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January 22, 2007



I hear rumors that they will be acquiring another place in Union Square. I'm not sure where, though.



The old Glandore/Irish Eyes has closed down in Union Sq., so maybe there. But it would need extensive renovations.

But all in all......don't you think Somerville has enough bars?

Ron Newman

Why is it closing?


Yeah, why is it closing. Like I just said - this place is sliding. This story is 10 words. It raises more questions than it answers. What's next, stories with no words? Oh did that already - "No Longer On Same Page" is just a headline - no story at all.


From what I understand, they weren't able to renew their lease. Originally they were to only be open until the end of January, but now we'll have them until the end of February.

I really enjoy the feel of Union Square, and the Nog is a large part of that. Hopefully they'll find a new place in the area (maybe the old Irish Eyes place - I forgot that they were gone).

it *is* funny

I understand there are lease issues with the Irish Eyes space, too. The nice folks at Taqueria la Mexicana had hoped to expand in there. There are plenty of other vacant spots in the square where they can look. And according to Feargal, they are looking.


Ah Rumors. Stick your fingers in your ears and enjoy the fun whilst it lasts! Or come to and say hello.

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