's happening because of progressives or conservatives or whatever.

It's because of so-called city leaders who put their pathetic little ambitions and attempts to gain advantage ahead of what's best for the city. They are blind to the forces wrecking the city and deaf to those who do care and want to help. I do not include our legislative delegation in this category, but I don’t see them doing much for Somerville either.

What I care most about is whether someone is honest, thinks for themselves, searches for the truth, and puts the city's wellbeing above their own ambitions.

I have some hesitations about Marty, but I think he's the one that best matches those qualifications. I, too, think that Jack is a nice guy, but he has always been a rubber stamp. Robert Daut looked good at first. Then he repeated those tired old stories about Martinez playing footsie with gangs. He either knew they were lies, or more likely, just didn’t check them out because he that they gave him an advantage.

There really wasn’t much to Joe Curtatone’s 2001 campaign but shameless lies screamed through a $400,000 megaphone. And despite his thousand photo ops and press releases since, I don’t see the city getting better. I'm willing to give him another look, but I'd like to see some acknowledgement that what his campaign put out was not entirely truthful, or at least, “mistaken.”

I've read lots of hateful things that people have posted to this site about Tony Lafuente, but I haven't seen any real evidence to support any of it, so I’m open to him too. BTW, I don't think that the fact that his little business is nonunion means anything in itself. What I want to know is what's it like to work for him. If any of you have real evidence that would disqualify him, I would like to see it, whether you’re a progressive or a monarchist. But if all you can do is throw mud, you're more likely to discredit yourself. At least in my mind.


what union did the Curtatone nursing home workers belong to?

pds haters

PDS is an evil party that serves their evil self intrests of forming a clique. While other parties candidates serve corporate intrests, PDS is much more sinister. They are also anti American becasue they ask too many questions. Real americans don't ask questions, they just trust us if they know whats best for them. There is nothing more evil than serving the self intrest of the people that vote for you. When are the evil PDSers going be run out of town before they ruin a lot of good things that we have going. I would tell you more about those 'good things' but that would be against 'my family' values and very un american.

Think about it will ya!

Facts, please

"There really wasn’t much to Joe Curtatone’s 2001 campaign but shameless lies screamed through a $400,000 megaphone. And despite his thousand photo ops and press releases since, I don’t see the city getting better."

Truth Fanny: If you're going to declare yourself a fan of the truth, get your facts right. The race in which Curtatone was elected Mayor was in 2003 not 2001.

Curtatone ran on a platform of getting Assembly Square moving, putting the city's finances on an even keel, restoring some of the laid-off firefighters and cops, restoring neglected city services like street paving and parks and rec, and establishing "performance management" systems for the city like Somerstat and 311.

Like him or not, he's done all those things. And you may not think the city's getting better, but you're bucking a trend that includes the general public (according to surveys), the municipal bond rating agencies, the Boston Globe, the business community and quite a few other folks both inside and outside the city. (Not that those folks ever cotnribute much to this "we're all going to hell in a handbasket" blog.)

Now, tell us exactly what those "shameless lies" were, and give specific examples.

no clique

The claim that PDS only supports members of its "clique" is baseless, and there's evidence to the contrary. In 2005, PDS endorsed Walter Pero for re-election to the Board of Aldermen. In 2006, we endorsed Tim Toomey for State Rep. And now that Bill White has switched parties, PDS has begun to reach out to him as well. None of these are traditional members of PDS. New faces show up to PDS meetings all the time, and they are immediately welcomed and encouraged to get involved. That's some "clique" for ya . . .

ticket backlash

As a homeowner without a driveway I happen to appreciate the tickets given to non residents parking on Residential streets. I wish they would even tow non residents while leaving residents alone. Go Joe! Not to mention ticket revenues could be used to lower property taxes. But thanks to Duval we all know about the big shell game the pols play with OUR money.


Why has PDS just "begun to reach out to" Bill White? He's been one of the most forward-looking pols I've seen in this city in the 15 years I've been here, and you guys weren't reaching out to him because he was a Republican?

It's ironic with the state party looking to take the mantle "Democrat" away from the PDS - someone should have countersued Tom Finneran when his iron boot was on the Dems' throats up on Beacon Hill.

Yorktown Street

Marty Martinez was actually the best director of youth services the city has seen in the last fifteen years. Unfortunately, that isn't saying much. Two before him, the director took money for doing nothing. One before him, the director alienated his best staff with his big ego and the fact that he was a street worker, not an administrator. The one after Marty was a fine man, but he was unpopular at City Hall and couldn't get anything done. The current director is a nonentity, hired just because he played professional football. If Marty can get the Board of Alderment to look squarely at the sorry state of youth services in Somerville, that will be reason enough to support him. But I don't know that anyone can.


What a croc of you know what! Martinez talks like he is involved in everything. If you had paid any attention at all and are really involved in your community you would see Martinez as a big phony. I was an original supporter when he first ran for office but it didn't take long for me to see what a selfish self-promoter this guy really was and still is.

He pops up when ever he runs for office and then he disappears until the next election. Then he talks about how involved he is in the community.

As far as the gang story and his involvement with MS-13 it is all true! When he was called before the Board of Alderman and given the chance to explain himself he went missing and then resigned. Now when given the chance to talk about the allegations and set the record straight he deflects the question and does not answer. That speaks volumes.

Ask him about the arrests made for firearm possession at youth center when he was in charge. How about the statutory rape committed by a gang member at the Cross St. center on his watch. Ask him about the member of the Board of Alderman coming into the center one night and finding no one there but a 25-year-old gang member and his cohorts in crime with three under age girls from the neighbor. All of this with no one from the staff present. He ruined the center and the program. He alone put all our children at risk. Yet he continues to tell people of how proud he was of his service as youth director.

It just sickens me to see how easily this charlatan is pulling the wool over so many eyes

Jennifer Lawrence

I usually just read this for the fun of it, but this time something the "PDS Haters" person wrote really worried me -- since when is asking questions of government un-American? That really gets me wondering. If we were supposed to trust government and just sit back and not ask any questions, do you think that women would have ever gotten the vote? I am just hoping that this person who so conveniently didn't use their true name could respond to that one...

Ron Newman

I'm assuming that was meant ironically or satirically


This is a test. Only a test.


Truth Fan,

You Wrote:

"What I care most about is whether someone is honest, thinks for themselves, searches for the truth, and puts the city's wellbeing above their own ambition."

I believe that describes Pat Jehlen in a nutshell.

People can say what they want about her and her politics, but she is very accessible and is always willing to listen to both sides of a an issue, who else in this city can you say that about? She is a true peoples candidate and if someone has a problem why don't you try and call her office, you may be surprised at the response you get.

As For Marty Martinez, as someone hinted to on this blog, why would anyone quit his full time job to run for alderman full time at what 25k a year? Something just doesn't sound right with that logic of thought. Please spare me that "he really cares about Somervillle and all that baloney". I truly believe this guy has some problems and is just a power hungry (whatever a alderman has power over) strange guy who is looking to pay back a long list of people that rained on his parade over and over again. All you need to do is look at his track record concerning his involvment with this city and it leaves me no choice but to vote against him.

As for Mayor Curtatone he will be Mayor as long as he wants to be. He started off with some major blunders but seems to have finally found his footing and seems more comfortable with the job. I think he is finally finding his way. Though he has appointed a lot of unqualfied and maybe will continue to do so, I hope he has seen the light and will drop this baggage off as soon as possible. Don't forget this guy has deep pockets and and is relentless when it come election time.

Sick of it All

My god, I feel like I just walked into Romper Room. I think your screwed voting for any of the candidates. Sure, they may try to act different but at the end of the day, they are all about the same thing, Power! You see that is what politics is really all about, who gets the cookie. If we really want to see some real change in this country we need to look no further then our founding fathers. America was founded as a free society with checks and balances as a way to protect against tyranny. One of the major problems with politics in Somerville, the state and the country as a whole is that it has become a career for people. These same people dedicate their pathetic lives to telling us what we want to hear, giving us the phoney smile and then at the end of the day seeing their name in the paper and getting off as a result. If were going to do anything this election lets do this, set term limits. Our government shouldn't be made up of a small cabal of people, the government belongs to the people. Regardless of political affiliation, each side is out to tell us what they want us to do and how we should live in our communities. Thats not the America my ancestors founded, its not the one I want to pass along to my children.

somerville old timer

First of all, Marty quit the Youth Program because he was actually trying to do something useful! Bill Roche freaked out because Marty was keeping at-risk kids off the streets, i.e. out of gangs, by letting them into the Youth program. God forbid that the youth program serve kids who aren't related to politicians!

If you want to see who is in gangs, get the results from the 2005-06 Youth Risk Survey broken out by language. You'll see that kids who speak English at home are in gangs more (34 kids or 6.6%) than kids who speak Haitian-Creole, (4 kids or 5.3%) Spanish (7 kids or 5.4%)or Portuguese ( 4 kids or 2.9%). If you say those numbers aren't accurate, you'll have to say that about the entire survey, in which case you just aren't interested in the facts. (Funny that this information isn't on the city's website, just the numbers all taken together.)

As far as somerville changing, I still know the people on the street becasue I talk to them! Try it. Then maybe you'd find out that they aren't so bad or scary or different from you.

Regarding PDS, they actually reached out to listen to the police and fire to find out what they need to do their job to protect everyone in Somerville. When was the last time you did that? Or do you only want to gripe until you need help?

Marty wins easily

Look this election is over. No need to re-broadcast anything. Marty wins in a cake walk. And, I can say that knowing all of the candidates and telling you I like Jack the best by a long shot. The fact is Jack has no shot. Boy Mayor will run and hide because he is scared shi----- of the progressives. Not that he could help in any case.

As for Joe and his new persona as liberal/ progressive wannabe. He has no choice but to pretend he is one of the progressives. But facts speak louder than meaningless signings and endorsements. Look at who Joe surrounds himself with and you dont need ask any more. Stan the man picks him up, and Sean brings him his daily cup of cappuccino- and then if off to see Butch the rest of the good old gang that raise his dough for him.

Joe is a boy without a morale compass. He is the new John Buonomo of Somerville politics- only better looking-

I have two serious questions:

1.) Is Joe the first Mayor to not own a home?
2.) When he sends out fundraising letters does it say that it will be going directly into his pocket?

I know Somerville can and should do a lot better than Joe Curtatone- boy Mayor. But the question is whether anyone has the time, money, and inclination to sweep this administration out of office.


Joe Curtatone's successes at winning elections and the appearance at successfully running this city is, unfortunately, something that cannot be easily analyzed. There is one thread, however, that continuosly appears throughout his so-called successes. Deceit.

It is obvious to anyone who has had even a brief encounter with Curtatone that he has lost all command of telling the truth.

There are voters who disagree with me, there are voters who agree, there are voters who just don't give a shit.

Any candidate for Mayor this year will have to demonstrate to all three categories of voters that this deceitful behaviour will eventually have dire consequences(I think it already has)on the short and long term stability of the city.

LaFuente has the money, but a somewhat sketchy group of backers. White has a solid core of backers, but very little money. Joe Curtatone has money and a solid core of uninformed backers.

How do you think this will turn out?

Truth Fan

Facts please:

You are entirely right to demand examples. I believe that's what we should all do whenever we hear unsupported charges about anyone, whether we like them or not. And you are right that I misstated the year in which Joe Curtatone was elected.

So here is a sampling of "shameless lies" from his 2003 campaign:

1. "Joe voted against the proposed relocation of the new Lincoln Park School, which would have taken valuable green space away from that neighborhood.” That's what he had promised to do, but he did not. Instead, he had signed the Home Rule Petition asking the state to change Lincoln Park from park use to school use.

2. "As Alderman, Joe has voted to slash more than $4 million from budget requests without cutting vital services." And then during the same budget cycles, he had voted to restore $3 million.

3. "Joe sponsored city legislation to increase the homeowner’s exemption on owner-occupied homes to 30%." Bill White wrote that legislation. After Bill Roche and Jim Halloran co-sponsored it, Joe asked if he could sign on too.

4. "Tony Lafuente’s support for the Mystic View Task Force cost the city $5 million per year in new Assembly Square property tax revenues." Tony's "support" consisted of donating a banner. The developers have since gotten all that they need, but it will be ten years or more before new property taxes there will approach $5 million. I, personally, am persuaded by the analysis that says that the city will lose money on A.S. development until (if ever) there is major office development. As far as I can tell, the developers don't want to do this.

5. "The $5 million that Tony Lafuente cost the city would have fully funded this year’s budget deficit." The budget shortfall from State Aid cuts was $11.5 million.

6. "Joe Curtatone has lived in Somerville all his life." Joe swore a Declaration of Homestead in March, 1995 that he occupied his house in Wakefield as his primary residence. In June, 1995, he swore in nomination papers for adlerman that he had lived in Somerville continuously for the previous six months.

7. "Tony Lafuente moved to Somerville just 2 years ago." Tony Lafuente moved back to Somerville in 2001 after having previously lived here for 8 years and operating a business here for 17 years.

9. "Tony Lafuente was once a registered Republican, but I am a 'staunch Democrat.'” The part about TL once being a Republican is true. Records in the city election office show that Joe Curtatone was a Republican and changed his registration when he first ran for Alderman in Somerville.

The list of campaign promises that Joe broke would be much longer, but this post is already lengthy. I'll just mention my personal favorite. He promised that he would abolish the position in the communicaitons office dealing with PR. Instead, he expanded it to three people, producing the "thousand photo ops and press releases."

As I said, I still have an open mind. But I will continue to challenge lies, whether they come from Joe or Tony, or any other politician who is trying to advance their own ambitions over me and my neighbors' wellbeing.


Truth Fan,

My hat is off to you. Facts and truth. Something that to this day eludes the Curtatone Administration.

Thank you.


Marty left a card in my door telling me that he was sorry that he missed me.
Probably because I NEVER miss voting in any election.
The one and ONLY question that I would have asked him would have been:

"Marty, are you FOR or AGAINST the repeal of the city's Illegal Alien Sanctuary Ordinance which forbids inquiring a suspect's immigration status by police and other officials"?

Marty, if you're reading this thread...could you answer that?

no answer

He will NEVER answer.. (and I know for a fact that he reads this) because the PDS avoid the issues during a campaign

Ron Newman

Would you like a New Bedford raid to happen here, tearing local families apart? If not, then leave our Sanctuary Ordinance alone. Our city police should not cooperate in any way with the ICE/INS thugs.

Open Your Eyes

Even those of you who defend Marty have no real evidence to back up your claims. Somerville old timer, your gang statistics are interesting but how do they have any relation to Marty's screw ups at the youth center? Rather than keeping kids of the street and out of gangs like it was meant to Marty turned the place into a gang haven. WhereisMarty is completely correct. The guy has no real involvement in the city, the only time he pops up on the radar is when hes running for something. Yet, he claims to care about Somerville? If he gave a damn he'd be involved even when it's not election time.
Keep in mind that Marty has no real roots, he moves around from house to house in Somerville constantly. The fact that he runs for position after position simply shows how power hungry he is. He's got quite a few vendettas with people in this city and he is out for revenge. Ask around, he is infamous for being difficult to work with, harboring grudges, and causing conflict. We're already aware that he hides from responsibility and dodges the hard questions. These are the characteristics you're looking for in an elected official?


"moves around from house to house"
"runs for position after position"
"power hungry"
"got quite a few vendettas"
"out for revenge"
"difficult to work with"
"harboring grudges"
"causing conflict"
"hides from responsibility"
"dodges the hard questions"

We already have a Mayor who possseses all of these qualifications. I don't think we could stand having another elected official with the same.

Fool on the Hill

Come on,Open Your Eyes, admit it. You're really a Marty Martinez supporter who is trying to discredit Marty's critics by portraying them as hysterical, hateful, and gullible.

Joey Cakes

Marty how about that day care in the D.P.W. yards for Boss HOG?

Truth Fan

Joey Cakes,

Linda S. has a serious problem. When you write this kind of stuff, you appear to be exploiting her distress without helping with her problem.

I know that you would not be writing this way if you did not feel deeply wronged by the mayor. I know that many people feel the same way.

If you or other Somervillians have been treated unjustly, I,for one, would like to hear about it. If the mayor or his staff do nothing to make it right, or try to dismiss your real concerns, then that is public evidence that he should not be re-elected.

Sarcasm undermines trust and leaves no basis for the reader to distinguish between you and who you are attacking. Stating facts allows us to evaluate who's right and what ought to be done.

Truth Fan

Ooops. I intended to post the foregoing under "Snow Emergency."

ICE, Come on down!

Well, Newman, you've succeeded in showing everyone why the PDSers and their followers are not trusted in this city. I'd like to know what gives you the right to refer to law enforcement officials performing their jobs as 'thugs'. When someone breaks the law, they should be know, 'IF YOU CAN'T DO THE TIME, DON'T DO THE CRIME. And to answer your question, yes, I would LOVE to see a raid like the one in New Bedford take place here. Have you seen the news reports since that day, by the way? Hundreds of AMERICANS who were unable to find work (mostly minorities by the way), now have good-paying, honest work that two weeks ago they were unable to be hired for. And the same has happened in several places around the country where illegals have been taken out of workplaces....the next day hundreds of legal citizens show up begging for the jobs! And as far as tearing families apart goes, when you put your children in that position, it's sad for the kids, but it's a choice you made. Perhaps they should all be charged with child endangerment also. Let's face it, they've been living free and clear getting government handouts, and they got comfortable and forgot they weren't legal, but guess what? I guess the US government didn't really forget. And by the way, what about Gov. Patrick and DSS lying about their knowledge of the raid before it happened? Now they're back-pedaling and hoping everyone will be mad at the big bad government agents. A message to ICE......the welcome mat is out, come on over to Somerville any time!

Ice Go after Employer

Is it not a law that employers are supposed to not hire illegal aliens? Do you think the owners of that factory did not know who their employees were? What about the federal government who hires these low bid sweat shop factories to make equipment for our soldiers? Too bad these people get to keep their factory, keep their government contracts and go on with their lives. Sure they now are hiring legal workers at a higher rate than they paid.

The employers need to take responsibility for following the law. The factory owners in New Bedford and the contractors who drive by Foss Park. They create the problem.

Don't blame the illegals for taking these jobs from the unemployed Americans. Blame the employers who know exactly what they are doing.

Ice, come on down!

I blame everyone involved, actually. In case you didn't notice, the employers were arrested, also. The difference was, they were able to post bail, and since they're legal citizens they didn't face deportation. They didn't exactly get off scot free. I think they should pay enormous fines, but somehow the factory should remain open to avoid putting all the honest workers out on the street.

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