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March 01, 2007


Not relief for me

Yet another plan that is no more than robbing Peter to pay Paul. I will not benefit from the proposed property tax relief plan, and yet it will cost me more to eat out, and my phone bill will most likely go up. So it will cost me $, and not save me a dime. They just don't get it - you can't pretend that people will benefit from the raising of taxes. This state needs to cut spending dramatically, and that's the only real solution.
I'd also like to know how this property tax plan can incorporate water and sewer charges when they are not currently charged with property tax. That's a double savings for a very few people and the rest of us, once again, are left picking up the difference. And this plan will affect about 100,000 people STATEWIDE? That is such a drop in the bucket it's not worth the paper it's written on......oh, well, time to get in the old caddy and head back to my office, I'll close my $12,000 drapes so I don't have to look out at the rabble.........

Yorktown Street

A lot of people will benefit, though: "individuals earning up to $46,000 and heads of household earning up to $58,000 or married couples earning up to $70,000." That's a lot of typical people in Somerville. Suppose you're a teacher and your husband is a worker at Ames Envelope. You probably qualify.

In 2005, in their American Community Survey, the Census Bureau found that over 17,000 households in Somerville pulled in less than $75,000. There were only about 31,500 households altogether. So, it's possible that half the households in the city would benefit. I'm willing to pay two cents on the dollar for that!

tripple decker

People with those salaries can not afford to own a home anyway. Unless they bought the home a few decades ago. If that is the case, they are not the ones who need the tax breaks. What about the people who have bought recently? What about the kids and your grand kids who are planning on buying? At those salaries they can not afford to buy a house at all. Perhaps those folks are all renters. So how about giving landlords a tax break to help keep rental income down?

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