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March 26, 2007


Ron Newman

The article says that the candidate wants to "integrate" the police and fire departments before a path is built between Assembly Square and Ten Hills. What does he mean by "integrate", and how is it related to building this path?


Another candidate campaining on the fear of the voters when it comes to crime. What a joke.

I have never seen this guy involved with any group of kids from Somerville. Have you?
This guy is as phony as they come. A self serving wannabe politician that hasn't done a damn thing for the residents of this city. If I am wrong...then please correct me.

The article goes on to say: "he also participated in soup kitchens, food banks and worked with boy scouts for the mentally disabled". Where, when? Did any of these volunteer services help anyone from Somerville. He did supposedly live here for ten years.

I have never heard of this guy and never will again after the election.


Is he a Joey Cakes patsy or a scruber for Clean Genie? You know what he serves both.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

My Dearest Brick,

A little harsh there on this newcomer to Cambriville politics, n'est pas? I too had some questions about this little hottie when he first appeared on the scene. I don't doubt his statements on volunteering to work with the youth and charity stuff he talks about, but he has been given plenty of opportunity to cite which charities for which he has volunteered. And it does appear that none of them are here in Somerville.

Hell, I used to roll bandages for our Doughboys in the Great War, but I'm not about to use that in my Mayoral campaign literature this year.

I'm afraid this young man's willingness to be easily convinced to run by the anti-Martinez/Jack can't win crowd, will hurt him in the future. Too bad. He seems like a nice young man.

I Daut He'll Win,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Grown Up Little Brother

I have seen this guy at two of the candidate forums/debates. He doesn't seem to be familiar with anything that is actually going on in Somerville.

He often talks about being a Big Brother in the Big Brother program and his relationship with his Little Brother and how strong it is. Then he'll tell you that his Little Brother is now 27 years old! Yes, that's right, 27.

While it is nice that he stays in touch and is still a big part of his Little Brother's life and while 27 years olds can still use a mentor, I think that when your "Little" brother is 27 its time to stop calling your relationship as part of the program to help kids. That ship sailed 10 years ago. The Big Brother Program doesn't have 27 year old little brothers in it. It may be time to call them and get a new little brother who is actually little.

Mr. Daut have you done anything more recently????? Have you been active in any community group in Somerville? Have you spoken out on important issues facing our City prior to running for Alderman? Have you been a regular voter in our City Elections while you have been living in Somerville?

Born Here

can you say "straw" !


My Dear Mrs. McCarthy,

I thought I let the lad off easy. You can tell he doesn't know a damn about Somerville and it's history........but I guess that didn't stop Rebecca.


What the hell has gone wrong with this city?????????


I think the real travesty is the fact that mister unknown who is backed by loser BT will be lucky to get 400 votes citywide and yet the city is still having to pay for a preliminary. No matter how foolish he is, he is costing the city $45,000 so that he can talk about his big brother experience for a month or so. I saw him speak recently and it was clear that he is clueless on development issues and anything specific to Somerville. People should be pretty ticked off that he is costing us taxpayers this much!

Any guesses how many votes he will get? I say 425.


the funnier piece was when at the debate he said that he wanted Union Square to be more affordable and to be like HARVARD SQUARE. I almost fell out of my recliner when I watched in on TV. If they were going to find someone to force a preliminary shouldn't they have found someone with a half a brain?

Ron Newman

To 'Born Here': Having a 'straw' or spoiler candidate may be a useful tactic in a winner-takes-all election where only a plurality is needed. But I don't see the point of it in our system, where there is a preliminary followed by a runoff.



When Daut said that Harvard Sq is affordable, I too almost fell out of my chair. I also hear from a friend of JC that this guy Daut only registered to vote in Somerville in late '06. He must really care about Somerville, since he hasn't voted in a municipal election all this time he has been living here.

my prediction: 125 votes & we will never hear of him again...


He gave you guys something to write about?


Off topic - This is the first I've heard about a path from Assembly to Ten Hills. What? Why? What has MVTF had to say about it?

Ron Newman

The proposal is for an 'undercarriage' path below the Route 28 bridge, parallel to the river and probably cantilevered out over the water. This would allow people to walk or bike between Ten Hills and Assembly Square without having to cross Route 28.

The DCR had a community meeting on the subject at the Mystic Activity Center earlier this month. Lots of residents attended, and just about everyone supported the idea.

To see an example of a similar path, walk along the Boston side of the Charles River, under the BU Bridge. Such paths are also under construction under the Charlestown Bridge, on both the North End and Charlestown banks of the Charles. DCR would like to build one on the Medford side as well.


Thanks, Ron. I know exactly what you mean, now. I've biked along the Charles and gone over that bridge.

Not many years ago, there were several incidents of assault at the very spot you mention under the BU bridge -- it's completely out of sight of passing traffic. I think a passage under the Rte. 28 will create the perfect set-up for the same thing to occur there.

I'm not a 'naysayer' by nature, but if I had to walk there, I'd cross the highway at the lights.

Ron Newman

Right now, there isn't a crosswalk or pedestrian light to cross Route 28 at this location. The neighbors wants both the undercrossing and the light. Supposedly Federal Realty's development will add the crosswalk and light.

The neighbors rightly insisted that the undercrossing be well-lit.


Well-lighted or not, it still creates the setting for crime. People will be out of sight long enough to be robbed, mugged, etc. I hope I'm wrong.


Why not build an overpass.


Or even better, put the cars undergound.


Oh, humor! I should have been clearer. Why not build a pedestrian overpass, like the one further along McGrath Highway. They should also build an overpass from the park to Stop & Shop, so pedestrians can bypass the dangerous intersection of McGrath & Broadway.

Ron Newman

The problem with pedestrian overpasses is that pedestrians don't much like to use them, preferring a more direct surface crossing. Making them ADA-compliant means building very long ramps on both sides.

In recent years, the T has removed such overpasses at Science Park and Charles stations, and I think the one over Route 9 in Brookline Village is soon going away (if it isn't already gone).


Thanks, Ron. I recently saw, on HGTV, that there must be 1 foot in length per 1 inch in height, when designing wheelchair-accessible ramps (if I've remembered correctly).


This guy is very hot! I'm going to look furthur into his positions. I wonder what he feels should be done about illegals, the Illegal Alien Sanctuary Ordinance, and litter in the city.


Who the hell is this guy? I work in the community with many different groups, and I have never herd of this Duat guy ever. I guess any body can run for an at large seat, maybe I should have ran.


I've decided to join the throngs of trash in this city and speak up on this messageboard.
First of all, what is everyone's problem with Mr. Daut? In reading some harsh comments on here (which sound like they're written by high school kids) I can't help but imagine its Connelly's grandkids or Martinez's boyfriend writing. There. I almost stooped to the level some of you are on.
In my opinion, anyone's experience with volunteering and charities is applicable no matter where it happened. I know Somerville is "extra special", however good-hearted mentoring can be applied in any city. And as for his big brother/little brother experience, I believe his point in mentioning current contact is that he continues to help him occasionally. He said that they met in the program here in Somerville when the kid was a pre-teen, if I'm not mistaken. Heaven forbid! He mentored a kid who was in trouble and was from where? SOMERVILLE.
I too, saw the debate where he mentioned the affordability of housing and Harvard Sq. However, in watching it again, I think he meant was making Union Sq. as vibrant as Harvard Sq. once was (and still sort of is), BUT ALSO has affordable housing. I don't think he was saying that Harvard Square has affordable housing. But news flash!! Look at Davis Square, which Connelly compared. Have you seen housing prices anywhere around Davis?? Atrocious.
I don't know who will win this minor election, but I refuse to diminish Daut's validity here any more than Marty Martinez or Jack Connelly. Just because you don't know him, doesn't mean he isn't an excellent candidate for the job. Before diminishing him, look at yourself. Think outside the box.

Somerville Voter

You had some nice points there. I a think that Bob Daut is a refreshing breath of fresh air. The nasty comments are most likely coming from the Highland Ave. insiders who certainly fear having Bob Daut on the BOA. As for Connelly and Martinez, we've been there and done that. It's time for someone new.

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