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February 13, 2007



The Somerville-Arlington situation is perfect example of how officials fail to jump into and control a potentially chaotic situation. I think MIAA and school officials need to pay more attention and crackdown on aggressive behavior by the fans

John OldSchool

this is the problem with todays coddled kids..WAAAA..come on Somerville, show some pride. This wouldnt of happened back in the day. Now were all "Deval" sissys wanting to give everyone a hug. Grow up.


In my opinion, if the Somerville kids started the taunting they might be partly to blame. However, chanting 'who's your daddy?' is akin to kids at a game chanting 'scoreboard' or 'airball'. These are comments that are considered harmless. To respond with 'we have a future' and 'we have running water' is inexcusable. And what is more inexcusable is the number of adults in that building who should have stopped it. Especially people like the AD (who I believe is required to be in the building during games), the Refs, the coaches, and the cop on duty - these are the people whose job it is to maintain order and civility.

John OldSchool

Inexcusable, I agree. Was Desmond there...did he approach a staff member and complain ? I dont believe the AD is required to be there, but many do attend home games regardless of which sport is playing. Sounds like "would of, could of, should of".
Rather than stop it, we'll make a "resolution" at the Aldermans meeting. I bet the Arlington kids are shaking in their sneakers.

it *is* funny

Totally agree -- what will a BOA resolution do? There need to be more adults on site monitoring the behavior of the kids. I don't believe the Arlington super was blaming Somerville, though. I read his open apology letter as genuine and I appreciate that he stepped up to write it.


Well, if he checked his e-mail last Friday, the Superintendent actually heard about this, as early as Feb. 9. I e-mailed the Journal's article to him. (You can access the Superintendent's e-mail via Arlington's school website.)

Times are changing

I remember, in my high school days 15 years ago in Medford, other schools would not dare chant sensitive remarks to Somerville students. They would pop you in the mouth at the end of the game out in the parking lot. Now we have raised our children to be babies. I know violence is not the best course of action but sometimes you need to punch someone in the mouth. Now we want to hold eachothers hands and work it out. In my teenage days...a good arse kicking could solve any problem. I believe I turned out OK. I have a nice family and my own home. Sometimes you need to stand up to this crap. Somerville has lost their reputation for defending themselves. I fear kids from Lexington more than Somerville! Where did our lunch pal children go!!!

Give it a rest

This was nothing more then a highschool basketball game, I can remember only a few years ago when there would be brawls after the game, ending in students being badly injured. This obviously not a good thing but it is being blown out of the water, i strongly feel that no fans or players were really hurt by the remarks, It was at the time ment to be all in fun and sure some things went a little overboard, but its time to put this whole matter to rest and carry on with more important things.

ATOWN "RACIST" i didnt say squat

my name is clarkie - i don't have higher than 4th grade english edu-ma-cashun....but i can swear and stuff and act like a punk i make the founding fathers proud of me when i try to talk to other humans...

hey clarkie - this is a website where mothers and kids read stuff - how would you like your mother to read what you posted? grow up - and act like an adult, maybe you will be treated like one.

John OldSchool

Hey "Clarkie", lighten up. Maybe you should be working on your English homework.....

James Norton

To the morons with little English skills and plenty of ignorance -

All day I have been trying to work, but you numbskulls keep at it with the swearing and the online tough guy threats to people. How boring. Grow up - this is a website where mothers, grandmothers and children younger than you come to read the news and interact with others in the community.

Try to elevate yourselves above the cretons you are certain to become with behavior like that. And if you can't make an argument like a reasonable, rational person using proper English and without the use of expletives, then stay the hell off here or I will just ban you from making any comments whatsoever.

Act like adults sometime soon - before it's too late - and maybe, just maybe you will be treated the same way and maybe you will be taken seriously.



Young adults chanting "Who's your daddy?", deserve the degrading responses they were given.

Ron Newman

didn't that chant first start with Yankees fans yelling it to Pedro?


"Who's your daddy" just means that we own you on the court or field. Simple as that.

I have coached basketball and what I have seen over the years would make you throw up. Parents of the other team using foul language at my kids, trying to intimidate my kids before the game even started and these are young kids not in high school yet. I brought my concerns to the ref and he just shrugged and said he didn't hear anything. Hear anything? Come to find out he was friends with most of the opposing players parents!

Sports at any level has just gotten out of hand. Parents of sixth graders actually think that their kid is, in the future, is going to receive a full scholarship to a division one school.
It is just insane. Something needs to be done. We have already have had fights, mayhem, murder and the like at kids sporting events.

I believe colleges should not hand out scholarships for athletics unless that child is an honor roll student. At least that would cut down the number of parents and followers who are insane.

BTW: Anyone remember the old Tech Tourney's that used to be played at the old Boston Garden for High School playoffs?
Gee, I wonder why they were stopped?

Ann Swerkey

Has anyone called out Alderman Desmond for his use of inappropriate language? I don't think it is appropriate for an elected official to call high school students "stupid" or "trained mules" as he has been quoted. I demand an apology on behalf of the Arlington students!

Mike Baker

I think that this is being blown completely out of proportion. What this article did not tell the reader is that most of the kids from Arlington get alone with the Sommerville kids. Infact they partied with eachother on friday night. There are no grudges here. This was like two buddies joking around. Have we come to the point were our society cant talerate a few light hearted comments? Also, half of the things that Arlington "chanted" was really just one person screaming it. The comment was not unanimously said by the entire audience. I believe that it is absolutely ridiculous that this is even on the news and that people took time to write about it. This is kids having fun, do not make it out to be more.
(sorry for some spelling errors)

Student Council President

I would like to begin by apologizing for the unfortunate events that occured at the Arlington Somerville basketball game. However I feel it is a personal obligation to denfed the students of Arlington high School who have been painted as racists from " a 1950's Mississippi town." I find it odd that no one at the game ever game fourth with information about the "incident" until a man who was not even present decided to go fourth with a slanderous campaign against the Arlington fans and players, refering to them as " ignorent rental mules". Not one player, parent or fan approached anyone or said anyhting to anyone, that is until one man decided to ingine a fire that now students( the ones who were actually there) must try to put out. I fear it is not our superintendent who should be under scrutiny and forced to apologize in this incident, but a hot headed "crusader" who is trying to find a problem where one does not exist.
While i am willing to concede that both Arlington and Somerville fans crossed the line in their equally distasteful chants, neither side came close to using racist chants as claimed by those in Somervill. These alleged chants were heard by no one at the game including Arlington police, Arlington fans, high school administrators, and Arlington parents who are deeply angered by the demening way Arlington has been accused by some in Somervill. I would like to remind those here that it was the Somervill fans who began the taunting and the Arington fans who responded. This is in no way an excuse for some of the chants that followed, simply factual evidence( something Desmund does not hold), and an attempt to allow others to understand what truly occured. The chants were not ment to offend anyone, but were done more in jest, as many Arlington and Somerville fans are friendly with eachother. I know there are quotes floating around the news and web, and at this time I would like to clear up the fact that the Arlington fans did not chant "we have white kids", as has been stated. Arlington High School has, and still does place a high level of importance on equality for everyone. We have a strong METCO program that has helped in eliminating boundaries that once existed between whites and blacks " in those mississippi towns of the fifties". I will again reinforce the fact that NO recial chantes or taunts were used by Arlignton. I would like to bring up the point that many players on the Arlignton team, as well as many of the fans, are of many different ethnic backgrounds. It would seem odd that these Arlington students would have said nothing if indeed racist chants were used. Further Arlington has one of the largest, and most succesful GSA gropus in the state, a fact Somervill fans seemed to dissaprove of in their chanting of Broke Back Mountian. Funny how no one is calling them homophobes and refering to them as the Nazis in Germany. Or the fact that Somervill partook in other inappropriate chants including the use of profanity and sexual refrences. Again i would liek to say that this is in no way an excuse for what happened. I have heard rumors that many in Arlington may be much less lenaint than i am about the unprofessional behavior by some in Sommervill and will remind all that publishing slanderous and false words are punishable offecnes. Again i hope that we can put this game behind us and move on to more important matters, rather than trying to make a story out of falsities and mosunderstood facts.

Geico Caveman

Taunting is taunting...Somerville kids (Whose team was winning) taunted first by asking "Whose your daddy?", the Arlington kids responded in kind. If one is going to dish it out, be ready to accept it back. We are so into what I call the 'Geico Caveman Syndrome'...we get so offended by being called names and fear of being stereotyped. Racial slurs are unacceptable, although I fail to see what is racial about chanting "We got daddys". Maybe the people so infuriated are the true racist to assume Somerville kids don't have daddys or futures. But why wouldn't they have daddy or futures? I live in Somerville and I know my kids have a daddy and a future.

Dr, Mrs. McCarthy

Student Council President,

I know you mean well dear, but I think your message would better be received by us if you learned to correctly spell Somerville.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Nanci Ortwein

I hope that you read Michael Baker's comments, even though he did not spell Somerville correctly. I am on the staff at Arlington High School and have been for the past 39 years. I have been at and worked at my share of high school games. But that's not why I am writing. I am writing because Alderman Desmond, who now says that he is aware that the chants came in response to Somerville's "Who's your daddy!", chose the newspaper over common sense. Why didn't he give representatives from both schools time to work this out before his knee-jerk reaction? School board members Maureen Bastardi and Mary Jo Rossetti had it right; "give the process time to work out and avoid an escalation of emotions that could affect student morale inside the high school"...both schools. Since Alderman Desmond could not report on this incident first hand, (he was not there, after all), and since the detail officer reported that not one person approached him or the AD, no player, coach, or spectator, wouldn't it have made more sense to find out what actually did happen before running (crying) to the newspaper and lobing comments like "they beat the team like the ignorant rented mules they acted like....not one kid from Somerville acted out in anger...(gee, I haven't heard that any of the players from Arlington did anything wrong to merit such a comment), and, my personal favorite, "It's like a southern Mississippi town in the 1950's, I want someone held accountable." For what, Mr. Desmond? Yes, lines were crossed, by both groups of fans. This isn't isolated, it happens. And Arlington, as well as Somerville school officials are taking the matter seriously. But really, what kind of resolution is this, Mr. Desmond? You crossed the line as well. Next time, if there ever is a next time, let the school people do their jobs before mouthing off about 'stupid kids'. Let's find out what happened and watch the process. Then, if you don't like it, speak up. Mr. Desmond's comments were as inappropriate as some of the chants from the small group of Arlington and Somerville kids, maybe more-so because he is an 'adult'. It is gratifying that Mr. Desmond now feels confident that the proper steps are being taken. I am confident that the proper steps would have been taken even if Mr. Desmond had kept his mouth shut. Nanci Ortwein

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


While 99% of the folks who are commenting on the incident did not attend the game in question and have no first hand knowledge as to what actually happened, I think it appropriate to correct something in your post.

Alderman Desmond did not go running to the press about the incident. Alderman Desmond thought it necessary, based on reports given to him by some of his constituents that were present at the game, to address the issue at the regularly scheduled meeting, on February 9, of the Board of Alderman.

Reporters from both of Somerville's local newspapers were present at the BOA meeting and picked up the story there.

I was not at the game so I cannot comment on the specific details.

I do however, think that both communities should have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to any type of offensive taunts(verbal or otherwise) directed against anyone.

Even if they are meant in jest.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Mister McCarthy

As always, your right! The whole thing has been blown out of proportion. The "who's your daddy" chant was from the Red Sox/Yankees games when Pedro was here. Its just political grandstanding by Desmond....
Mister McCarthy

West Somerville Neighborhood School Conducting Illegal Searches.....

on children attending that school. It has come to my attention that some teachers at the WSNS are doing, what I believe illegal, personal searches of whole grades of children and making the students empty their pant and jacket pockets when items are stolen or missing from a single student.

What gives them the right to blanket a whole classroom of kids as untrustworthy and possible suspects when items like money are stolen from the school or from other kids? Is this America? How are are the children who are innocent but made to feel guilty feel when people in authority demand that they be searched? How is their self esteem and confidence in themselves going to be affected?

I know teachers are allowed to conduct searches in public areas like the kids lockers or desks but to make children empty their pockets on their desks smacks to me like something that was done during the Nazi days. If my kid was searched in this way I would sue them so fast it would make their heads spin.

I know a lot of city officials and police read this blog, so please tell me is this legal? Say a student at Tufts University had money stolen from them, could the police or professors go to that students classroom and make all of the students empty their pockets to look for the stolen money? I don't think so!

What, because these are little kids, the teachers feel they can push them around and intimidate them? How UnAmerican! How disgusting!

Posted by: West Somerville Neighborhood School Conducting Illegal Searches..... at Feb 18, 2007 7:34:56 PM

True Villen

I am from somerville, I went to the high school not long ago, I was at the riots that occoured after the Somerville-Cambridge game, and many others, and I have to say, I am ashamed these kids grew up in the same city as me. I went to SHS with some of these kids, i didn't know them well, but I know they should not be taking any shit from some rich punk from Arlington. I, personaly, do not have a daddy, and maybe i don't have a future, I am white, however, and If i were there at that game I would have charged across the court and grabbed some arlington punk and knocked him out. The day Somerville takes shit from arlington without some kind of reprisal is the day I put a bullet in my head. From what I've heard, the Somerville kids were waiting in the parking lot after the game, which is alright, but those arlington kids should only have leaft that place in an ambulance. Come on young Somerville, live up to your title, past days Somerville kids could hold there own against anyone in the state, we fought Dorchester, Lowell, all kinds of places, and these kids can't take on arlington? Five years ago this would have been a completely different story.
Villen for life!

dvs villen

Somerville kids need to all get together and drive to Arlington high and start beating the shit out of everyone, just get an army of kids and go into Arlington and let them know we are not to be fucked with like the good old days. This is Somerville come on you cowards!

Your mother

Ya you guys seem really tough.

to: your mother

Whats up, Buddy?

secured email

I rather get my kids searched instead having another columbine massacre at my kids school.

Why don't we just trash all our weapons and put an end to our gun culture. Canadians can do it, why cant we?

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