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February 08, 2007



In the immortal words of Astro, "ruh roh".


The shoe doesn't feel so good when it's on the other foot, does it Tommy Boy?



You're noting that he's SEEKING a correction? Sooooo, when will you let us all know if you're going to give him one? Regular newspapers would either admit the mistake, or explain why you stand behind your story. If publishing his letter is your idea of admitting your error, the title should be "Mayor's spokesman corrects News story."


So its Thursday night and the Aldermen are meeting at City Hall, and if you were to drive by you would see the land version of the Naughty Girl, the sweet white stang of FS parked up on the sidewalk between the fire box and the building, now why oh why would that be ok?

It's amazing that some of these guys think they are above the law....he might want to stick to the buildings and grounds and give up on trying to be a cop....

That gun and that fake badge just ain't cutting there young buck...

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

That's CONSTABLE Frankie Young Buck to you CC.

Well tonight up here at the Little Sis's was without any action at all. Not one damn ambulance all night so me and Mrs. Gaglianno watched the Bored Meeting. Same old shit. All the actors jockeying for some camera time and never really getting anything done.

But I have a bit of advice for our new Bored President, Mr. Trane of Ward 7. You may want to lay off Little Rebba Gewirtz and start showing this freshman a little respect. I notice that she took great pleasure watching you wiggle and squirm after the second hour of the meeting. Could it be that she has found your Achilles heel? Oh come on Bob, we all know that you can't go for more than an hour without a smoke and so does Rebba. That could explain why she smiled ever so slightly when she called for the Bored to go into Executive Session at 10:45 tonight. Geez Bob, three hours and 45 minutes without a butt.

Be nice to her next month or she may push for the Bored meeting to go to the 5 hour mark.

Night all.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Born Here

if Mr Trane needs to get some junk in his lungs, have the BOA meeting in the Public Safety building. He could just stand at the podium and breathe deep....plenty of toxins there !! Hey Mrs. McCarty, see you at Mass in the Chapel today darling.

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