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March 05, 2007


Bill Shelton


I don't get it.

Yer pal,


High Praise for The Somerville News


Forgive me for not being back in touch sooner. Things are popping out here. I very much enjoy The Somerville News and your Lyrical Somerville column in it. The whole paper has the kind of enlightened intelligence that I haven't seen since the old days of The Village Voice back in the 70s. I am honored that you chose to include my poem in Lyrical Somerville. I am sure that you reach a broader swath of humanity with that column than most poetry magazines do, and I'm pleased to be a member of the club there.


I thoroughly enjoyed Doug's homage to one of my favorite places on the planet. Since I'm a simmer visitor, can you tell me if JP Licks closes during the winter? How I miss my summer walks past the Somerville News to catch the Redline. I won't be missing it for long. I'm packing to relocate. Until then, I'll keep reading Somerville News online....

Ron Newman

JP Licks is open in the winter, though I've sometimes seen them close for a few weeks in January.

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