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February 17, 2007



That's "La Quinta," not "Quintana." And if I wanted to get picky -- which I do -- it's actually La Quinta Inn & Suites.

Mister McCarthy

Spellcheck, was 306 a nice looking room ?


Red Sox, Cambriville Announce Joint Branding Deal

At a press conference today at the newly-renamed Carlos La Quintana Inn & Suites in the Assembly Square sector, Red Sox GM Theo Epstein and Cambriville Mayor Joe Curtatone announced the signing of a three-year, $6.3 thousand contract for the joint branding of various city businesses with Red Sox entities. In addition to the new La Quintana inn, the city is considering renaming hundreds of local businesses, pending further research by Red Sox sabermatican Bill James and walking encyclopedia John Roderick. "There's a deal on the table with Spike Owen's Hot Dogs in Davis Square," said Curtatone. "McIntyre and Morehead. We may rename 'Diva' to 'Pedro Martinez'."

El Guapo will continue to be known as El Guapo, although a name change to Rich Garces hasn't been ruled out yet, said James.

After the conference, dignitaries helped Sox slugger Manny Ramirez move into his new third-floor penthouse at La Quintana.

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