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January 28, 2007



Why do you think he would do that, he still will not tell the the truth no bricks and glass for Ikea if it ever comes they are looking at land in N.H and looking to expand in Stoughton do you think they will ever come to Somerville how about the law suit for the steel works that can drag on but I forget is he not a lawyer and who has his main domicile in N.H.???????? maybe he can sell that for a dollar.


"The Mayor should take note."

Are you guys kidding us? Who the hell do you think Shecky and Gracie get their marching orders from?

The person who wrote this is either naive or just as arrogant as the Mayor's comminications staff.

Bernie Mac

Then you wonder why The News is always breaking balls! Shit I don't blame The News because it seems that the city is snubbing them intentionally! Where the frig is their minds? Don't they use their heads and think first before they pull this shit or do they? This just makes reading The News even more fun!


Two things you don't do! 1). Never send food back in a restaurant! 2). Don't mess with The News!

The Mole

Does anyone know how many developers the Mayor is courting to develop Union Square? Yes, the Mayor is courting lots of developers to entice them to do their "stuff" in Union Square. Don't believe man boobs when he says he knows nothing, like Sgt. Shultz so often did on Hogan's Heroes.

These people are walking in and out of City Hall and establishments in Union Square, getting a first hand look at what is needed to be accomplished. Trust no one.

The Mole

City Hall Nose

Gee, is that anointing oils I see in Ward 5 Alderman O’Donovan’s hand? Is he going to pass the baton to CC as it was passed to him from the School Committee post as well as his current seat as Alderman? Or maybe it is holy water he has in the vile to help protect him from bad and evil spirits. Will SOD give up the seat while the Max Pak developing plans are still up in the air?

There is a lot for SOD to loose if he vacates the Alderman’s seat before the deal is settled. Would he still have the inside track to the units if he steps aside? There is a lot for him to consider but the most important item on his plate should be will he even be re-elected if the fine gentleman from ward 5, Joe L, runs this coming year.

Joe L. is a fine and upstanding citizen who cares about what is developed in the Ward. I feel Joe would represent the citizens of Ward 5 and not be so self centered on how much can I make off this one. I hope Joe L runs and wins.

Max Warwick

The ward 5 race, if there is one, will come down to who is best representing the neighbors around the MaxPax development. From where we sit, SOD has done nothing for the neighbors. His only comments on the development have been to appease one very loud neighbor on Warwick street. Lynch on the other hand has been up front about his agenda. We attended a lot of the community meetings and listened to him state his case. Redevelop the site but protect all the neighborhoods around it. Not just one. SOd will have a tough time this late in the game convincing us he really cares about all of us. If Lynch decides to run, I hope my wife and I are first in line to cast our votes for him.


Don't be so quick to dismiss Alderman O'Donovan. He graduated at the top of his class from the Vincent Piro School of Government after studying under Headmaster Stanley Koty.

The Mole

Since everyone has their two cents to chuck in the ring I thought I would council my 5 cents.

The new Lt. Governor, Tim Murray, may be near lunacy if he goes with the scenario of appointing Joey Cakes to a position with in his team. Maybe Joe has had enough of this City and is bailing out sooner than later.

With all the rich petroleum beneath our schools and the newly discovered toxins at the Capuano School, may be wearing his dis-Honor. He also may be finding with the recent deluge of SPCD employees leaving, knowing what they know, may really damage him in the future. Then throw in the uncontrollable Stankley, you got a recipe for disaster.

I don’t know why the Mayor would take this road because if he has done deceitful and dastardly deeds, there is no immunity from the law. He should know this since he is an attorney of some sort.

This may make a little bit of sense since Joey Cakes held a fundraiser for the Ward 2 Alderwoman in Boston. He could be figuring if anything did come down the pike from the State he would have someone to pick up the summonses coming into town soon. That’s not the way the Law works Joey Cakes. Did you miss LAW – 101?

The Mole

The "Snow"Man

The only position our Mayor could hold at the State level would be the "SNOW" man for the entire State.

Sniff Sniff


Was that Sniff Sniff or just the tears a falling please stay out of the water because Vinny and the Hog are heavy and they always survive. Remember that there is no honor and you are just a baby ask your buddy Gene.

P.S. I am told you did not get snow on the ground anyway.

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