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March 16, 2007


A Concerned Parent

The administartion of this school is a joke. They haven't a clue on how to handle this student body. They make up silly rules for minor infractions but when it comes to serious infractions they bury their collective heads in the sand and act like the incompetents that they are.

As far as Superintendent of Somerville Public Schools Anthony Pierantozzi goes he has no clue as to what is happening in this school. It seems he can't be bothered. He has been covering the school's administrations asses for the past three years and now finds himself in the position of no one to blame but himself.

It is time to throw this school's administration out and replace it with people that have a clue!

Ron Newman

Three years? Didn't Pierantozzi start in 2005?

extremely worried parent

"Extraordinary differences of opinion's on what really happened" ????!!!! Are you kidding me? There is no differences of opinion's, every student that was a victim told an accurate story. Their stories were collaborated by other students, the only one that is possibly differing from what actually happened, is the one who perpetrated the crime. This girl took a knife to school and held it up to another girl's stomach and throat. She did this to two female students, on two seperate occasions, threatening them that she would use it if they told anyone about the cell phone they witnessed her stealing. Six weeks back a male student was suspended for setting the boy's bathroom on fire and bringing a razor to school, this student was also accused of stealing another student's cell phone. Every parent thought he would not be back into school, especially after he tried to set it on fire, but the oh, so lovely and incompetent Principal Pauline Lambpropulous allowed this student to come back. This particular student I just heard was arrested tonight. The superintendent is either being lied to by the principal, or he knows everything and is trying to keep everything under wraps. The principal is going around telling her staff and students not to talk about the incidents. This principal is warped, she cares more about her reputation and the school's reputation ,than the safety of the students. She protects juvenile delinquents, and messes with police casses. God only knows what goes through this womens head, but it's obviously not much. If the superintendent cannot take responsibility for his schools and his principal's then the mayor should fire him and hire a competent one. This is pathetic, and these situations should certainly be taken a lot more seriously then how they are handling it. What are they waiting for, do they really want Somerville parents to have to bury one of their children, one of there own, before they start taken action.....Wake up Pierantozzi, be a man, take charge of what's going on at this school before it's to late, or you will be the next collecting unemployment checks.


The Superintendent is lying! All the stories have been confirmed to be accurate. I'd like to know where is he getting his information from? I'd also like to know if his child attended school there, would he be more apt to take the matter a little more seriously. The citizens of Somerville deserve better. Pierantozzi you better get your facts straight.

member of wsns

Pierantozzi states "There is an extraordinary difference of opinion from the students on what actually took place",which is completely inaccurate. Somerville may not be the best city,which we are aware of but Pierantozzi hiding this information from the press is pointless especially a case that can lead to a death of a young girl. The young girl who in which was in school,school a place that the first priority is not education but the safety of each students. If you were to ask the students of grade 8 and 7 wither they feel safe or not,the results wouldn't surpise you because of what has happened the last 7 monthes. Within the first three monthes alcohol was found and used at a school dance which later a phone was stolen,a month or two afterwards an eighth grade boy decided to set the bathroom on fire,and a razor was brought to school by a boy who alledgely stole the first cell phone. Now with three monthes left of our school year,we can't even feel safe knowing that one of our fellow classmates threatened another and not much was done for her punishment. The day of the threat the girl with the knife left school at 10 along with another girl. The principal wasn't even aware of the departure of the two eighth grade girls. Mrs.Lamproplous and Mrs.Morsett seem to discipline only the small cases,in which are not even important. Two days ago, a boy who's known for his past reputation was blamed for the use of cell phone,he was punished severely more than the students who brought weapons to school.That boy who in which didn't have a cell phone but was accused was to sit miss his classes as well as lunch and to stay after. Which lead to a suspension and was kicked out of his educational afterschool activites in which he prepared for, for several monthes. They punish the small cases more than crimal acts which needs to be put to an end. Which all leads to the fact that Superintendent was either lying or was not informed enough by the school. We hope that soon enough we can be able to feel safe and not have to worry about a death of a classmate or of our own.

Earth to Ron

You asked, "Three years? Didn't Pierantozzi start in 2005?"

2005- 1
2006- 2
2007- 3

So I guess this is his third year, isn't it Ron? The Progreesive Math Conundrum strikes again. Don't worry about taxes... we can't add them up anyway.

Ron Newman

"is in his third year" is not the same as "has been in office for the past three years"; maybe you're the one who needs to repeat math class.

A Concerned Parent

Newman you are such a shmuck! Do you care about the content of the story or just trying to correct an apparent mix up on the number of years he was Super.? How juvenile and transparent you are.

Earth to Ron

This goes a long way to show what a liar you are. I quoted you
with an EXACT quote that YOU wrote: "Three years? Didn't Pierantozzi start in 2005?"

You responded with two exact quotes of your own:
"is in his third year" is not the same as "has been in office for the past three years." Unfortuneately for you, neither of those two EXACT quotes where made by me, you, or the original poster. Typical Progressive... making up language to support themselves.

Here's a recap for you, Ron. The original poster wrote of Superintendent of Somerville Public Schools Anthony Pierantozzi: "He has been covering the school's administrations asses for the past three years..."

If he started in 2005, then it's three years. Nobody would say he was there for 1095 days (3 EXACT FULL years) even if he had been. They'd say '3 years.' If the Superintendent applied for a job in Boston he would cite his THREEE YEARS (2005, 2006, 2007) on the job in Somerville as his experience.

Enjoy class Ron.


Pardon me for protruding, but didn't Pierantozzi start in July...2005? Which means he hasn't even been on the job for TWO full years yet, much less three. If he applied for a job anywhere (except perhaps the DPW) citing
his three years experience, he'd get laughed out of the interview (if he were able to make it that far).

Just because one of the Trickettes was born in 1998 doesn't make her ten years old, either.

Your slip is showing. Enjoy reality, fool.


I can't believe that posters here are more concerned with how many "actual" years that Pierantozzi has on the job than what this news story concerns. Whether it be one, two or three years does it really matter in the whole scheme of things how long he has been on the job than his performance during his tenure?

A girl was threatened (allegedly) by another girl with a knife in school and all he has to say is “There is an extraordinary difference of opinion from the students on what actually took place,”!! How comforting.We can summarize that an incident took place and that incident was noteworthy enough to be reported on. Nice that he assured parents on what type of action is going to take place to make sure our children are safe going to school.

How petty and childlike some on this blog can be on the small stuff but could care less that our children will remain safe during school hours.

We need more information regarding this story.

Get a Grip

Did it not occur to you that at this point, this incident is perhaps being handled by the police? In which case, you can't expect the Superintendent or anyone else for not commenting to the media. Until there is an investigation, there's nothing else to say.


Get a Grip,

Give me a break. Pierantozzi didn't say "no comment" to the media, he said their were conflicting stories. So he already made a comment regarding the (alledged) incident.

There is plenty for him to say, maybe not to the media, but to the parents who send their kids to this school. He should at the very least inform parents that this was an isolated incident and it is safe to send your child to that school because of such. He should inform the parents that their won't be any type of retaliation to other students and that he and the powers that be have the situation under control.

Of course there is a police investigation but still...THE PARENTS NEED TO BE INFORMED!


I do not feel safe in school! WSNS scares me.


I do not feel safe in school! WSNS scares me.

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