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February 10, 2007


No can do

This is a never-ending saga, and while I appreciate Bill White's diligence, he caves in the end. The city has been balancing its' budget the last few years by selling city property - does he think we've all been asleep while this goes on? And the tactic of 'if it's not approved tonight we'll lose the funds' has also been used before. That's how the mayor got the Healey School signed off, despite continuing problems with the construction. And the 'Review Committee' is a joke. There is a Review Committee for just about everything, then the mayor takes the findings, uses it for scrap paper, and does whatever he wants anyway. This city is going to go downhill fast if elected officials and taxpayers don't put a stop to it.

Truth Fan

Yep, Billy White is the most astute member of the Board, and he's often the only one asking important financial questions. But his courage evaporates when its time to force the issue.

Even Alderman White may not be aware of how desperate the city's finances really are. Decades of deferred infrastructure maintenance have created a financial disaster waiting to happen. We're paying operating costs with short term debt while putting off floating bonds so as not to alarm the sheep and the underwriters before the election. If the underwriters got serious and rated the bonds based on their true risks, we'd be paying a lot more for debt. And as No Can Do points out, we're selling off assets that we may need later, at a time when the market is bad.

We need an independent audit, but who would pick the auditor? Even if the Board did something other than what the mayor tells them to, they would have to beg for the audit fees from the mayor. And why should we believe that the auditor wouldn't be fed the kind of cooked numbers that promised us that the mayor's Assembly Square plans would cure our financial problems?

Blogger X

Auction off that forestry truck, And start charging these shady, cozy developers for access to our city instead of sharing a bed with them!!!

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Now we're talking here. Keep this up and the majority will start to understand that while Manbreasts and his boss keep feeding us the "stay the course" BS, we may just be in deep shit come next year and beyond.

Tell the truth here, would you hire Joe"let's sell something to balance the budget" Curtatone to be your financial advisor?

Not me. I want a roof over my head.


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Don't you just love a bargain? trust me, trust me, I won't betray you, you have my word, trust me, trust me, and if it does not work BLAME DOT, WILLIAM, MIKE, but not CLEAN GENE for he taught me every thing I know and a few the HOG brought from VINCENT.

it *is* funny

I respect that White is raising important questions about last-minute hail mary's and all, but when push comes to shove, why is he caving? I would strongly support his candidacy for mayor (he seems to be the only adult there taking a hard look at the finances of the city) but not as long as he's all bluster.

I'd like to ask White to make a promise himself, that the next time one of these "you must sign on today or we'll lose the funding" schemes comes up he wont back down. Supposedly he got the mayor to promise to stop using this tactic. If it comes up again will White put his foot down? The voters will be watching.


And that is the dilemna Bill White finds himself in these days. He can sound the alarm but does not have the support or votes on the Board to stop the runaway train of the Curtatone administration. Just like most no talent politicians, the Mayor has to resort to bully, scare and threat tactics (something he learned from Koty no doubt)to get what he wants. "Vote for this now or we'll lose the money" or "you don't vote for this one now, don't come to me or Stan looking for help with your issues later" are tactics that seem to be working very well with the majority of the sheep on the Board. And when you do show even a sliver of independence(as White has) you get your most powerful committee assignments taken away, you get squat from department heads and the occasional hello from Hizzoner. A form of political castration.

I agree that White should just say screw it, stand up to the Mayor and stick to his guns. But without the support of the majority of the other Aldermen, his no votes to the Mayor will be for nothing and he'll be left out in the woods baying at the moon. He will however still have his integrity in tact. Something that is a rare quality on the current Board.

All that said, I still hope Bill runs for Mayor. He's got my vote.

As for the majority of other Board members, in a year or two I hope you all look back at what you participated in, encouraged and voted for and hang your heads in shame.

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