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February 06, 2007


MS-13 vs Teen Center

Unfortunately, in at least this one instance, Dot Gay was correct. Martinez was indeed coddling gang members. If you had a teenager involved with the Youth Program at the time you wouldn't refer to it as 'nuanced'. It was the ultimate liberal feel-good motivation, to be sure, but MS-13 gang members were openly using the Youth Center, driving out the other kids who were truly there just to socialize with their friends and get off the street. In fact, the Youth Program pretty much died after that, didn't it? Good job, Marty!! I don't think that handing over your Teen Center is the way to address the 'conditions driving gang membership'.

dream land

The first person posting must be living in dream land cause that was not what happened. As is the case with so many people who worked for Dot Gay, Martinez quit over her lack of having a clue. The paper got that part wrong too, but they did get the point that he was trying to address the issue before anyone was even talking about it seriously. Dot Gay did fire the Director before him and Curtatone fired the Director after him but Martinez kept his principles and quit cause the city administration did not want to address the issue. Remember the Journal's quote about Dot Gay that the city had no gang problem. Its fine to attack people for what they have done, but to make stuff up is another story.


This is not made up. My son and his friends used to frequent the Teen Center before the MS-13 kids started hanging around, with Martinez' blessing. He ruined that Teen Center for all the good kids in Somerville! His spin is geat, though, but it won't fly with people who were there.


I also heard that Mr. Martinez was fired. There was something about a theft after he was asked to leave too. Neil... you should research this one and settle it once and for all. On the gangs, you are wrong! Mayor Curtatone did address and solve the problem with the terminations he made.


Does anyone remember midnight basketball, what a joke. MB was a program that assumed that opening up basketball courts to kids at night would keep them out of trouble. Who ever came up with that idea was either from the suburbs or the midwest. Anyone who grew up in a city would have been able to tell you that every gang member in town would be there selling drugs. Want to know how to keep these kids out of trouble. Discipline, my friends. When I was growing up my parents slaved themselves for 12 hours a day at the GE. I had nobody around when I went to and got home from school. I thank the Christian Brothers for keeping me and countless others out of trouble. You see when kids like me did bad things they would knock some sense in you (literally). We also had this little thing that Yuppie Socialists hate, the church. At Church poor kids like me learned about morality and it was there where our community judged us. If you really want to save these kids MM look at the past. That was a time when the sons of immigrants were taught how to be MEN and rose above the poverty.


Marty Martinez was trying to fix the gang problem by giving kids at risk a place to be safe and off the streets, which was better than having them on the streets unsupervised and getting into trouble. Bill Roach flipped his lid about that, so if there's a gang problem, which there never has been in Somerville, then Bill is responsible for forcing kids back onto the street. Mayor Joe fired the next director, Silvio Almanzar, beloved by all, because he wanted to put his man in, John Hannah, to the tune of $70,000/year, for absolutely nothing. It's John Hannah who killed the youth program and almost killed the football team while he was at it. Now Roland James is the invisible director of an invisible program. Whose fault is that? Not Marty's and not Dot's.


"Marty Martinez was trying to fix the gang problem by giving kids at risk a place to be safe and off the streets" you seriously believe that the good kids who were also looking for a place to be safe and off the streets should have been forced to socialize with gang members? My tax dollars were funding a Teen Center to give kids a place to go, not to give gang members a place to go. I'll bet it did wonder for their recruitments, too!

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