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February 15, 2007


Dr, Mrs. McCarthy

My Dear Mole,

I know that you are enjoying yourself at Trunk Bay on St. John's, but do you want to take this one, or shall I??????????

Hope you're having a great time,
(use SPF 50, that sun is hot)

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

The Mole

My Dearest Dr. Mrs. McCarthy, would you mind taking the horns on this one? I just can’t seem to keep my Speedo on long enough here at Trunk Bay to even diddle a comment on the rich filth spewing from the grounds of our sunken City. Although the twist Man Boobs is spinning is ironic, it is just smoke and mirrors this Administration loves to paint.

Give “em HELL

The Mole


If this was in Winchester he would be spewing out that they were trying to poison the world and it could not ever happen in Somerville! But guess what it is over and over again, how many leeks now?

Dr, Mrs. McCarthy


Fine with me. Now where the hell did I put that MEPA report from three years ago????? It must be attached to the letter to the City describing the actions to take about the leaks under DPW and an order to stop dumping crap into the sewers.

Damn, if I can't find it I suppose I'll have to go onto the State website and start all over again, like any good reporter should.

Busy, busy, busy,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

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