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February 17, 2007


The Mole

Let the list begin:

Recreation Building, leaking oil tank, soil contaminated

Brown School, removal abandoned oil tank

DPW Parks, DPW workers cut copper feed line to abandoned tank leaking oil in Parks Dept., without permits.

High School, feeder line lets go, 700 gallons leak into basement

DPW Administration, soil contaminated

Cumming School, abandoned tank

Central Library, abandoned tank

Edgerly School, boiler sucks up sludge, entombed oil tank needs cleaning

Has anyone on the BOA come to any conclusions as yet as to how much this has already cost us? We know the Recreation Building is up around $160,000 and last reported at the High School was close to $400,000. What now with the DPW on Franey Road? Where are the Fathers pulling the cash? One thought might be closer than one thinks now that Kostaros is out of the picture. Best keep an eye or two on those Federal Grants and Block monies.

The Mole

Mole Fan

Hey Moley,
You "leaked" this mess several months ago. Looks like a "slick" problem for the city. I'm sure the administration will "slide" this problem under the rug. Hiding the cost is a "crude" joke on the public. Lets hope nobody gets their palms "greased" cleaning this up. Keep up the good work Mole, tell us when the next big fundraiser is so we can all "seep" in !!
Mole Fan

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