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February 26, 2007


William Hurst

Thanks for selling us out Sean, what's Teddys little nephew giving you.

Bike Path user

I'm not great at math, but my calculations tell me that if the development is expected to take 4 years (usually an optimistic estimate) and the bike path extension is scheduled for spring 2009, there's no way that can happen. The bike path extension would be put off until at least 2011. And I certainly think the agreement should be amended to state that the path will be left 'in better condition'. I think in order to access the path from Cedar they would have to pull up the old rail lines, which would certainly be a step in the right direction for the extension process. I also hope that the city has received the MBTA's permission for construction vehicles to access the path (it is after all their property, not the city's, and permission for use must be received).

Alpine Street

Does anyone else find it odd that SOD bought property on Warwick St. knowing that he was going to be Chairman of the Committee on Land Use?

Now he and another person appointed to the Maxpak Committee do not want the trucks coming down their street but let the abutters on Alpine and Princeton Streets now struggle with the noise and dust created by the trucks using this path?

I would think two-way traffic traveling down that path would be tight to say the least. Will it be a one way travel zone then leaving the construction site would utilize other avenues?

A lot of unanswered questions us abutters should voice come March 1.

Ron Newman

To 'Bike Path user': KSS wants to put gravel or pavement on top of the disused railroad tracks and ties and drive their construction vehicles on the resulting temporary surface.

The Bicycle Committee feels that if KSS wants to use the right-of-way as a temporary construction road, the existing tracks and ties should be removed first.

You'll hear more about all this at the March 1 hearing.


It's taken O'Donovan four years to get this to the planning board? And residents of the streets that are next to the bike path are just now finding out about this "construction road" on the path?

Something smells here.

it *is* funny

Yep, just the fact that this Alderman bought a house on Warwick and then passed an ordinance (whatever) restricting construction vehicles on Warwick and didn't take the issue to the bike path community? Are there any rules under which an Alderman must recuse himself for conflict of interest? It *is* fishy....

Ron Newman

No ordinance has been passed (yet); the public hearing on March 1st is for a proposed zoning amendment, with this covenant 'attached' in some manner.

Alderman O'Donovan did not notify the bicycle committee before making this proposal. We had to scramble to schedule special meetings to deal with it once we learned about it.

Yorktown Street

Keith Howard, I'm sure Bill White knows the difference between "affect" and "effect." So should you, when you quote him.


Are not the elected officials of our fair city not squeaky clean the all just bend for Joey and as they all love clean Genie there can not be on shred of doubt that ever thing on the up ans up can there?
can't you just hear "When I was Mayor", funny the only two who rent.

William Hurst

Sean, when did you turn? Just like the rest of the politicians in this city you were once for us (you remember the people in your ward) but now it is just a game and the way this game is played goes like this, what can I get out of this, what is in it for me and how much can I get. It really should not be a shock to anyone that this is happening, he gets to grease his pockets before JL is elected as the new ward 5 alderman. Smart move SOD.

Clyde Murdock

It's never the lie that gets you, it's the cover up.

Richard Nixon

The Mole

“The last three years of planning the K.S.S. project have required more consultation than any project in the history of Somerville said Alderman O‘Donovan. “We started four years ago. It’s an evolving thing,” he said”.

Are you trying to tell us Maxpak took more effort than Assembly Square SOD, or even the Lowell Street bridge reconstruction? Are you stating this only because it is in OUR backyard? Do you really deem that the abutters of Maxpak are going to buy into your visions? That first year you reference in your above quote must have been the least profitable of the four. Turning the screws during that second year really started the ball rolling I bet. Like dangling a piece of fish at the nose of a shark.

Your new property is less than 150 yards from the proposed site that will support all those cars coming into the new site from Warwick Street. Are you then going to recommend the Bike Extension be utilized for incoming and outgoing traffic from Maxpak later down the line? Did you really buy the property on Warwick Street to lay your head on a pillow or just lay low until the boom hits that section?

With approximately 200 units going on the selling block how many of those are you getting tossed your way as a closing Attorney? How many of those are going to be listed by ReMax, a shell of a well known local Attorney.

There are so many “How Many’s” that will turn into “How Much” for one local politician. It’s just “How Long” this can go on is my question.

The Mole

Ron Newman

The covenant requires that KSS divide its development into two sections. Of the 199 units they propose to build, 65 would have vehicular access to Warwick and Clyde Streets, while the other 134 would have access only to Lowell Street, via the new ramp that KSS plans to build. There will be no vehicular through traffic from Lowell street to Warwick and Clyde Streets.


If this development comes out looking anything like the piece of crap SOD had built on Somerville Ave I feel sorry for the people in this neighborhood.

When exactly?  Maybe never!

Mr Hurst, could you refresh my memory? When exactly was SOD for the people of Ward 5? Was it while he was being APPOINTED to replace Stan K on the school committee? Or maybe while he was being APPOINTED to replace Stan K on the BOA? I would say if he was ever for the people of Ward 5 it was before either event took place, because once he set 'foot' in Stan's old seats on those boards he had already sold his soul to the devil.

Ron Newman

where is this building on Somerville Ave?

William Hurst

Right before SOD got elected he said I am for the prople of this ward (which ward he was talking about in what city or town who knows)

Solh Zendeh

Ron, the building is on the corner of Laurel. You'll recognize it because it's the one with the huge garage door right at the sidewalk facing Somerville ave.

Fool on the Hill

If anyone is willing to take the time, would you please outline the issues pertinent to the Maxpack development? I picking up insinutations in these posts, but its difficult to put them in perspective.

Or maybe the Somerville News could do a comprehensive article explaining all of the considerations.

The Mole

Bold & Brazen: I guess if you are the brother in law of the Mayor anything goes. Take a for instance if you will.

If any of us who lived in the City were replacing windows in our house, we are required to pull permits at ISD. This is to add capital to the city’s bottom line and to also insure the citizens is getting their job done by a licensed tradesperson. If you are above the law, brother in law to the Mayor, I guess you’re not required to pull a permit. So found out G & C Construction who is doing work on the “Sick Building”, aka Police Station for the last two weeks.

The owner of that company started to take out the windows in the academy room, where all the problems have been happening with water infiltration, and he started to cut the block making dust go all over the place making a bad health building worse. When he was asked to stop due to the materials airborne he did not. One smart officer called OSHA and they in turn called the State Inspectors Office and both took a trip into Somerville. By the way, the Police Officer did call Inspectional Services and complained about the work being done but Leo, Inspector, said that G & C contractor, the Mayor’s brother in law, did not need a permit because he was doing work for the City. Well the State Inspectors felt differently and “spin the disk” George L, Superintendent of Inspectional Services, who may or may not have the proper credentials still, plastered a “stop work” order on the work of the Mayor’s brother in law this past Friday.

Now again, if you or I had done this we would have had our Asses dragged into court facing fines. Why not in this instance? This Administration is so bold they perform their trickery in the public eye. They stomp all over us in daylight hours and nothing seems to be done about it. My money is on the City going under just like Chelsea several years ago and it will be because of this Administration.

No permits, no bid contracts, brother in law, no nadda…. Come on Mr. White, check those contracts...

The Mole

Max Warwick

We have a feeling that all will be revealed at City Hall on Thurday evening.

Right Sean?

Born Here

Now this is all getting good. The posts have been lacking, lets hope for some fireworks (no, not the ones Stan runs in July) !!
Maybe the pub. safety unions should go up and picket too. That would REALLY get Joey Cakes blood boiling....LMFAO

Development Free For All

The building on Somerville Avenue is atrocious, but I was unaware that there was a connection to SOD. How is he connected?
Also, the blame must go far, far beyond him for such affronts to our sensibilities. From George L to the PLanning Board, to the ZOning Board of Appeals......if the neighborhood is not vigilant and present a united effort against any type of development, anything will get approved. And even once approved, noone is doing follow-through. Look at the building at Morrison and Willow they are not following the conditions they agreed to (after many contentious meetings with abutters and the owner threatening court action against residents), and noone seems to notice or care. It's a free for all (for developers, anyway!).

Johnny Protester

someone mention picketers ?? shhhhh

Ron Newman

I know it's getting a bit off topic, but can you say more about the problems with the development at Morrison and Willow?


Chit walks and money talks.


Look at the building, then look at the agreement hammered out with residents. I heard from Rebekah that the developer is not adhering to it. Who's minding the store? The owner used to own the garage at the same spot where they spewed fumes into the neighborhood for years, and painted vehicles without the proper equipment and permits. This guy is a shady character and not to be trusted.

Born Here

funny how ISD figures into alot of unresolved issues in the City...Hey, who runs the show down there anyway ?


This is a dumb question. Could SOD really be that stupid to pull a stunt like this knowing that Joe Lynch is watching his every move with this project?

Or is it just plain old arrogance?

Ron Newman

Joe Lynch is certainly aware of all the issues here. He has attended several of our Bicycle Committee meetings.


Yes he could be. Arrogance is associated with anointing oils.

it *is* funny

Ron, just wanted to say thanks for posting here and on LiveJournal's Davis Square community. Most of the local news I get is from these two sources and my Alderman. Raising awareness (even just about the hearings going on, I find the City's website hard to churn thru ) for people who want to get involved is a great service to our Somerville.

William Hurst

Mr. Lynch is very much aware of what Sean is doing, and yes he does or did attend bike path meetings and Maxpak meetings. He is also on board (in the pocket) of one Mr.(Kennedy) Smith concerning the Maxpak developement. how was your lunch Joe with uncle Teddys nephew. Responsible reporting comes with the name.

Ron Newman

The city will take written public comment on the zoning proposal and covenant until noon on Thursday, March 8. E-mail your comments to (Madeline Masters) and (John Long). Be sure to :

- include your full name and address
- address your comments to both the Planning Board and the Land Use Committee of the Board of Aldermen.
- say that your comments are regarding the proposed PUD-B1 zoning amendment


So Ron, did you go and were there any fireworks? What was the general feeling about the project from the neighbors?

Ron Newman

No fireworks. Seemed to me like most comments about the project were generally positive.

Max Warwick

That sound we heard at City Hall last night was SOD sighing a great big sigh of relief. Looks like he's off the hook from pissing anyone off concerning the development. The one time champion of the people excused himself from voting on anything to do with the project because he bought a house next door to the property. But he still got some of his stooges over here to say they were in favor of it.

Nice. Don't you just love America?

Ron Newman

Max, were you at the meeting? Did you speak there?

Anyone who didn't, or who was cut off by the 2-minute limit, should be sure to submit written comments. See my comment above for how to do this.


After the public meeting Thursday I was leaving city hall and saw Mr. Smith and Mr. Lynch in the parking lot. For someone who is in the pocket of Smith, Lynch sure did not look or sound too happy. Give em hell Joe.

We've known Lynch since he was a kid. He may seem like a whimp, but we know better. Got into a fight at Trum one day with two brothers. Wound up breaking both their noses.

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