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February 12, 2007


Ron Newman

Is this the Jim Thomas who ran for Ward 6 school committee in the last election?


Is the Robert Daut you mention the former Assistant District Attorney ? If it is this race just took an interesting turn.

He would give would give real progressives like me a choice of a solid progressive candidate with impeccable credentials. I’ve been waiting for the day when we would have a real candidate and not some phony poser like Marty Martinez.

Trust-fund Socialists from Cambridge

Why is Marty Martinez a phoney proggressive. In my opinion most proggressives are phonys. I am not going to generalize but most I have met are rich white kids who studied government at a school that costs more a year then most familes make. They talk a good game but the ones I have met are just rejecting the lives their mommys and daddys gave them. At the end of the day all the want to be is some trendy hipster who lives this fake Bohemian life. You also have the ones who use government to hear themselves talk. Most of these people won't even be living here ten years from now. When Boston gets unhip or the Democrats win the White House they will find themselves someplace else like NY or DC. I miss the good old days when politicians actually had a real stake in the community. Now we have idealogically driven kids who use our cities as a bullet point for a resume.


Trust-fund Socialists, you could not have said it any better. I'm disappointed that Bob Hardy didn't follow through and get his papers done. He would have made a good candidate and one for the veterans in Somerville, even though that's not trendy like you say. At least he's from here. Jack C. has already served long enough on the board. Time to hang up the cleats and let someone else have a chance. I like him, but he was always a little bit too tight with developers for me and he never stood up to Tufts. Rebecca is one of the people who studied government at a pricey school I think. At least that's the impression I get from talking with her and hearing what she has to say.

Ron Newman

"rich, white kid" doesn't sound like a very good description of Marty.

college goers

I think most of our Elected Officials attended College. Are people who go to college bad because colleges are so expensive and cost more than most families earn in a year? Is going to college now something they should be ashamed of because it doesn't make them like "one of us".

Book Learning vs. Experience

I think the point is that some people have expensive 'book learning', while others have experience and common sense. There are always some who have all three, but many do not. Those with nothing more than expensive book learning are often looking to use a city like Somerville to gain experience. I'm tired of being everyone's guinea pig!


Hey Ron,

How about: opportunistic, self promoting hispanic kid?

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