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February 28, 2007


Bill Rosen

The not so subtle message: the Mayor plans be Mayor for abother 10 years. Nothing wrong with that.


Mr. Rosen - If it takes Mayor Curtatone 10 years and $1.5million to find housing for 248 needy souls, I see a lot wrong with that.

it *is* funny

Is there anywhere I can find more information on the transitional housing that is already offered by the City? I truly am curious, having driven by (and lived on) a street that has a lot of drop-in day centers for people with mental disabilities, I'm curious about places like Shortstop on North Street, etc., which I assume offer short-term housing for people in need.

I admire the Mayor taking on this issue -- it's really hard to address it without a systemic approach, and hopefully the folks at CASPAR and other agencies can help educate us all about the problem and potential solutions. Even 15 people sleeping rough on our streets is too many for our dear Somerville, where we may have our differences but we look after our neighbors.


Somerspeak - Isn't is a little more complex than that? Do you think it will be the same 248 people who will be attended to over that decade? It's the larger problem, encompassing a shifting population, that will be tackled via this initiative. We may still find fault with the approach, but let's at least be critical about the right stuff here.

Yorktown Street

It depends how broadly you define "transitional housing"--but for Shortstop, look at Incidentally, it isn't the City offering housing. Nonprofit organizations do that. The City sometimes gives them money.


I wonder where these new homes hes talking about will be built. I for one am not exactly excited about a home being built near me that will be inhabited by potential drug addicts and other vagrants. I am working class, and of course our leaders and the beutiful people will build them in my backyard. I for one think that we should build build homes for the homeless right next to the people who want to help them so bad. Put one right on the Cambridge/Somerville border close to where all of the wealthy people live. I am sure they won't mind, I mean why would they care if the price of their property goes down. They can teach their kids about the world but letting them play frisbee with an ex-con. How about this idea, lets build a homeless shelter on the Tufts campus. Everyone knows that people who pay $50,000 a year for school know exactly what its like to be poor and homeless. Imagine all of the real world experience our future leaders will have. Instead of showing up to a soup kitchen for a bullet point on the resume, they will be living with all the people that they plan on using when they run for office one day.

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