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February 02, 2007


Call It A Day Jack

If it talks like a Politican,

If it walks like a Politician,


Forget it Jack, we didn't want you back two years ago what makes you think we've changed our minds, City Wide?


"There is no reason why Union Square isn’t going to develop the same way Davis Square has, particularly with the expansion of the green line"

Yeah thats what we need in Somerville. Another unaffordable part of the city that forces out life long residents in favor of rich yuppies. See Jack, your own neighbors knew that progress must be tempered at some point thats why they votes you out for Reebee. I am sure the old timers in Union Square will love to know you want it to become Davis Square.

Tufts contributions??

While I don't dispute the fact that overall Jack Connolly is probably the best of the current candidates, I would like to take issue with some of his comments regarding Tufts University.

"his community efforts include negotiating pilot efforts with Tufts University. Under the pilot contract, the institution, in lieu of property taxes, pays one million dollars to the city, and, in addition, provides much needed community benefits"
~This is the first I've ever heard that Tufts pays a million dollars to the city - when did this happen? I'd also like to see the community benefits, because I have never seen anything done for the city by Tufts. In fact, about 5 or 6 years ago they refused to continue allowing Somerville baseball and Youth Soccer the use of their fields.
"The money funds Somerville youth groups and other projects agreed upon.... Volunteer programs...include tutoring opportunities for high school students, aid for the Somerville homeless coalition, and additional involvement in the Somerville school system and other community organizations."
~I have been involved in many youth sports activities at different levels and have never seen any support come from Tufts University. I have also never seen any support given to the school system by Tufts. I do know that their Leonard Carmichael Society is made up of volunteer students who are available for such things as tutoring. This is not a service provided by the University.
"the Tufts’ shuttle bus system may now be used by the public to get around Somerville"
~I'd like to know when this happened. If it's true, why is it not advertised? Why are people unaware of this 'service'?
~Remember that Jack was behind the effort to allow Tufts to build a huge professional Soccer stadium, including plans to close Somerville streets on game days in order to accomodate soccer fans (in some places less well-behaved than football fans!!). Somerville would have gained nothing but headaches from this proposal, and it would indeed have probably cost the city a large amount of money.
That being said, I'd still vote for Connolly over Martinez, AKA the best friend MS-13 members ever had in Somerville!!


From what I've been told, Tufts does squat for Somerville. I'll be kind though and say that Somerville does more for Tufts than Tufts does for Somerville.

I don't know about the use of fields, but I don't remember Tufts offering up the use of their football stadium which is located in Somerville during the time Dilboy was being rebuilt. So instead the Highlanders had to play their home games in Medford over on the frozen tundra next to the Mystic River. Thank you Tufts... for nothing!

If it's true that they do give a million a year to the city, that's great, but it's news to me. Maybe Bill White or one of the other finance committe people can show us the line item in the city budget receipts where that gets entered. Just show us the money.

During all the years that I watched Jack Connolly on the BOA, I never saw a period of more than six months go by where he wasn't lambasting Tufts or groups affiliated with Tufts like Frat houses for causing neighborhood problems, but I never once heard him mention any annual cash payment to the city. I am yet to hear Rebecca bring up any problems with Tufts. That doesn't mean they don't exist, but she doesn't have issues with them it seems.

It's old news, but if you look at the way Tufts treated its own employees (janitors) when they had a chance to act like good, socially responsible corporate citizens, then it shouldn't surprise anyone that they treat Somerville the way they do.

You look at the Square and even at Teele and see the number of Tufts students spending money in establishments and it's hard to dispute that Tufts is an economic force, but I still think that they take way, way more than they give. At least that's the way this blind guy sees "The Elephant".


SHS football played at Tufts for a time, but they couldn't afford the price!! That's when they went shopping and found the field in Medford.


What was the price Tufts was charging? This is the first I've heard about Somerville football using that field whether paid for or not. I think Tufts allowed its use for one of the GBL playoff games a few years back. I wonder what they charged MIAA?


Why would they when all they have to do is sit and wait and they will get a deal on the old Powder-house school like the got from Clean Gennie before is not he Joey boy's mentor and he got nothing for the football team when they were at Tufts.


yeah, think about all the issues we have had with Tufts over the years and good ole Jack is trying to say he has done so much. He was there over 20 years and we still have the issues we have in neighborhoods, we pay them extremely high rent for use of the hold Western Junior High and they give a small amount to the city compared to what other universities do around here. I mean come on, Jack has to be kidding that he wants to brag about his work with Tufts. I think 20 years of trying with no real progress should be a sign that its time to take your magically created city post and ride off into the sunset.

Truth Fan

Well, Yeahright, I wouldn't worry too much about any tired flatulence that Jack the Hack squeezes out about Union Square redevelopment. Five years ago, Stop and Shop wanted a permit for the 400-foot-long building that turns its backside to Foss Park. Bill White offered a zoning amendment that would limit a retail store's first floor to 50,000 square feet. Bill Roche and East Somerville residents pled with the BoA to support the amendment. Jack and a majority of Board members did what their owner told them to and voted against it. Jack said that the Stop and Shop would bring a "renaissance" to East Somerville. You can see what a prophet he turned out to be.

Jack's Pocket?

Jack is in the insurance business. If he is on the Board of Aldermen, developers and businesses who might be looking for zoning changes or liquor licenses just might throw him some business and buy their insurance from him. Who are his clients? Did business slack off when he lost the election to RG in Ward 6? He seems to never have met a developer he didn't like.

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