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February 20, 2007



Just say the word Lynchie, just say the word. We've had enough of this pompous, do nothing O'Donovan.


I also hear that the progressives are going after Hueston...appears that they are testing the waters with some folks to see who wants to take a shot at her. Seems like she doesn't play nice with Gewirtz and Jehlen so they are coming after her.


Seems like even the local elections are starting earlier and earlier. With all the hoopla about Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Romney, and the other 40 candidates running for President in 2008, do we really need to start speculating about who will run for Mayor and Alderman later this year? Even if some people like Lynch are thinking about it, they should keep that to themselves until they're ready to announce.

The Mole

Boy you talk about having the developers in your pockets.

The new resident on Warwick St, AKA SOD, found it disturbing to have construction trucks going by his house.. What does the Ward 5 Alderman do to help HIS situation, he orchestrates a deal with KSS to send all the truck traffic up and down the unfinished portion of the path. For free. No mitigation to the city, nothing to the abutters.

Now isn't that a wonderful thing to do when you have the control and powers these fathers have in our City.

The Mole

City Hall Nose

Well, well, well. If anyone has driven by the “House of Mold” you may see a blue tarp hanging over the side of the building. Take a peek at what contractor trucks are around doing the work.

This is the second time out of three, that the Mayors’ brother-in-law has landed a lucrative contract with the City. Seems G C Contractor is shoring up a wall along side the building. Why they may be doing this is beyond some when they should be taking care of the health of the occupants. If anyone can remember back to last year, the same contractor worked side by side with the City’s Parks Dept redoing the “Doggy Land Park” Nunziato Field, to allow a more convenient ground cover for the paws of the City.

Of, by the way, the third contract G & C Construction did was not for the City but was to completely landscape Boss Hog’s home in Winchester. New retaining walls, cobble stone type driveway and a lot of curb appeal went into the frontage and back of the residence.

You scratch my back and I will scratch yours. I wonder how this bid/contract, for the City, was awarded or even if it were advertised. Someone should be asking the questions our eyes see. Someone~~~

Max Warwick

to the mole, ya we read the story in hte journal about the new road being built to help KSS. funny how that only got done after Sean bought his house on warwick. not to worry. some of us over here have a little housewarming gift for our new neighbor the Alderman from ward five.

Ron Newman

There was also a Somerville News reporter at Tuesday night's Bicycle Committee meeting, so I expect we'll see an article here soon.

City Hall Nose

Gee, did SOD submitted at the January 25th meeting of that board proposing an amendment to the Zoning Ordinances to create a PUD-B1 zone, and re-zone the KSS Maxpak site as PUD-B1 zone. This was sent to Land Use and Planning Board which probably made the access to the bike path available to KSS.

If not that, was this a reassurance of what the Alderman may have pulled back a few months ago?

Too many behind closed doors actions Sean. It is time for a change to get TRUE representation for the Citizens of Ward 5.

Ron Newman

Anyone interested in the KSS/MaxPak issue should be sure to attend the public hearing at City Hall on March 1, starting at 6 pm.

John East

Probably the wrong year for a Mayor to forget that citizens don't like to walk on icy sidewalks, and elderly people like it even less. :)

Ice Ice Baby

I can't remember a worse job by the DPW on any snowstorm. Even worse storms had better cleanup. This time the DPW seemed to give up before they even started. You could barely get down any streets. You couldn't park anywhere and there are still cars who haven't been able to get out of the ice piles that the plows plowed them into. While the DPW trucks weren't clearing the streets, I saw a DPW truck Clearing the driveway entrance to a private home!!! What is that about??

I guess Stan doesn't care if our streets are clear since he doesn't live here.


Come on down to me there is no snow or ice. The HOG can wallow in his own ****?
(fill in your blanks) the Mayor can sit on his hill and clean GENIE can shovel his snow. Don't they make for a smart trio,and if you need more, throw in Tom Tom the pipers son who sometimes forgets to shovel just ask his wife.

P.S. how many ticket's for not shovelling any on Howe St?

Fool on the Hill

To Matt Stone:

You have more insight, wit, and artistic talent than the Farm Team's cartoonist. When I saw this week's contribution, I thought that the guy standing next to the mayor was Bob Trane. But a friend said that it was Tony Lafuente. Can you clear this up?

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