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March 20, 2007


The Mole

Every time Joey Cakes appoints someone outside his circle you got to wonder WHY. I guess comes in handy in nationwide searches such as this.

Looking back into the blog one finds that Monica Lamboy was one of 17 other employees of the City of Oakland that received the Recipients of Employee of the Year Award.

The only reason I googled this individual is the way she is portrayed in the article as Employee of the Year. Great, she must have done something correct in those 10 years in Oakland. But that Employee of the Year recognition ceremony does not pick out just one person. It is a yearly event that encompasses many. Check the list below.

Jerry Daviee, Life Enrichment Agency - Museum

Yolanda Lewis, Office of Personnel

Lt. David Kozicki, Police Department - Sworn Officer

Jackie Long, Police Department - Civilian

Catherine Nichols, Life Enrichment Agency, Library

La'Carolyn Nelson, Office of the City Attorney

Debbie Corso, Public Works Agency

Rebecca Bautista, Life Enrichment Agency - Human Services

Arthur Goins, City Auditor's Office

DiAnne Love, Craft and Cultural Arts Department

Denise Vejmola, Office of the City Clerk

Gail McMillon, Life Enrichment Agency - Office of Parks and Recreation

Esther Frazier, Office of Information and Technology

Debra Jackson, Financial Services Agency

Lt. Nuuhiwa, Fire Department - Sworn Officer

Renne Domingo, Fire Department - Civilian

I wonder if it was the credentials that attracted Joey Cakes to this individual or something else.

The Mole

Yah, really

Hey Mole;

How about if we let her hire someone as a Campaign Fund Enrichment Officer. Maybe she has credentyials for that to being from the Cambridge of the west coast in Berkley.


hey mole, r u ever happy? if its someone from the city its a favor for an unqualified friend of a friend. when its a qualified outsider u have a problem with that also. GET A LIFE..find anything that makes u happy and do it. you should be in some doctors office somewhere counting the dots on his susspended ceiling.

The Mole

I'm as happy as a pig in Chit. What's you're problem these days? Nothing going right for you?

The Mole

Johnny Protester

Hey Mole, you hear "Cakes" is dangling contract offers around? Seems the 200+ protesters heading for Montvale Ave. might have something to do with it ! I bet the day after the "big" event the offers are pulled off the table. We are trying to get several motorcycle clubs involved too, should be alot of laughs driving by the Plaza in traffic !! VVAAROOOMMM !!

real life

Mole & Johnny - I think it may be time for you to wake up and really see what is happening in this city. Ask around Mr. Curtatone could possibly be the most popular Mayor we have ever seen. Sure there are issues but nothing like the prior administrations had to deal with. What are your biggest issues: 1) contracts - we'll get to that in a second. 2) Oil tanks - they were a problem for Capuano and Gay both of whom decided to ignore them. When it came to light for Curtatone he dealt with it. So now it's all over the place and of course - Curtatone's fault. 3) Public Safety Building - again an issue that has been a problem since it's been opened and every Mayor since then made the decision to ignore it. The only one to talk about making changes - Curtatone - is again the one to blame. You know it's not easy to build a $20 million dollar building with no money. All the major issues you complain about have been existing for years with everyone ignoring them. Curtatone does the right thing and since you have nothing else you jump on it. Now on to the contracts. I admit that I do not know all the facts as I am not an insider like the two of you.. however, after speaking with a couple of officers they are happy that they are at least being listned to. The police could only get a handful of picketers and look at the fire situation - Quincy, Newton, Somerville, etc.... seems to be a pattern.


I'm not passing judgement on Ms. Lamboy, but I'm trying to figure out why someone who appears to be on an upward trajectory in her career path, would take the job here in Somerville.

Considering that, from the details provided in this news story, she goes from managing 1300 employees and a $1.5billion budget to approximately 75 employees and a $14million budget, it just strikes me as odd. The D.C. job one can assume, had many more employees and a much larger budget than the Somerville position. A not so wild assumption is that both her previous jobs paid more than the approx. $130,000.00 the fired Kostarus made.

She also recently applied for the City Manager's job in Lowell, Ma, but did not make the final cut. According to the Lowell Sun, a more qualified candidate got that job.

It just seems odd that someone would take a job clear across the country for less responsibility and less compensation.

Unless Ms. Lamboy has connections here in Massachusetts that override the career and compensation issues, why would she take this job?


I wouldn't assume that Ms. Lamboy is taking a pay cut to come on board here. D.C.'s hardly awash in money. Also, "Deputy Director for Permits and Licensing"? Sounds like she was reporting to a sea of people.

She was also Chief Operating Officer of D.C.'s Health Department? The question is not why she's here, but why she would have left Oakland to take *that* position.

She's got a graduate degree in city and regional planning, (City Manager of Lowell, please, that doesn't sound like that would have been a great fit for her either) so I'm guessing she's got the vision to succeed in her new post.

The question in this town is always how soon one's apparent independence fades away as you get deeper and deeper into the mix. Kostaras apparently didn't want to (completely) join the alliance, so he's gone. We'll see what happens here.


Tricky, As usual, well put and thought provoking. Now I see why the lovely Dr. Mrs. McCarthy likes you so much.

Real Life

Hey Mole what's the matter to cramped in your room at the Capuano to respond?


To get a life you really trust him the only thing that Joey Cakes loves is Joey Cakes and of course Clean Genie. As for fixing things once again donations in the coffers. Most liked Mayor you just pissed of Clean Genie (when I was Mayor) the only thing he misses is when he was Mayor there ain't no glory in being a registrar just ask Buonomo or better still his wife? Oh by the way does she still work at the High school? I don't think that I should leave the sun just yet see you in May.


To Johnny Protester,
I heard through the grapevine that there will be WELL OVER 200+ protesters lining the pavement outside Montvale Plaza the night of the big fundraiser. It seems that a few "favors" have been called in and they are coming in droves.

Johnny Protester

thanks Kev, maybe we'll be done mopping up the training room here in the Public Un-Safety building. Roof leaks like a siv. But our nice new glass block windows (that dont open to let out the stale air) look great. Anyone know who did the install of new windows on a building that should be condemned. NOW THERE is some good money spending decision.

Truth Fan

real life,

You ask what are the mayor's critics' greatest concerns.

Last week, Somerspeak wrote that the thread running through all criticisms of his conduct in office is "deceit." Maybe this is not of great concern to Somerville voters. I don't know.

But I've got to ask myself why his administration goes through so many acrobatics to conceal and mislead if they have nothing damaging to hide.

As for the new Development Director, I don't think that anyone posting here has enough information to form an opinion about her qualifications or the reasons for her selection. I'm willing to maintain an open mind. But I would be interested in whether she has any experience in managing the kind of economic development that our city so desperately needs.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Dear Future Guests of the Jerry Springer Show:

Can we just leave the poor girl alone? She's not even in the freaking job and already she's part of a conspiracy for worldwide Curtatone domination.

Just because the Mayor thought Kostaras was better than Ms. Lamboy when they both interviewed for the job two years ago, should not have any bearing on her ability to perform the job.


The Second Time Around,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Truth Fan, I think that if you dig around anyone can find enough information on Ms. Lamboy's qualifications. Google around, and you'll see she's got fans in Lowell, and certainly appeared to be well qualified for that position (compared to some others on the short list, who all wound up being from Eastern Mass.) Lowell wound up hiring Chelmsford's longtime city manager, BTW.

Looking around for info on her former department in Oakland (they appear to have gone through a major shake-up in 2004), it appears she has the experience you're looking for, managing the kind of economic development that Somerville is looking at.

As for speculating about the reasons for her selection, that's why we come here, man. (At least someone beat out Joe Macaluso this time)

But is there any truth at all to that tidbit our Grande Dame laid on us? If true, that's an interesting item, to say the least.

The Mole

Oh Johnny, the glass blocks that don't let in fresh air are the least of the concerns. Did you happen to see the bubbles coming up from the drains in the Fire Station on Saturday? Black as the darkest nights without any illumination. I wonder where "Real Life" will try to slip that one too? Maybe the NEW incoming Mayor ya think?

"Real Life" you always forget to put in the important stuff. I keep telling you, D.E.P. would not accept the Mayors' plan to go out to 2010, as he wanted too. Then with one building going down after another with oil problems he couldn't hide it no longer. So forget about passing it back, it was on his watch and he didn't want to do anything about it.

What’s the use ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Mole

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


We are not amused that you of all people would doubt the word of the omnipotent, all seeing, all knowing, All detergent using Grand Dame of Fantasy Island.

I suppose anyone could always ask the Mayor if it's true. But then again, you may get a Champion answer.

We'll just have to await her arrival. Then I'll ask her myself. Over a nice Irish Whiskey at the Independent. And I get to see my wild colonial boy Ken Kelly to boot!

Inconveniently Truthfully Yours,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

PS. Ms. Lamboy submitted her resume for consideration to the City, along with many others, during the winter of 2003-2004. It is not known if she was one of the top three finalists chosen by the Mayor. Curtatone offered the job to James Kostaras and Kostaras accepted the job in February of 2004. That makes it three years ago. Whoops, I was wrong in my first post (I said two years ago). My bad.

City Hall Nose

People come and people go we have all seen it. But when there are private agreements made to better the two Health Inspectors, Michelle B & Guy S, it is down right wrong.

Michelle B & Guy S. filed a grievance for equal treatment salary wise, because when Boss Hog's Son, R.K and the other new Health Inspector were first hired; they were hired at the top salary range. When Michelle and Guy submitted their grievance because they received less pay than the probees the Ex-Board approved their request, which ended in being a $100/wk adjustment to their salary.

Private deals are not what our union should stand for. We all should be equal and treated that way. Just because Hog's son is on the payroll this shouldn't change. There are 5 other Inspectors in this union that will probably have the same outcome.

Does this all make it right? You tell me.

Born Here

The fish rots at the head !!


One has nothing between the ears, the other one is so fat that he would never get on top, so all you have is Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dee and when they rot the smell will reach me here in the sun.

NH here I come

I see a problem with her getting this job, she is another proffesional bureaucrat aka Yuppie Socialist. Please tell me what someone who has never lived in Somerville or even in the Northeast know about the issues that face us. I am sure she was brought in because she will push someone elses agenda. She is the perfect person for their job, no roots here, just career ambition. I don't trust anyone with a urban planning, regional planning, or public policy degree to save my life. They are the equivlant of a ruthless investment banker in my book, its all about the career baby. When I was young the people who worked for the city knew the city through and through. They knew every single business, had roots here and knew you by your first name. The Proggressives call that a machine, though I remember safe streets, affordable homes, and an amazing community. I for one have had enough of my hometown becoming a testing ground for proffesional burecrats and ambitious graduate students. What do you think brought people like Martinez, and the Gewirtz crew here, was it really because they have a bond to Somerville or was it more of a stepping stone for their career. Its no longer the place I was born, its become a joke. NH here I come, at least I will be dead before Cambridge annexes Manchester...... what a disgrace our city has become.


DickyBird, change happens whether you like it or not. I live in Somerville and can see the struggle between the old inhabinants and the new and it's so obvious that everyone has similar goals for their community, they just have different ways of going about getting it. I have a city planning degree and all I want to do is work in somerville because I care about the community I live in. but I did not grow up here. I still have something to offer, though. The fact that you compare me to an investment banker is laughable. Do you know how much more money I would make as an IB? but I wouldn't be helping the civic health of my community so I choose not to do it.

Side note: what is with all the trash on somerville streets? I have lived in cities my whole life and have never seen anything like thte blatant disinterest in civic pride that people around here have. Every day I clean up cigarette butts from my front stoop, yard, and sidewalk and every day they reappear. I know for sure that my neighbor is one of the worst offenders and he's born and bred in Somerville, while I'm not, so not all newcomers are bad for the community. Your elitism is the worst kind.


I've heard of outsourcing before, but this is ridiculous...

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