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January 24, 2007



Why would the city pay thousands of dollars to hold a city-wide elction for one office, when that office expires at the end of December!! The winner will literally be pulling papers for the next election in just a couple of months! This is lunacy and makes no sense. Where's SomerStat now? I thought they were the wasteful spening watchdogs, and requuired city departments to justify their spening. Another reason to raise taxes? Hmmmm.......

Ron Newman

The city charter REQUIRES a special election, because the office-holder resigned more than one year before the next scheduled regular election. The city has no choice about whether to hold the election.

However, there is no good excuse for the aldermen to have waited until now to schedule the election. They could and should have done so as soon as Denise's resignation took effect, which was last October 31.

City Hall Nose

Come on Newmie, we know why the Administration didn't get a quick fix in. They were hunting for their candidate of choice. They found her in EM. I feel Jack C is all done and they probably think the same. Joe and Hog needed a fresh new face. Whether they can sell her or not is a another story.


Maybe just maybe the mayor will put on a fundraiser for her as she will need every cent and then she will be owned. It will be Wards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 along with at-large 1 and 2 giving ten out of eleven votes thank God for Bill White maybe that is why he on the outs?

P.S. Its nice and warm down here see you in the Spring.

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