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January 08, 2007


Born Here

Fred and Lori, I didnt see you at the SHS class reunion. What year did you guys graduate? I'm gonna guess you guys weren't Highlanders. Thats OK welcome to the big city, but procede with caution on your coronation of king Deval. It seems your glasses are a little rose colored. How is Deval the savior gonna pay for all these ideas ? Thats right, off the backs of working families. Our "sacrifice" will be paying higher taxes and fees. I hope Deval does all he says, but as all politicians, I don't believe one single word of it.

Made A Home Here

Thanks for your welcome. After 10 years, Somerville really does feel like home.

As for my glasses, they're hardly rose-colored. I can see lots of room for improvement, as I'm sure you can.

For one thing, I'm tired of paying a hefty price for some of the bad ideas and short-sighted priorities that Deval's predecessors came up with .... like corporate tax relief for companies that didn't deliver on the jobs they promised, corrections policies that resulted in a recidivism rate of over 50%, negligent housing policies that cost us the opportunity to attract and keep tax-paying employers, irresponsible public health policies that undermined earlier successes at preventing smoking and treating substance abuse, and lack of commitment to addressing the education and training needs of working men and women whose skills are no longer valued in our economy, and whose paychecks can't keep up with housing prices. (I grew up in the projects: I can say that without being an elitist.)

If someone has a better idea -- and I think Deval does -- I'm willing to pay my share to give it a shot. But no, I don't believe in carte blanche.

I'm with you as far as holding politicians accountable. Like we Progressive Democrats say, Democracy Demands Participation. Or eternal vigilance, or ... Well, you get where I'm coming from.

Although it would be nice to just sit back and assume that all those lovely promises will come true, we both know better. So although you never saw me at an SHS reunion, you might have seen me at public hearings at City Hall, going door to door to talk to neighbors, spending evenings and weekends to work on campaigns, and doing my best to earn the privelege of living in this community.

I'm not much of a blogger, so we probably won't cross paths too much on these pages, but I'd be happy to talk politics over a cup of coffee sometime if you're up for it.

Born Here

well said.

Yorktown Street

Maybe there's a lesson to be learned here. When someone says something optimistic, can we hold back from assuming he or she is naive and foolish? And when someone says something that sounds tough and defensive, can we hold back from assuming he or she doesn't want to see progress happen? We have more in common than we let on some times.


Yorktown Street - Well said!

it *is* funny

I'm glad to see this editiorial and your reasoned and thoughtful response to the SHS comment. My hope with the Patrick administration (as well as with the Obama administration, please God) is that we can begin to focus on the 80% that we agree on -- Dems, GOP, Red State, Blue State, whatever. Let's face it, there is the 20% that we will never see eye to eye about, but why not move forward on those areas where we can find common ground? I'm tired of focussing on what tears us apart. We can do better than that.


When you say “languish” over prior “administrations” do you mean Romney/Healey or the Democratic Legislature?

Fact: Massachusetts Democrats have a supermajority and can override anything Patrick vetoes or enact anything they like, and they will exercise their supermajority powers with frequency (just ask Romney). In addition, Massachusetts Democrats mastered the Beacon Hill Salute: something goes wrong, blame the Governor. Finally Massachusetts has a Democratic Governor because I’m sick of the Beacon Hill Salute. So if your pissed about local aid cuts why not point the finger at the legislature, they’ve always had the power to stop it.


I personally feel that we shouldn't trust Deval, the same way we don't trust Romney or anyone. I don't see Deval doing much of anything besides talk about unity, changing politics etc. He will get hus soundbites, photo-ops, and then come 2008 get a Cabinet position with Hillary. The reality of it is that he is a politician like every other one. If he wants to succeed as a politician, he has to go by the same game as every other politician. If he doesn't, other politicians will tear him apart. Mr. Patrick is a smart guy, so I doubt he will try to be the glory boy and do anything different. If he does, he will be turned into a pariah by his oppositon. My real fear about King Deval is the fact that my voice really won't count. I believe in strong neighborhoods, low taxes, and preservation of my city and culture. I guess people like me are the "Old Boston", the ones that every trust-fund baby living in a former working class families home fear most.

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