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March 19, 2007



My word, it wasn’t Home Depot after all regarding drug trafficking. Now that Good Times has stated they are leaving, the drug plot thickens.

With the seizure of the 5 cell phones it would be interesting whose phone numbers are on them from Somerville. Maybe someone should have waited just a little bit longer to see if any of our elite were to come into the establishment and meet with these two men from Boston.

Just makes you think and wonder, “Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snowwwwwwwwww


"Based on information they had developed"
"to facilitate their cocaine operation"
"movement was neutralized"

How about editing into common English, instead of lifting phrases straight from the police report?

Oh ho, trying to ban me from posting huh? You can dish out the criticism, but can't take it huh?


you're a sad soul whatever.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

It would be interesting to see whose phone numbers show up on those five confiscated cell phones.

The Mole

My Dearest Dr., Have you been knocking at the Tabinacle Cabinet? You sound like an echo of the above post from Enlightened. They said the same thing probably because they and you know what you know about you know who.

There are many snowmen in this City who enjoy a blow or two. Now I suggest you stay away from JN and keep your hands out of the cabinet.

The Mole


I want to know what dump the Somerville police use to chuck their
old desks. Can you sniff a bonanza?

Bill Shelton

After Jackson Browne cleaned up his coke habit in the 1980s, he added this verse to his song, "Cocaine":

Bring the tweezers, come here quick.
I think I've finally found my dick.
Cocaine, running round my brain.

Drugs don't fix anything, and they make many things worse, even the little ones.

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