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January 31, 2007


The News Boy

Check for the complete story!


Quick, check to see if's IP address was seen looking at the Somerville News for the story! By the way, what are the IP addresses for the rest of your News Talk sources?


do you think this is because the globe ran a story today about how bogus the MBTA anti-terrorist plan is and all its doing is annoying people.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Hi Kids,

If your loved ones are now making their way home from Boston and use McGrath and O'Brien Highways, keep the dinner warm.

Some assholes think it's funny by creating havoc at the traffic choke points around Boston including one at Washington and McGrath near Union Square.

Clearly, not funny at all.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Ron Newman

Take a look at and . It now appears that this was all a viral marketing campaign for a TV cartoon show, gone very very wrong.

it *is* funny

The hoax is so unfunny. I hope they put together a complete invoice for the BPD overtime, the news conferences, the bomb squad, etc., and give it to the @sshole who thought this little funny up.

And the losers who are laughing about it over on the livecommunity should also get a bill. Just for being so incredibly clueless.

Ron Newman

The LiveJournal folks figured out what was going on way before any police, public officials, or news media did. There's a lesson to be learned there, I think.


Are you trying to infer that the 'LiveJournal folks' are smarter than the average bear? They knew about it sooner because they're the dopes who watch this idiotic adult cartoon about a milkshake and a meatball! Just like the guy who called Howie Carr yesterday afternoon who knew the cartoon and knew there was a movie coming out and predicted this outcome. What are you trying to say by 'there's a lesson to be learned'??? Sounded a little arrogant to me.

Light Bright?

The thing looked like a Light Bright to me. How much you wanna bet that if any remaining ones in other cities are found they don't end up on eBay, or at the Smithsonian or at the MCOA or the Guggenheim.

I think that law enforcement over reacted. After the first one was blown up and determined to not be an explosive device, when they found the others they should have figured it out. Was there any problems in the other cities? I think the cops are more embaressed than anything else.

it *is* funny

I don't think the cops over-reacted, they had to treat these incidents as if they were legit -- can you imagine the outcry if they blew it off and one of them turned out to be something real? Oh yeah, we just thought it was a light-bright.

Ron, since the clever LiveJournal folks figured this out so quickly, why didn't one of them have the stones to call the cops and clue them in, instead of laughing about the stupid police and how much Boston sucks on their site?

If *my* loved one was delayed in an ambulance due to the traffic backups resulting from this hoax, I'd sue Turner Broadcasting for everything they're worth.

Old News

that thing was at Wash and McGrath for several days and nobody cared. Just JoeyCakes trying for some camera time. Jumping on the Boston bandwagon. What "costs" are you trying to recover ? Did a police unit miss "relief". Maybe the DPW should have dispatched its forestry truck......overreaction AGAIN for "Liveshot Joey"

Light Bright?

Oldnews has a point that the things were there for a while but I wouldn't laugh about the whole thing and livejournal shouldn't either. What I'm saying is that the law enforcement seemed to drop the ball in minimizing the panic and instead puts the whole city under lockdown. And as the result of it every politician here in the local Massachusetts area grabs some air time to get tough on the perps especially once they found out it was a deep pockets company that was behind it when the thing was going on right at their feet for a couple of weeks. I think the man protests to loudly and that they did over react. Being careful is the job of law enforcement but keeping people from panicking should also be their job and the politicians. All we hear about is after 9-11 this and after 9-11 that. You telling me that nobody in NYC saw one of these down there? If it was Joe Shmow instead of Ted Turner they wouldn't have given a rats ass. The only thing being blown up here is the price tag.

Old News

i agree, sure it was a stupid promo, but after they realized that the first one was harmless, the panic was over. Channel 25 caught BPD Commish and Menino letting it slip that they knew about the promo early afternoon, but kept insisting that they knew nothing until 5 oclock. The meter was running $$$$.

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