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March 02, 2007


City Hall nose

Gee, didn’t the Fathers of this City just waste $2 Million + to float a bond for a friggin Press Box at Trum Field? I remember that meeting where Alderman at Large White had the Administration over the box but then bled out in pity and voted for that bonding.

You should have gone with your heart Mr. White instead of caving in to “Them”.

The Mole

Why doesn't the Administration call Jed Calmpett to see if he would like to invest in the remediation of the oil problems?

Mr. Piro, did you forget about the Recreation Building spill that has not been fully completed?

The Mole


He just bleeds white, the white flag or is it the white feather?

Bill Shelton

It is useful to apply probability equations to the recent cluster of oil spills on city property.

Even if you do not compare the incidence of recent Somerville city spills to the incidence among all similar oil storage devices in the world...even if all you do is compare the incidence of Somerville's spills in the last few months with how many such oil storage devices have existed on city property, how long they have been there, and how often they have been breached in the past...the conclusion is stark.

The odds that all of these recent incidents are merely random coincidence are billions to one. I can only see two explanations for this. Either something about city maintenance operations changed drastically three months ago, or some portion of these incidents represent saboutage.

What are the possible explanations for either of these hypotheses?

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


And they laughed at me when I said that a month ago! Told me I mixed up my medications they did.

That's just like the time when there were six "accidental" slip and falls right here at LSOP. All six happened right after we hired that nutcase nurse Hilda. She tried to say we needed to hire her nephew's flooring company to fix the uneven floor. On an emergency basis.

I fixed her ass. She's doin 12-15 for elder abuse and extortion.

Keep going Wild Bill, keep going.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Bill Shelton

Well Mrs. McCarthy, when they can't discredit the message, they try to discredit the messenger.

Be strong in your continuing leadership for sanity and justice.

jim whalen

why not phytoremediation? let the growing plants get rid of the oil residue?

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