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February 22, 2007


Cambriville News

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sunday in Cambriville News................

Don't miss this special edition as we recap a madcap day in Cambriville with Dr. Mrs. McCarthy, Governor Delux Patrick, Mayor Tickets Curtatone, Alderperson Rebba Geewiz and State Rep Carla Sciortino. Follow the fun filled day as this crew tools around our beloved city, driven in the Gov's new Caddy by none other than zanny Alderperson Bob "GreenHouse Gas" Trane.

This one is sure to make your Sunday.

Also in Cambriville Arts......

The Oscar winners announced live from the Joseph A. Curtatone Center for the Performing Arts across from the Little Sisters of the Poor. Start time: whenever that Diva McCarthy says it starts.



At a press conference at the La Carlos Quintana Hotel and Conference Center in Somerville's new Seaport district, Governor DeVille Patrick and Somerville Mayor Anakin Curtatone announced earlier today that Cadillac will locate their research and production division for their Escalade SUV to Assembly Square, effective immediately.

The first hybrid Escalade is scheduled to roll off the line at the former Ford plant sometime in 2010, and has been promised to Gov. Patrick. Several hundred more have been promised to local politicans and family members, as well as the DPW's Forestry Division.

Logistics for the move are underway, with KMart expanding into most of the former factory. Cadillac's assembly facility with move into the former KMart space, the Sports Authority will reopen as a smaller branch within Good Times Emporium, and the Christmas Tree Shop will sublet space from Mystic View celebrity spokeperson Wig Zamore at an undisclosed location in town.

Cadillac's research offices will be located across the Mystic River in Medford.

After the announcement, Patrick and Curtatone rushed over to catch "Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Stan" at the Assembly Square Loews, apparently unaware it had shut down several weeks ago.

Statehouse worker saw him

I saw Bill Tauro one on The Somerville News Publishers at the state house with Governor Patrick as well as on television with him on Wednesday at an appointment ceremony. Did this have anything to do with the governors visit to Somerville on Thursday and was he also appointed to one of the councils as well?

Johnny Protester

One for you Joe, we'll be there for Coupe Deval's next visit. Can Amelias feed 100 picketers too ?

Brother can you spare a dime?  A penny?

I'm so glad to hear that a couple of people will get a property tax benefit. The only good news is that some of the people who blindly supported Patrick have now awoken and are smelling the coffee!! As for me, I'm out working hard trying to pay for new drapes, new furniture, a new car, etc. - and when I'm finished paying for them, hopefully I'll be able to buy those things for myself!

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Your bonus check will be delivered to you via FedX this morning.

We Love You Babe,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Just think this over Joey Cakes increasing the meals tax! He will be up in tax-free N.H. with Clean Genie working out where he did not get free or cheap meals before they return to their rented apartments. Then watch out if you did not go along to get along.

Low Income Somerville Homeowner?

Here's a newest oxymoron, Low income Somerville homeowner. Unless you bought your two-family in 1975 when you were working for Arrow Paper or ML Carr and then lost your job and never got another decent paying job and you get $2K a month for the first floor flat so you can cover your costs of health insurance, taxes, etc. etc, there aren't a lot of these people that Patrick Caddie'd over to here to tell us all how he's going to cut their property taxes. There's no such thing as a low income Somerville Homeowner. That's a bunch of BS. It's all window dressing, just like the new drapes in the governors office. Oh sure, if your a DAV or a senior on a fixed income you definitely deserve a break and get one already. Everyone else in Somerville is going to see a property tax increase. He should have gone to Lowell or Lawrence or Chicopee to pitch his plan, except that the Coupe Deval would have ended up on cinder blocks. The mayor should just paint a big triangle with a H in the middle of it out in front of city hall on the lawn and maybe one at Trump field and and Dilboy and conway so the governor will know where to land when he comes to visit us again this time in the state police helicopter. Property tax cuts for Low income Somerville homeowners? Ya, right! For everyone who sees a cut, 100 more are going to see an increase. That's how these tax and spenders do things.

Jack Meofe

wooohooo patrick visited somerville!!!!!! we should have held him a parade, the guy just had lunch in somerville and it makes front page news here, come on we are not some lil town that should get excited over small events, the guy works 5 miles away from us at the state house lol, idk I like patrick don't get me wrong but i hate hearing bout his every single move, have him visit some under priveleged youth in somerville and then you could get excited.

David t.

For the record, Patrick was riding in an SUV, when he left, at least.

Car 54, Where Are You?

The Caddy had probably already left with the over-time state trooper on its' road trip to Washington. God forbid Patrick has to hail a cab or rent a cab like the masses do! I wonder which would waste more gas, a caddy or an SUV? Intereseting question......

William Hurst

I missed it. Tell me where did the copter land in Teele Sq, or did it land on Warwick St at SOD's new property (right near the new development where he is going to be the attorney of record for the closing of the sold properties. See you this thursday SOD.

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